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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Summer is here and already we have had 10 shooting and killings  - in the last three weeks.

All related - and those in charge in waiting to bring some solution - sweating, pulling their hair, may be their teeth - and they have no clue not the balls - to stop the violence and killings.

Thousands of dollars are spent on folks who sit in their office and do nothing. All in the name - that they know how to stop this violence and killing. They do not - they have no connection what so ever - with those that chose to commit the violence and in some cases the killings.

Folks who push paper and run their mouth - cannot walk the streets of San Francisco - more the streets of the Bayview Hunters Point and talk to the youth.

Folks who say they represent but cannot - not on any level - the likes of Malia Cohen.

Why - because these paper pushers - do not fully understand the youth.

More with an inept, spineless, shallow individual like Malia Cohen - who will do anything to pander - and has no clue about Quality of Life issues.

Just in the last few hours and it is about 3 pm now on a Thursday, June 27, 2013 - and it was reported to me - that 3 Black youth have been shot - near Paul Avenue.

Do you think those in authority care - the PO POS, the Mayor, Edwin Lee, Maria Su from the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - any one that purports to say - that they do - but cannot lift a finger. They all make good salaries - in access of $200,000 plus benefits.

Malia Cohen - latest ploy the housing on Parcel A - surrounded by the worst type of contamination. I represent the First People - and I say: No good will ever happen on Parcel A and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Nada.

Prone to liquefaction and flood this area contaminated - more by depleted uranium and the many experiment linked to the World War II operations - those that encourage housing on this very contaminated site - have BLOOD on their hands.

The authorities do not comprehend where these youth come from - and that they need - help.

What is critical for Malia Cohen and the other who back her up to know - the history of those who are desperate and will anything to survive.

The paper pushers - who head the Community Based Organization - are there for their own individual salaries - they do not care about the youth - they only care about their own - salaries - and therefore these outsiders - must be sent packing - now.

These no called in charge of the situation - have no clue how the sets run - and who really triggers the many killings and shootings - which is on the rampage and will increase.

The PO POS are at a lost - they can think all the want that they have the situation under control - but, there is worse to come - and it will come - within days.

This Summer the nerves of those that have been pandering will be tested. Malia Cohen must step down - they loves to grin - and those that support her - do not have an iota of love for District 10. I know these scum bags for a long, long time.

The Community Response Network that we had first created - has been destroyed by those that do not care.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee keeps supporting these losers - but he will soon hear from at least one individual - who has heard what I have to say. No one can take charge of the critical and pertinent situations - remote control.

Less, about those that were the front line - warriors  who worked so hard to make good things happen - only to be stabbed in the back - by the paper pushers - outsiders - who are more like - moles or spies.

Can you imagine after John Nauer worked so hard - well known in the entire - Southeast Sector - that he was fired by Jacob Moody and his side kick Thomas Tapper.

These two think they did something, great - that there will be NO repercussions - but; these two are in for a surprise.

When a warrior brother like Jerry Mixion - who gave his best - is mistreated by a crony like Thomas Tapper. It further goers to show - the sordid nature of the situation at hand. Do you think Malia Cohen -who keeps pussyfooting around has a clue.

I challenge her to walk the streets - the youth know who she is - panderer and they will fight fire with fire - and rightly so. 

We have thousands of truants in the Bayview - mostly youth - that Malia Cohen and thoss in charge have neglected. Politics is a dirty game - and what is good - is often we see the "politician" on the receiving end - shafted and in good measure. Malia Cohen - you turn is coming and before you know it - you WILL be shafted.

Those in authority - the Mayor Edwin Lee, Diane Aroche - the others who think they know - and know less - have had all the time to address Quality of Life issues and have failed miserably.

These folks could have listened to those that stepped up - but they want to listen to those that have no clue about the history, the plight of the people - now, they are dealing with a segment of the population - ready for revolution - and those that once - put their life on the line - are for the people.

For sure against the crooks - people like Malia Cohen - and those panderers who think they can come into the community - and screw us over - like LENNAR.

Very few know how to prevent killings and violence - very few have the experience to create an environment where good people - can come together and make good thing happen.Where one can go to those that create hostility and put an end to it - using RESPECT - not force and for sure not the PO POS - who are out dated and will fail - however hard they try.

These good people are now throwing the hat - and they do not want to have anything with these good for nothing - paper pushers - the many good folks who for years - worked hard - because we had a plan - only for the paper pushers to come into our community - and instill divisiveness - and the Mayor, Edwin Lee knows about it - but does not have the guts to call a spade a spade.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee has a few weeks to come up with a viable plan - sans the liars, and good for nothing paper pushers - who have created this mess and fiasco today. 

Your window of opportunity is so small that most will not dare take the challenge. You brought it on yourself - 35 cranes in the sky, congestion on the ground - and Quality of Life - compromised.

Outsiders coming in droves and working on the construction jobs - there is NO compliance - your Construction Management Division - is being rubber stamped by those that take orders from wicked and crooked people. Time will tell.

So much division has been created in our communities - be it the Western Addition, the Mission, but more in the Southeast Sector - the Bayview Hunters Point, Oakdale, Visitation Valley, the Excelsior -  this City and County of San Francisco - where once had some order -  now, there is a raging fire - and reigning - pandemonium.

This City with its dysfunctional operations - without having the right personnel - cannot put on track - what some of us - had thought off well and in detail - only for these paper pushers to destroy  the entire model.

We still have some hope - and we have a model - but we need the Mayor in toto to take charge of the situation - and put the right people in place and get rid in toto of those that created this fiasco.

If not soon many will die - these shootings and killings - can be stopped.

All those who are now taking orders from the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - from the Mayor's Office the two - who think, they know some about Violence and Killings.

Who think and imagine - that they can do some - to curtail violence and killings the likes of Diane Aroche - can be best be described - as fluff.

San Francisco can stop this killing and shooting and bring about law and order.

The Mayor knows who to talk to and make this happen. We are not going to beg, we do not beg - we respect ourselves and we respect the inner circle. 

The paper pushers, the sell outs , the Poverty Pimp Pastors - have all got their turn - but nothing has - been happening.

We remember the days when Malia Cohen would gather the Poverty Pimp Pastor on the outskirts and try to make drab speeches - these Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black are like Malia Cohen - panders.

Polynesian are now killing one another -this never happened before -  what we witness before our eyes today - is not pleasant - but it is the reality of the day. Islanders killing one another is not the norm and this can be stopped.

Blacks killing Blacks - and no one can do much - in fact some in authority want the Blacks to kill one another.

We know who these people are - the Mayor knows who they are - they  paper pushers - are for gentrification and encourage certain activities - they are outsiders - who do not care about the community - who are on the City and County of San Francisco's - pay roll. Their offices at 150 Executive Park - go check them out and see if they give you a fair and frank - interview.

We have folks who can curtail the violence and killing in the Mission and in Western Addition - but; we cannot proceed - without respecting those who are the front line warriors.

You disrespect the front line warriors - you have a problem - and they problem you have today - is one that will rage like a fire -that cannot be controlled - we can nib it in the bud - and time is running out.

We find it difficult to understand - how this warring all over this City and County of San Francisco - has spread like wild fire.

We wonder sometimes - if it was meant to be like this - done  with intent. 

Those in authority creating situations - where dysfunction exists - where pandemonium prevails - divisiveness is encouraged - with no transparency and accountability.

Can this madness be fixed - you bet it can.