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Friday, June 14, 2013


San Francisco is named after a great Saint - a Saint that loved all - including the animals and the birds - and when you say or utter the name - Saint Francis of Assisi - you think - of genuine love and compassion. That is if you are a decent - human being.

Just walk the streets of San Francisco and witness the parade of indigents - begging for money. Abject suffering - and the tourist in the thousands are aghast. What is happening to San Francisco?

On the streets women with children preferring to live on the streets - rather than the shelters - noisy, bug infested, with pedophiles and others with criminal records - evil - hovering around - and raping our children and women.

If we watch the San Francisco Board of Supervisors deliberate - about condominiums, giving more money to the failed Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA).

Debating other, moronic stuff and wasting our tax payers money. The so called pathetic representatives - are not doing anyone a favor - the more they spew their sordid diatribe - the more foolish they look and have come to be - looked upon as such.

Mostly, political whores and pimps - who have chosen to use the political ladder -  to move closer to the devil and his machinations and ploys. These San Francisco Board of Supervisor - have turned their backs on the people that matter - the poor and those that need help. After all we all pay our taxes.

We pay the salaries of the SF Board of Supervisors - who once made $38,000 a year - but, now have given them a raise - and make in access of $120,000 plus benefits. They do not deserve this compensation - and more money spend on their, aides.

These sordid SF Supervisors have managed to create a cesspool of corruption - filled with lies, corruption of the worst order,  sordid deeds - causing untold hardship to the constituents. Laughing all the way to the bank - raking in thousands in bribes - selling themselves to the highest bidder - more those with their claps open.

These San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are at their worst behavior - their end will not be easy to witness. For the longest time ever - we have been very patient - not any more.

We cannot take this nonsense forever and someone must fire the first salvo - someone must sound the clarion call. If it is too hot in the kitchen - get out - and stay out. Do not pretend that you know how to govern - how to legislate - when all you all are are - morons.

The hearing on the Audit linked to the  San Francisco Public Housing Authority; and held in Room 216 at City Hall - with Supervisor Malia Cohen as the Chair - the audit called by Supervisor David Compos - was a crying shame.

So pathetic to witness and listen to the many - who think - these political whores and pimps - can help them. It is all talk, more talk - and very little of real - walk. Today in San Francisco - we have more indigent folks - who are trying to make end meet - and find themselves at the end of the rope.

It is more with the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBYQ) who in record numbers are suffering - the young Queer youth - trying to kill themselves. I know this for a fact and I have written about this before - many, many time.

What is Scott Wiener doing actively for the Queer youth? This man is something else - a disgrace to anything decent - and surely not worth the salt. This man flip flops - we call him in our inner circle - " Tinker Bell".

These SF Board of Supervisors - more political - pimps and whores do not feel ashamed to air their dirty linen in public.

They are so full of it - and they grin and smile and bark - as was Malia Cohen at the people - that come before her at the Committee meetings.

All these San Franciscans - mostly minorities - known as the indigent in the City rolls, the poor, the suffering, the indigent needing dire help.

These sordid representatives pretend and say that they will  provide - some succor - but, those of us who have been around - know that is far from the TRUTH.

Supervisor Malia Cohen heads this group of  " good for nothing political whores ". She is playing with fire - and those that play with fire - sooner than later succumb to it - and she knows about it but she is taking it to the limit.

District 10 the Bayview Hunters Points district - her District has seen all sorts of shootings, killings, innocent people attacked in Public Housing and more.

Recently two young men short and killed - and she is no where to be found. She has all the time to shop at Costco - using City Car paid car - to do her chores and thinks that she deserve these amenities - she does not deserve them.

In District 10 Quality of Life issues - have gone to the hogs - dirty hogs, corrupt hogs, of which Malia Cohen wallows with and lies in - she is all about - making money. She is crap.

David Chiu talks a good talk - but, here again this despot - cannot afford to give stellar advocates the three minutes needed for Public Comment.

Once Public Comment in the august Room  250  at City Hall- was something to be looked forward to -  admired and acknowledged. No more.

People now watch it more as a comedy of sorts.

In between those that will not give up - speak their mind and remind all with untold endurance - that the "Friends of the Library" in San Francisco are crooks.

The San Francisco Supervisors - who are crooks themselves - wallow in the same dirty lush, the dirty muck, they are what they lie in - day in and day out - night in and night out.

Wheeling and dealing behind close doors - staying faithful to their tile - political pimps and whores - one of a kind - a disgrace to the human race.

The entire Budget Process was a JOKE. Then on the side what should have been a process of the people - with meaningful benchmarks - was carried out in four months - what has been accomplished in some cities in the United States that started in Brazil years ago - with more money - a million plus. The minimum time  - in a year  or so.

When the "Participatory Budget" process was started in one town in Brazil years ago - $200 million in the kitty - made the process tick. In District 3 a mockery was made of the process - with a measly $100,000 and very poor leadership.

District 3 had to try out this so called Participatory Budget or something alike to it - with less representation, even less empirical data, and of course no benchmarks, no accountability and or course absolutely no transparency - worth the salt.

We want to read the report, the ideas and concept contributed, who contributed them - how many stellar ideas and concepts were accepted.

How will these ideas and concepts be implemented. Complete with timelines, benchmarks, focused goals - and the benefits to the City and County of San Francisco and its constituents. With transparency and full - accoutability.

In San Francisco we have a budget in access of $7 Billion - more like $7.6 BILLION. 

And just to make a farce - by this by product from Taiwan, a lackey - Supervisor David Chiu - used $100,000 to bring mostly Asians together - with no expertise about Land Use.

Less about Planning, even less about Transportation, even less about Health and Hospital needs.

Still even less about quality of life issues like Safety and Emergency issues.

David Chiu and his minions were satisfied with ideas and concepts - providing Chinese books in our libraries.

Building some benches in the public parks.

Creating pools of money to give a break and pay the rent - saving those from eviction, and others such choices - that are important but not critical.

Some what  pertinent, and least of all - fails to do justice to any process - the real process and our government works - which is the contrary to the process envisaged by the true leaders of the initial Participatory Budget Process - that has spread in some places the world over.

We are looking forward to the report linked to District 3 and David Chiu machination and ploys linked his view of the Participartory Budget process.

Tried in New York in and other places - including Vallejo, California - that declared Bankruptcy and came out of it recently - but dared to spend over $3 million dollars in this process - called "Participatory Budget Process " - mostly money from their Sales Tax - and found the process meaningful, beneficial and met sound approval - from the constituents of Vallejo, California.

San Francisco wants to brag that we participated - in this so called Participatory Budget process; but, in actual fact -  in a manner that was shabby process - in a District that has failed to unite itself.

The filthy rich looking down on the poor - more at China Town - by those that live above.

Nob Hill folks and Coit Tower viewers look at things with a viewing glass that is mind blogging.

 I have met and dealt with such snobbish folks - they all talk a good talk - but, when it comes to fair play, compassion; understanding, genuine caring and love - that this fair City is known for - they are sticklers - and are known - for sure, how to finger others in an awkward manner and shaft.

The 8 Washington Debacle, the America's Cup - drowning itself with poor planning and lying  -the Central Subway destined to cost the City and County of San Francisco - an arm and a leg - District 3 had been known for its rabid ass advocates - not worth the salt.

The stellar, more astute advocates have resigned to themselves - they will not go to City Hall to waste their time.

Talk about Participatory Budgeting process - and that coming from Supervisor David Chiu - while - all the time he single handed deprives Public Comment by curtailing meaningful Public Comment to 2 minutes.

When they see me coming - on many occasions - less. What else can you expect from - buffoons.

In the interim the indigent, the very poor are sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. The tourists who talk to me - find this fact - difficult - but so do decent, San Franciscans.

It is not as if our Mayor Edwin Lee who I have know for a long time - he friends who I have know longer - including former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

Others; that I will not name - because I know about all the skeletons - in the closet - much as I know those of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Campos, London Breed - they all talk a good talk - but they must ask themselves - are they fit to represent?

May be they should open some decent dictionary and check out the meaning of Represent?

Then open the page to Corruption and Sordid Actions - and ponder for a while and see - why most people associate our San Francisco Supervisors - with abject - CORRUPTION. Aho.

Some pertinent information linked to the "Participatory Budget Process":

Participatory Budget process initiated by Supervisor David Chiu in District 3 - a normally one year process - it astounds those that know how these process work - can attempt a process - in a fool hardy manner: