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Thursday, June 20, 2013


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have some members who are QUEER.

Others who pretend they care about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) issues - but the reality is far from the truth.

Hispanic constituents who are HIV positive, others who are LGBT and attend certain programs that support the Hispanic LGBT constituents are now targeted - getting less funding - and in some cases no funding - at all.

This is the time for all Hispanic constituents who can vote - to send the salvo in the right direction - if you are a politician, if you want to hold an office - you better represent - everyone. 

If you pretend to represent - this fake representation will not take you far - everyone. You are put on notice - more you who think - that you can fool all the people - all the time.

AIDS does not discriminate - and this City - the City and County of San Francisco has now gone public and is targeting the Hispanic population - with disdain and less funding that it can afford.

 Much as the SF Health Department has failed to provide - a standardized and better health services to the Hispanic population - for all these many years. The situation in recent years has gone from bad to worse - but in the year 2013 - it has hit rock bottom.

Time for Tom Ammiano to visit City Hall - and address the jerks in Room 200. Mark Leno could do something - being a Queer and may AIDS positive - but he will not represent. He is in for the money and wants to climb the corrupt political ladder.

Tom Ammiano will speak his mind - he is Queer OK -  but, he has the guts to stand for what is right. Time as I said for Tom to dress like a Queen and put on a show for all - and silence the hypocrites - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. 

Let us have an official Queer Parade right in City Hall - in the Chambers in Room 250 - during Public Comment. Failing that we can have a bigger event - someone could call for a Hearing on this subject - and nib this on going nonsense in bud. We do have the funds - we have a $7.9 Billion budget.

We need those SF Board of Supervisors who act like political whores the likes of Malia Cohen out.

Also, Scott Wiener who is more interested in the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - which continues to bleed the system.

Wasting money -spending millions as a result of very poor management. The man with the ear piece - must leave - he can go somewhere else; where his fake ploys are accepted.

Malia Cohen the laughing jackass was heard saying recently that she does not care if the minorities do not get funding.

Of course that would only come out - from an idiotic Black woman -  who cannot accept her own identity - and has lost her self respect. 

Malia Cohen is not for the poor and those that need help - she lives in a fantasy world. Always pussyfooting around - saying one thing - and always pandering. A disgrace to the human race. Pathetic.

The future belongs to the Hispanic population -that is growing and will be in power.

Those that think they Represent -  the few Hispanic representatives - that talk a lot and cannot represent - must now show their true colors. 

Those that are now Hispanic constituents and getting help and have been tested AIDS positive - must be kept stable.

Preventive measures and spending money to prevent and keep those AIDS positive healthy - is the way to go.

If the programs that encourage keeping the constituents - more Hispanic constituents who are targeted now - are deprived of necessary funding.

This fiasco will turn to utter pandemonium and before you know - the raging fire will cost this City and County of San Francisco - millions more.

The paradox is we have the money - we have a Budget of over $7.9 million - but, our City have some folks in the SF Health Department - who can do better and do not. 

The SF Health Department has over $1 Billion budget and growing. The SF Health Department with a Hispanic Barbara Garcia can do better - but she as a Lesbian and more Hispanic - has failed us all.

The SF Health Department and more SF General Hospital - failed miserably under Mitch Katz. He jumped ship - after screwing the system up - more Laguna Honda hospital. Barbara Gracia knows that but she will not do anything about the current situation. Making wrong decisions  and thinking that astute San Franciscans - do not know the reality of things. We do.

 Barbara Gracia in charge of the SF Health System -  who should know better and is a Lesbian - has failed more than ever more - she has disgraced herself. 

Just goes to prove - how some Queer folks think and behave - how their actions reveal their true - motives.

Some Queer - have become the enemy to those that they can help most. I always thought Barbara Gracia would step up - she has failed on many of the pressing health issues in the Bayview. More with the Willness Center partnering with Malia Cohen - who is another sell out - adversely impacting our children and all of San Francisco.

The Bayview in now the place where thousands of AIDS patients are living - women and men - and most of them from the Black population.

The Black population which is high risk - where precaution is not a high priority among the AIDS positive group.

More those use "crack cocaine" - of course Malia Cohen would not know this - her fix is closer to her clap - and her hits dubious in nature.

Thousands of HIV AIDS positive constituents from the jails - are released into the general public. Many make their abode in District 5, 6, and 10. That is the District where London Breed, Jane Kim and Malia Cohen bear responsibility - none of them have spoken on this issue with authority. All hypocrites and political whores - pandering and pretending to represent.

I will address this issue at City Hall and do it in a manner that all well remember. Also, when you all least expect it. You stay on your filthy toes - and mark my words.

It is the same with Jane Kim - thousands of her constituents are suffering with no sound health care - and many AIDS positive - drug addicts selling their bodies and doing what is takes to survive - in the filthy, stinking - Tenderloin.

Precaution is necessary and must be mandated on a War Footing to curb the increase of HIV AIDS and other chronic diseases.

Once your immune system has been compromised - all of sorts of diseases can kill one - but what is more - newer types of diseases - are prone to show up - and it only takes one singular case - to affect thousands and may be millions. That is possible in this day and age.

We had SHANT at one time - and other stellar organizations that stepped up and did the right thing - we led the Nation and the world - addressing prevention - and stemming the spread of HIV AIDS.

We had astute doctors like Dr. Silverman known the world over for addressing models to address  HIV AIDS - when it was a raging fire - in the 1980s. 

Many of us - including myself participated in the many "citizen meetings" - and did what we could to stem this disease.

Today - the paradox is that Queer folks like Barbara Gracia, Scott Weiner, David Campos, others too many to mention - shady and corrupt have turned their back on those that need help most.

At the many Budget Committee meetings - the poor, the indigent, those that need help come and plead, cajole, cry, and subject themselves to the worst indignities.

As these constituents in despair - thinking; these political whores and pimps in Room 200 - will hear them and come to their rescue.
Hardened and corrupt the  political whores and pimps look the o the way - and care less. Disgraceful. 

The mean, lying bastards -  continue, to hear the pleas and turn a deaf ear. 

Some of the stellar and astute advocates - do not go anymore to City Hall - it is useless to waste one's time - the process has been turned into a circus of sorts.

It is the same with London Breed from District 5 - where many AIDS programs for Blacks and others - once helped curtail the diseases - no more.

 In the year 2013 once would have thought - we could do better. We seem to follow the nonchalant attitude of the leaders in South Africa - some under-developed country - where resources are not there - but in San Francisco - we have it - in abundance.

I would never have thought - San Francisco that led the Nation in the prevention and cure of  HIV AIDS - who turn their backs on those that needed help most - and were HIV AIDS positive.

If medicines and support is given - to keep stable - and keep such constituents -  that are HIV AIDS positive - positive support and health care - can help the constituents that receive such care - to contribute as best they can to Society. This is the way to go.

The situation at hand becomes all the more serious when Transgender constituents - many of whom I know and talk to me and tell me stuff that they would not to others - are shunned and have to suffer daily - indignities.

What is happening to this City - where is the compassion - to well associated with Saint Francis of Assisi  -the patron saint linked with kindness to all living beings?

Where is the Mayor - Mayor Edwin Lee on this one?

Where is the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly on this one?

Where is the Controller - Ben Rosenfield on this one?

Where is Gregory Suhr the Chief of Police on this one?

Where are the so called health experts on this one?

Where are the many stupid advisers on this one - they ought to know - but, how can they - when they play politics with the lives of human beings.

Wake up San Francisco and help those that need help most.