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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Malia is one of those political whores - grinning and laughing - least disturbed that her district - District 10 - has been neglected - that thousands of the indigent, the children, others challenged are suffering - every single day of the year.

Give Malia Cohen a chance at the podium - and she will spew diatribe - each and every time - Malia is as corrupt as they come - and a disgrace to the human race. More to District 10 and to San Francisco - which she has failed to represent. She wants to climb the political ladder bad - using the worst means to attain these goals - that will have her fall - flat on her face.

Summer has just started and already we have had over 15 serious incidents - involving shooting and killings, now rampant home invasions, hundreds mugged and their IPhone stolen in Malia Cohen's - District 10.

There is utter pandemonium in District 10 that Malia Cohen represents - and this inept, shallow. spineless Black woman - keeps on grinning and laughing - like a hyena.

Our Seniors cannot walk on Third Street. If any decent young woman walks - she is taunted - hundreds of men - just released from the jails - love to make the Bayview their home - and conduct nefarious - activities. In the open - while their representative -hides with some fake Whites in Potrero Hill.

From early morning to late at night - drugs, pimping, prostitution, selling MUNI tickets, anything you want - can be got on the street corners - in District 10. I challenge Malia Cohen to walk the streets and see things for herself.

The businesses in District 10 and more on Third Street are hurting - go anyway in District 10 - more the Southern area and it  is a mess. 

Every time you drive - some one is tearing up the streets - and no one is paying attention.

More Third Street and main street - and already has the Third Street Light Rail taking too much space with a rail - stark naked in the middle of the once wide road - depriving vehicles - more smooth traffic.

It is the same when Pacific Gas and Electric - the lights go off for hours - and no one responsible - no one does anything - to fix these on going - black outs .

You can call the District 10 Supervisors office: 415.554.7670 - nothing happens.

The District 10 Supervisor has aides that are worse than her - many tied to Lennar and others doing what they do best - pussyfoot around.

At Third and Palou there was no bus shelter - I had to go in the rain and collect the signatures required.

Did it as part of the process. 

Then when all the forms were complete - the Municipal Transportation Agency - kept demanding more.

And I said NO. Force me to do one more thing - and I will bring this matter before the Federal Transportation Authority - on the Federal level and stop the funding you get - because you folks - shun serving the people that need help most.

I got the two shelters; it has been nearing a year - and the Elders, the single mothers and children - those that are challenged use the shelter. Do you think Malia Cohen cares about the constituents of San Francisco?

This idiotic woman had the audacity to challenge the San Francisco Fire Department getting over time.

This dumb District 10 Supervisor - needs to sit down with the San Francisco Fire Chief - who is also a woman - who is smarter and more astute than the dumb Supervisor from District 10 - Malia Cohen.

Some days ago -there was a protest at the Hunters Point Shipyard Gate - there will be more protests.

Malia Cohen has been pandering - raking in thousands and making deals - with the Developers who plan to built housing and other facilities - at Pier 70, Lennar on Parcel A - and some others projects - in District 10.

Much like the despicable Sophie Maxwell before her - who now keeps a low profile - having filled her pockets - with illegal deals - and raking in the thousands. She has NO peace of mind.

At City Hall giving the opportunity - Malia Cohen will speak - she spews words - but they mean nothing.

She will talk in circles - and has  made a fool of herself.

 District 10 is not represented well - but what is to be noted - right now - with this nonchalant attitude - the District is divided - and those who are indigent and poor - forced to suffer.

This singular one fact - will reach a saturation point - and Malia Cohen will bear the brunt of the repercussions. 

If there is any junket to be taken to any place Nationwide or abroad - any grant that benefits Malia Cohen - there she is - the greedy, useless, corrupt -  with an open hand - she will grab anything that fills her kitty - and loves pussyfooting around.

The youth in District 10 are fed up with her.

She keeps appointing Queer youth to positions - thinking that she can have things under control. We are watching this good for nothing - useless to the core - and pandering so called politician that is dumb.

She panders to those - who treat the poor with disdain - the folks who look down on the poor - who think no end to themselves - living on Potrero Hill. Let us see  - how long this drama - plays out.

During this Budget Session - where some $7.9 Billion is in play - every District has had some meaningful discussion.

The Budget dog and pony show in District 10 - held at 1800 Oakdale - was the worst.

The way it was facilitated immature - pre-selected cards were given - insiders told what to say - and when they came to the podium they make a fool of themselves.

People were disgusted - only those that were favored spoke - and what they spoke -what the attempted to speak - was shallow.

The hard working decent constituents of District 10 - have been thrown under the bus.

The sell out the likes of Girls 2000, Young Community Developers, like Community Based Organizations - have ill served the community.

All the above CBOs want is money  - it is pathetic to witness the YCD operators - beg for money - every time the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meets at City Hall - more when there are some grants to be doled. This nonsense must stop.

Young Community Developers did not participate when the Disposition and Development Agreement was discussed - linked to Parcel A. 

Behind the scenes Dwayne Jones has acted as a conduit for YCD - trying to make YCD some point organization - and YCD has failed - miserably.

It failed on the LOWE's project - where the community has been taken for a wild ride. Rampant discrimination; LOWE's employees mostly Black have taken LOWE's to court. Not a sound from Malia Cohen and less from Young Community Developers.

The tons of Community Benefits have evaporated, employees treated with disdain, employees work for years with no promotion, under horrifying conditions - and less community benefits.

 YCD received in access of $200,000 - from both LOWE's and before that HOME DEPOT - contributing thousands and some one pocketing the money. What a crying shame.

It is the same with Young Community Developers acting as the conduit for Lennar on Parcel A, the on going nefarious activities at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - now with the Sewer System Improvement Project and more.

YCD has been a failure - and will continue to be a failure - with a hidden agenda - the YCD Board that is out of sync with the real world. Just ask Derrick Toliver.

Malia Cohen keeps working with crooks - and it is time for the community at large - to take this evil, ugly woman to task.

Malia Cohen is NO representative - she is a political, whore.