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Friday, December 6, 2013


I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and during my life time I have had the honor of knowing many great world leaders.

Among them - Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Adbul Nasser, Jawaharlal Nehru, and before my time - one singular stellar leader of all times Mahatma Gandhi.

Royalty, Spiritual leaders, Military leaders, Learned women and men, sports leaders, doctors, writers, inventors, scientists and many more - all in my life time.

Today the world will be praising Nelson Mandela - who had six names in his life time - one of them in the Xhosa language - " the shaker of trees' - figuratively speaking "trouble maker".

The White world will never understand less comprehend - this great leader - coming from the land of Zulus - royal African people - who fought the Dutch, the English, and had to live with the Afrikaner propagating segregation - who treated Black South Africans with utter - disdain.

The famous "apartheid" system - a disgrace to the human race - for which South Africa was know for - and has still left a deep scar that will take years to heal. Perhaps never - ever.

At this juncture my readers - we should ponder - in the light of what Nelson Mandela - accomplished for his people - if President Barack Hussein Obama - can recognize the many Native Americans - and put them on the Federal Register.

No Native American should be cast out - in Reservations - and other - follow worse conditions - than "apartheid" here in the United States of America.

The 27 years at Robben Island gave Nelson Mandela - sufficient time to think and dwell and in fortitude face the trials and tribulation of the - then; White racists government - meted out to him, Nelson Mandela and his people.

For sure he reflected on his people and among other the utter despair of other Africans treated with disdain by the many Colonial master of woe. And for sure the Native Americans - in the United States of America.

Nelson Mandela knew well where segregation was a norm. Much like it was in America, the United States - Turtle Island - for a long, long time. Today, in light of his passing away - we must shed light - where there is abject darkness.

I had the honor to send Nelsom Mandela a wooden carving made from redwood with the Mayor of Soweto - from San Francisco. This singular honor followed with a note from Nelson Mandela. " Thank you my friend for your gift. I will treasure it".

This man gave 27 years of his life time - a well trained boxer - physically in good shape - his mind sharp - but what the White men forgets - proud of his heritage - and within this unique state of affairs - Nelson Mandela strong - spirituality.

Nelson Mandela the "Shaker of Trees" - passed away at the ripe old age of 95.

Against great odds he became the friend of his foremost enemy F.W. de Klerk - the last White Prime Minister of South Africa.

It was not easy - Mandela had to speak with authority, but more in a dignified manner - his tall stature, his sound mind, his knowledge of the situation at hand - all contributed to many drastic changes - without any favoritism in South Africa.

He retained the White Secretary of the former White Prime Minister of South Africa. This one unique friendship took South African by surprise.

This one action - spoke so much about forgiveness, understanding, and bringing about change for all of South Africa.

Again and again he would go against the common thought - discerning and coming out with solutions so unique - that it amazed those - that dwell with mundane stuff - keep and stay with hatred, foster division, and fail to see things in a positive - manner. Nelson Mandela took everyone - to a better place.

More; it showed the world any human being worth the salt can contribute and bring about change - affecting all - humanity. Affecting the entire world - and may be the Universe. 

President Nelson Mandela was all things to all men - when he took a personal interest in the South African Rugby Team - attending the practices and taking the trips by helicopter - in their quest to be champions of the world Ruby tournament.

The South African team won the world tournament -revealing to South Africans that all things were possible.

More when one applies in unison - dedication - hard work. South Africa won the World Rugby Tournament -  the Nation rallied behind their leader - even after he retired.

The Nobel Prize, his admiration of world leaders, his ability to communicate with all people - kept him humble.

The 27 years at Robben Island - this rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean - no one can feel and comprehend these many harrowing years - of tribulations and trials - only those that came out alive from Robben Island - know the times - past.

The Main Media may try to say something but they cannot touch legacy - fathom it for one single minute - for one single glaring reason - no Western Leader has been tormented, treated with disdain, deprived of human dignity, and lived to forgive those that did not know better - and has left a legacy as did Nelson Mandela in contemporary history.

We cannot say that of George Bush, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr, Kennedy,  Bill Clinton - even Barack Hussein Obama - they all pale - why?

Pain, Suffering, the disdain, the racism, denying Nelson Mandela - to attend his son's funeral, the long hours on Robben Island breaking big Rocks - and creating little stones.

We must remember that it was only in 2008 that President Nelson Mandela could visit the United States. Long after his release from prison - long after his many peace achievements - the authorities that be still had him on the terrorists list.  President George W Bush had to intercede to remove his name - and this was done in 2008.

Long hours of solitude - the despicable behavior of the guards, the bland food, the long hours of mind games, the inclement weather - none of these and more - are associated with the other so called world leaders.

The above is blended in our subconscious - so when you ask anyone anywhere in the world and ask them -who do they revere as a great leader of modern times - the say promptly - President Nelson Mandela.

The present President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has a difficult role to perform and cannot dream of coming closer to Nelson Mandela excellent performance and ways of communication and understanding.

Other world leaders may dream - but they will always fall short.

All through my young life and now in my golden years - I have had the singular occasions to meet world leaders - royalty, and others so called pop stars and more.

There was something special in Julius Nyerere, something more in Jawaharlal Nehru, something less in the others - two shine and both had sojourns in South Africa - the Mahatma - Mahatma Gandhi - he shines and will shine forever - Ahimsa and Non-Violence - spread the world over.

Non-violence embracing Dr Martin Luther King Jr - others in small and large manner - but all stemming from the Mahatma.

On another singular level when it come to politicians - especially now in America - with all the corruption - utter lack of ethics, morals, and standards. Even in the entire Western world that brags about standards;  pretending to do the thing right - we see wrong.

Standing tall, above the above and their actions and tainted legacy - stands Nelson Mandela.

One can say- one can shout - Nelson Mandela you are a good man, a good politician, a good leader - you are a class within a class - you are stellar - go in peace - you "shaker of the trees" - ROLIHLAHLA - you have left a LEGACY.

Africa the home and origin of all human kind - homo spiens - is proud of you - the world honors you - the Universe is a better place because of you. RIP.

A poem I wrote way back in 1999: