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Saturday, June 29, 2013


No one can prepare - when some one comes to you and tells you - your child in dead. Shot near your home - in a drive by shooting.
No parent should be in such a position - to hear such words - told of such a happening - suddenly.

No one is prepared when the Police comes to your door and announces - your son and two of his friends are dead.

No one is prepared when some one comes to your door and tells the parents - you son is arrested - because he is involved in a shooting - and the victim is dead.

Every parent - want to believe they raised their children as well as could - but, often in today's world - things happen - and such announcements are not - uncommon.

In the Southeast Sector - this happens all the time - and there is no one Community Based Organization - that can handle - the trauma inflicted - on those that need help.

The community at large has approached me and I have the authorities that should and can make something work - on a War Footing.

The worst organization; that one can go to in circumstance like this - is the Bayview Foundation - which must be audited.

Recently, all sorts of shenanigans - have been on the rise - more since the departure of John Nauer.

In the past; when a victim was shot - the community had access to a  fund - held by the District Attorney's office - some $9000 was expanded for funeral and other expenses.

Not that is covered everything - but, believe you me - when the family is not prepared for a death and large funeral, expenses - this money surely plays - a huge role - in calming the family - and helping eliminate the added - stress.

After any such situation - there is a tremendous shock, anger, and then the blame - human beings are like that.

We have to vent - and more families that witness the crimes - killings and shooting - horrid happening - and it helps if you have support like the Community Response Network - front line warriors -who understand the inner workings of the "criminal world".

The Community Response Network - once worked beautifully - but NOT - under Jacob Moody and Thomas Tapper.

These two individuals - took something - that we all put a love into - and threw it to the hogs.

Today, the same people that Jacob Moody - used and did not treat with respect - are wanted by everyone - to address the pressing issues.

John Nauer is at home - and people call him - let go by Jacob Moody for reasons best know to him.

Jerry Mixion left the Community Response Network - in disgust - he could stand the arrogance of Thomas Tapper and Jacob Moody.

Now, everyone wants him back - to help resolve and find viable and holistic - solutions.

Maria Su, the Mayor, Ed Lee, Diane Aroche, all those that should know about this situation - are now scrambling for help - this is not how - it should be.

This Summer of 2013 - we have just started - and already - people that have worked the ten cases or so - are stressed. They are under-staffed and over worked.

We need help - and we need 4 Full Time Employees positions to address - the current spate of events. 

The killings and shootings - have been triggered - because of many underlining factors. We cannot state them all in an article like this - but if the Mayor and the Chief of Police - wants to hear them - we can state it all - but we need assistance -on our terms.

We understand the under laying symptoms - because we know the community, the history, the health issues, the drugs and others causes that - cause to further trigger such killings and shootings - and more.

In the past entire families did not rally to do harm - but, now they do - because that is how the situation is - at this time.

People do not want an all out war -  people are reaching out to everyone and anyone. And of course - there are people - who are afraid to handle the situation at hand.

Do you think the City and County of San Francisco - has the required personnel to address - large group or even small groups - and provide them - psychological help - more medical assistance - like a well qualified - psychiatrist and  more. NO.

Living in some areas and worse still in Public Housing - with all the noise, folks high on drugs, folks intimidating the neighbors, house invasions, thefts and robberies, car break ins, fear of some one raping your daughter,lurking pedophiles - more.

The list goes on - but these facts - alone are enough to bring out the worst - in any human being and stress the living hell of any normal person.

Now, imagine when you add a death - and a death by shooting and killing - at the hands of a "thug".

To some extend with great difficulty - we can bring some - solution - with 4 FTEs if not 5FTEs and stem the violence among the Polynesian community. We have three stellar front line warriors - but, we need to give them - the best support. No band aid measures.

Way back in the year 2002 when we met - we stated clearly - how to deal with the violence - and at that time we stated - 4 FTEs for the Polynesian - as part of the then newly formed - Community Response Network.

The Black on Black violence - can be curbed - we have been working hard - and we have been providing jobs - so we do have some warriors who are Black - who will deliver - but we need a viable plan.

No Bull Shit - some little money - craps - thrown in the way - of those who put their lives on the line. This must not happen this time.

These killings and shooting must be stopped by those who have a heart, know the community, and can keep the community together. Mayor Ed Lee is familiar with the situation - what is has not heard is from Simi  and John Nauer and Mitch Salazar and others that do not pander. 

Initially; all those that helped put the Community Response Network - together - are now meeting and have been meeting - on an Emergency footing - and since I was there since its inception - I know what is happening - since its inception.

Mayor, Ed Lee must get rid of those that have failed.

Just like he cleaned the San Francisco Housing Authority - out with the crap, open the windows , and clear the cobwebs - we can do this and we can do this now.

We need to stem this violence now - and do it in a manner - where we have lasting peace.

Nothing is impossible - not when we know more than those that purport they know - and all they do - is push paper.

This time I will be involved - and I know all the key players that can help us.

The key players - know that I mean business - we can make this happen with the help of God.

Spirituality is key to what we have in mind. We cannot leave out spirituality and think for a moment all will be well - without spirituality.

We need meaningful outreach - and have begun that on our own - we know Mayor Ed Lee - and even though - those that are paid to do the work - have failed him. We have not.

We keep informing the Mayor through his emissaries that we are watching, and we are working, because we care and we love our fair City.

I know he has not heard a word like care, love, concern, support, fortitude - from those that are raking in millions - and NOT doing their job.

The time to act is now - on a War Footing - and we cannot - pussyfoot any more. 

Killings and Shootings - compromise - Quality of Life issues.