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Saturday, June 29, 2013


This is the land of the Ohlone.

Once Shellmounds - Sacred Burial Ground - dotted San Francisco and the entire Bay Area - acupuncture points - that maintain - stability, viability, and lasting sustainability.

In less than 250 years a concrete jungle has been built by those - that have no clue what they doing.

Today, just from their sordid actions - thousands of tons of concrete - generate thousands of tons of carbon dioxide. Poison to all living beings.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas now spews into the air - more from the poor - landfill sites - starting from 4th and King to Mid-Way Public Housing - by Geneva on the border of San Francisco - and neighboring Daly City.

For the dumb and ignorant - one ton of Methane gas equal twenty two tons of Carbon dioxide. 

Add to that the radio active elements registered in high levels - from the activities during World War II - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is 90% land fill. And there is more  over 4500 toxic hot spots all over San Francisco.

The run off from the many Mercury mines into the Bay.

The Bay itself which is half the size it was before and contaminated.

Humans more the White man - should be ashamed of himself - and what he has done - to what was once - pristine, viable, sustainable.

He stole the land, raped the women, killed the children - and he looks around and continues to praise - his sordid deeds. He and his ilk are not indigenous - and therefore the unwanted - alien that he purports - others are. What a freaking - paradox!

The Native Americans - known as the First People - who I will address as the First Nations - are the true owners of the land. 

The thieves will say that it is theirs - and they can - because the TRUTH be known - the land is and will always be Ohlone land - elsewhere it belongs to the First Nations - who sustain the land and treated Mother Earth will respect.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - San Francisco and the neighboring lands -  land that we were given by the Great Spirit - to be sustained and respected. Today - it is not.

" All that you build in your vanity - not respecting Mother Earth - will be destroyed - your decaying monuments - will be naught . "

Only those closer to the devil would segregate the First Nations - and put them on Reservations - after stealing their land. 

Only the devil - would come out with a plan - that the First Nations would have to be Federally Recognized - to receive benefits and be acknowledged - in their own land.

Indigenous people all over the world - do not have the word "greed" in their vocabulary - but the White Man does - and greed is the source of all the evil.

Only the devil would kill - thousands of Buffalo for their skin - to sell and make money. Then leave tons of Buffalo meat to rot in the open fields - and rejoice at his sordid - act. Despicable.

Only the devil would cut the majestic Redwood Trees - cathedrals of the forests - and think that his deeds - do not need to be added to the worst deeds - that the devil is known for.

It is the same with unnatural acts - once we humans - dumb and failing to be cognizant of the TRUTH - tried to build a tower to reach the sky and failed.

They called in Babel and we know what befell them.

Then there was a time - when unnatural acts were treasured over natural. When virgins and women were shunned - for men to have sex with other men. We know what befell them.

The deeds and what befell - Sodom and Gomorrah are well known and recorded  -  those with no insight, less morals, even less spirituality - and swimming in the cesspool of their own creation -  will perish for lack of - understanding.

Today in their abject ignorance - they rejoice - but this fun of sorts - will be short, lived.

It is the same with the killings and shootings - we witness in San Francisco.

We have leaders who cannot prioritize - dancing, laughing with glee at sordid deeds, painting the town red - while all the time - those young who should be disciplined and live normal lives - are spilling blood on the streets of San Francisco.

Once there was respect for those that said STOP. No more - knuckle heads running around, less spirituality, even less discipline and respect. 

Let me tell you all something - if you cannot respect yourself - there is no way - you will respect - others - you are the living - dead. And that is what we have on the streets of San Francisco - where pandemonium - rules, today.

Caught in the net of dysfunctional families - the fathers incarcerated. The mothers bearing three, four, five children - by different fathers. Selling drugs and other illegal goods - to survive  - falling into the trap of the devil - gentrification.

The government shunning the poor - keeping them in conditions that are worse than third world countries - our so called Public Housing.

Fostering divisiveness - and lack of opportunities - forcing the young - to fall into the trap - that leads to incarceration, separation - and immense anger.

Young women prostituting, selling and abusing their bodies.Young men cheating, stealing, robbing, killing and shooting - and the devil watching it all - with glee. The likes of Malia Cohen - who is worthless - who are panderers.

The White man once was on the verge of burning down China Town - San Francisco.

Today, we have a Chinese man - who is the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee - with a short lived history of San Francisco.

We know that but we have forgotten. There was a time - when the Chinese or Oriental was despised - and still is - when it suits those who make the decisions - who want to succeed and make tons of money - at the expense of others.

The American Japanese citizen sent to camps - devoid of justice and forced to be subjected to horrible condition. The American Japanese rose from the Phoenix - more because of his spirituality, fortitude - and won an apology from the United States government. Today we have a stellar example - Jeff Adachi.

The culture that spans thousands of years - is one that has witnessed - and accumulated; the wisdom of those eternal words and writings that make changes but more bring - progress. 

At Calavares - millions are spent to built a new dam - one of the most important dams - where water is stored to be used by San Franciscans and others that buy it from us.

The Hetch Hetchy water was stolen - and so was the Calavares Valley;  the locals, the First Nations - killed and their blood spilled.

No one wants to ponder on these actions - today, they come to haunt us. Bite us in the butt - and traumatize those that are - immoral on many levels.

The old Earthen dam at Calavares near Sunol - will be no more - and a new contemporary dam - will replace - the old.

The area - has always been prone to Earthquakes - but, pride came first and the Prime Company - URS and an engineer Forester - chose to shun sound advice and build a conduit carrying million of gallons of water - stark naked - on two faults - why?

Who makes the calls at URS - is it the husband of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum?

That one pipe will break open - when the Big One strikes - and just like that - Fremont and all the bare land - will be inundated with water. Not so much by the Earthen dam - but a contemporary misuse of power, greed, and abject arrogance.

There will be wailing, crying, and thousands of innocent will perish.

Such are the deeds of the devil - stemming from those that worship the dollar - who will do what it takes - and go lengths - to accumulate sordid and tainted - wealth.

The sages of old - and the books of wisdom - cherish restrain, shun gluttony, warn against the devious sodomy and lust, and the many vices that demean and denigrate the human body.

When the body is tarnished - the mind and the soul - suffer. This path is the path the devil tempts one - the easy one - of lust, sordid lust, and unnatural paths - that we are seeing - in some parts of the world.

The human body - which is the temple of all things good is all we human have - to share and leave a legacy.

We must respect one another - and we must be true to our actions.

We learn a lot when we are intimate - but, always with extreme - respect. If you are greedy - lust for the sake of lusting, torture your body and your psyche - you will - perish.

We just have to witness the diseases, the lack of morals, the blatant corruption - where discipline is shunned and things evil and immoral - embraced.

Where is the leadership? Where is the respect?

This Nation is a land of laws. During the Civil War - millions died - that carnage was unbelievable - and historians have written about it - but contemporary Americans - love to live for the moment. But - all this will come to naught.

History they say - repeats itself. More - his story.

In San Francisco devious folks that live in the Pacific Heights - continue to create divisiveness - while all the time hoarding millions.

Some represent in our Senate - and they must be ashamed of themselves - they and their ilk.

I see clearly and have seen it all - from my early childhood - what those who supposedly must lead, cannot perceive and envision.

When defeated - they take the easy route - and when you do that - and pander - you are worthless.

I can warn - I can try - at best against the norm - cajole - but if you do not pay heed to the warning - you will perish.

Much before that you will witness the deeds - that the devil relishes - being performed before your very eyes. You will shudder - and you will be traumatized. 

Each of us - has a conscience - and I have met and inter-acted with thousands - all over the world.

Human beings are at their best - when they are centered and simple - shunning, away from things complex - living  a plain and simple - life. 

Human beings can love and that is not easy.

Others hate - still others want the easy way out - these are the sons and daughters of the - devil.

There is no hell and heaven somewhere else - that is more than a misnomer - it is all here on Earth.

You die - you leave a legacy - if you are the salt of the Earth.

Some, may be more before that in contemporary times - those that have life - will say - he or she has passed away -she or he left a legacy.

May be lots of love and compassion - working hard - speaking the TRUTH - against all odds; left that legacy - such a soul leaves this  Earth; to sojourn to a better place.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

San Francisco is the place to be - we embrace all - and we were know for our  compassion - not any more.

Too many poor, the indigent - sleep on our streets. Thousands more crash in their vehicles - and there is more - it will only tarnish the pages the words are written on. Who will make the change - not Bevan Dufty - the anointed Czar of the homeless.

Once where there were sand dunes - we challenged ourselves and built the great Golden Gate Park. On the other side of town - San Franciscan pooled their money - and bought land - Homestead - and created McClaren Park.

Open Space must be natural - and we human must learn to live where nature abounds - as it was meant to be.

Again and again - immoral folks - love to build homes - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - challenging nature.

How many times must we human be brought to our knees?

The hot spell we have now - is one of many warnings. 

The falling Stocks another.

The flux that the evil create - has reached saturation point - and no one can defeat the paths of nature - things artificial - perish.

This Earth is resourceful and has the ability to heal - if all perishes; it will  - sprout new live as it has before and will again and again.

The Earth will rejoice - that it can start all over again. It did before and it will again - it is just a simple cycle - never mind - if it will take thousands of years.

Our lesson is to be sustainable, be viable - and maintain - stability - this Earth is our temporary charge - not for us but for those that come after us.

Do not pollute and contaminate and expect others to clean up after you. Look around and see the mess - some have created - those that embrace - greed.

 As humans - having a heart - practicing, compassion is supreme - more in San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi. Aho.