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Sunday, June 16, 2013


I spent the entire day - something I have not done in years - from 6 am to 6 pm - at the Juneteenth in the Fillmore in San Francisco - and loved every second of it - June 15, 2013.

Where there is the will there is a way.

Blacks must understand that celebrations like Juneteenth bring the best that Blacks have to offer - together - to count on God's blessing and to show the world - that we are here and will go no where.

When those behind the scene - put their best foot forward  - with NO hidden agenda -  as they did this time with Juneteenth -Blacks are at their best and shine - and shine they did.

Shelly Tatum did a good job - and I was there to tell him so.

I met Rev. Arnold Townsend and he knows where I stand with Blacks.

Foremost, honesty, fairness, and putting our best foot forward. I love working behind the scenes - and using Social Media - all to make good things happen - go to a better - place.

I met so many that I had not met in years - brought tears to my eyes.

Made my heart feel good - the old man - Simba the lion - is getting there in years.

I see the world - totally different than I did when I was a young man - with long flowing hair, strong, and that twinkle in my eye - ready at any moment - to deal with whatever was presented.

Blacks can now say - "we did it" in San Francisco.

Here lies the paradox - once 25% of this City and County of San Francisco's population was Black - now, it is dwindling - 4% or less. How did that happen?

Gentrification. Incarceration. Lack of opportunities given to those that are of color.

Next year must be the best ever  Juneteenth.

Now that we celebrated Juneteenth - but also the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation  Proclamation - Abraham Lincoln that is President - must be rocking in his grave.

The 63rd Annual Juneteenth Festival was aptly titled - " A Celebration to Remember, Rededicate and Resolve".

That is what fortitude is all about.

Kudos to the organizing committee.

 I may not agree with some of the leaders; in the committee - especially the one that says he is the leader of the NAACP - but that is me.

 I stand by my people that I love, have, and will - all the days of my life.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - am an American citizen - served by Nation well  in the Army - and have been proud to be of assistance against  all those that want to divide and bring about injustice.

It pains me when some Black - use power to fill their own pockets - and look down upon the poor when we must help each other - and especially the very poor and the indigent.

I will fight for our children, our women that have done so much; for all of us.

Those Black warriors women, children, and men that continue to shine - even when hurdles are put in their path.

I saw that little girl that you all will see in the photographs  -the one in pink dress with the princess crown to give that little girl - all the charm, grace and dignity she needed.

I asked her grandmother or mother - more grandmother I think for permission. Then I bent down and told the little girl - how proud I was of her. I asked her to pose for me and give me a wave.

Quickly she put one hand on her hip and gave a royal wave - and the rest is history - so many have commented to me about that photograph - that took some second to click - that girl is what I am talk about.

Little girls and boys that must be educated - be well mannered - enough of those baggy pants - low down to the hip - showing the under shorts. We must respect our bodies, our mind, and most of all our soul.

The booths were varied and I photographed them all.

So that you the viewer can get a glimpse; of that was happening, good.

I hope you like the photographs - and if you are in one of them - contact me and I will send it to you - via - email : "Francisco Da Costa " <>

Thank you; the many that I met for making it to the 63rd Annual Juneteenth Festival - some of you determined to be there - you can see yourself in the photographs and you know who you are.

Our Elders - we must respect - because they must be respected - as simple as that.

Enjoy the photographs and there will be more: