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Sunday, June 23, 2013


The City and County of San Francisco must be ashamed of itself - denying due process - more when it involves  - when some one challenges those that are not astute and dumber than dumb.

Do not like being challenged, when they are unsure of themselves like the Director of the San Francisco Health Department, Barbara Gracia - who lack sound leadership qualities - more transparency and accountability.

Folks like her that falter - are still in the closet and not ready to deal with the real word - with people that are intelligent and daring and can think outside the box - and make good things - happen.

In  this case of Director of San Francisco Health Department Barbara Gracia - who should step down.

Barbara Gracia - has in many cases proved to be worse than the former Director of SF Health Department, Mitch Katz - who jumped shipped before his ass was whipped.

San Francisco unlike any other City in San Francisco has a very high percentage of astute and learned constituents.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

Again and again - we love to have a dialogue - we love to vett - we love to take it to another level or notch- and that is why all over this Nation and even the world - world citizens love us - San Francisco and San Franciscans.

We are free spirited and we embrace - we adhere to leaders who are intelligent, open, and willing to take challenges - and come out mostly on the winning side.

You can lose some but not all the time. We understand that here on our turf.

Our cultural centers, our educational institutions, our hospitals, our varied and exotic restaurants, our tech savvy companies, our research laboratories, our stellar scientists and scholars - and more - make San Francisco is the Center of many things - more innovative and holistic.

In this world - folks who have petty minds, play one against the other, are wicked, greedy, and the worse those that have no spine - and take orders and do things - without having the guts to stand up, adjudicate rightly - and be fair and just - must step aside.

Barbara Gracia has failed San Francisco - telling us blatant lies - pretending to be a good, a shy Lesbian and trying to win some sympathy. Failing all the time - and more involved with shady deals.

Failing; in great measure on many critical issues. Barbara Gracia panders to the higher ups at City Hall and continues to swim in a cesspool of her own - creation. She is no leader and for sure - she cannot articulate.

At 3450 Third Street in the Bayview; Barbara Gracia - on that Wellness Center to be sited at 3450 Third Street in the Bayview - has backed people like Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - who are evil. These two want to make money - on the backs of our children.

We, the community have stated again and again that it is a very polluted and contaminated site - 3430 Third Street in the Bayview.

Prodded by the corrupt the likes of Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - Barbara Gracia - turned her back on the community, our children, and today is despised by those that are sane - but have fortitude to fight to the end.

Recently, Barbara Gracia actively participated in depriving HIV AIDS Positive patients - more Hispanic - from getting support and depriving them from funding.

The corrupt San Francisco Health Department and Barbara Gracia - that manages the San Francisco General Hospital - has failed this City and County of San Francisco - by failing to provide a higher standard of health services.

Needed Registered Nurses (RN), other vital positions that are needed are cut  - all so that Barbara Gracia - can do as she places - favoring those that she likes.

When you oppose her with validity - silently but surely - like a fake  Queen - she will take - her revenge.

This is what she has done with Dr. Rajiv Bhatia - who is much more intelligent than she is.

Can debate and put forth pros and cons - and will not take orders; from those - that are shallow, spineless - and more coming from an inept and uneducated on issues - Barbara Gracia.

When you are in authority - you must make fair decisions.

The ability to make fair decisions - comes more when you have the ability to discern.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Barbara Gracia panders to those in power - to retain her position and salary.

She is still in the closet and cares more about her salary and her life style while jeopardizing the standard - we San Franciscans must have and has failed to address Quality of Life issues.

She has failed on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Parcel A, and Hunterview - a contaminated site - the air is polluted - and those moving and living in those new units - are all prone to cancer and other chronic diseases.

Barbara Gracia is not fit to lead our San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco Health Department in today's world. Simply put she is unfit.

San Francisco is a world class city and Mayor Edwin Lee - must replace this vindictive person - who pretends to smile on your face - and stab you in the back. That is what the Butches are famous for - never trust - one of them.

I participated in the future planning of Hospitals and Hospital Care - in San Francisco.

Carefully - those that pander - who I call "sell outs" were invited - and chosen to be as part of the deliberations.

When I spoke out and wrote about the shallow meetings - all with a hidden agenda - Barbara Gracia did not like it.

Much more with the Laguna Honda fiasco.

Barbara Gracia has sheltered those that those who "Whistle Blew" against the on going machinations and ploys at the Laguna Honda facility and the operations there - adversely impacting the poor - and the indigent. 

Barbara Gracia - still continues to shelter the crooks.

Millions of dollars have been diverted and stolen - linked to the Laguna Honda Institute.

Once known as the " Poor House " the land bought through public donations.

The building built by donations given by the people of San Francisco.

Now, controlled by the City and County of San Francisco - and crooks - of the highest order.

The City stole the funds - set aside for the poor the "Indigent". What do you call people who steal from the poor - you call them scum bags. 

Barbara Gracia knew about this and did not speak up.

Recently when the Whistle Blowers were rewarded by the Courts - I was present. 

Barbara Gracia did not apologize for her organizations misdeeds - when two stellar Doctors were fired - for telling the truth.

She is unfit as the Director of the San Francisco Health Department  and does not have the ability to lead - at all.

Let me ask her and Mayor Edwin Lee - why is it we do not have a Toxicologist - to deal with the serious issues - if this City falls prey to an epidemic?

Why is the Emergency Department at San Francisco General Hospital - the way it is - when at one time 15 years ago - it was the best ever?

Dr. Rajiv Bhatia may have his opinions - he may be a little head strong.

If you convince Dr. Rajiv Bhatia - in a dialog that you have a better plan - but, do not play him. Dialogue him in good faith - he will agree. He is a team player.

In this case - some one is trying to bully him and Dr. Rajiv Bhatia will sue and win - hands down - he will win and take that from me.

When my good friend - Mayor Edwin Lee; listening to some dubious mostly Lesbians - took on my other good friend - Ross Mirkarimi - on some Domestic Violence incident - which it was NOT.

Millions were wasted to put the Sheriff down - causing bad blood - but today the Sheriff has his position - and in due time - those who are against him - will learn their bitter - lesson.

The Butch named Shorter - has already learned her lesson and her misdeeds reported in the Media. The others who were spewing diatribe - to get donations and pocket the money - in the name of Domestic Violence - are already cowering down.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - who was elected and won more votes than the Mayor - by his own right as Sheriff - in the same election - today has done so much and won greater respect - for his fortitude and tenacty.

 Mayor Edwin Lee should have been slow to target Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and more; prevented the the adverse impacts to Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife and young son.

While most sat on the fence - and were watching the circus - playing before them. I did not in the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case - and will not with the Dr. Rajiv Bhatia case.

First I wrote an article in the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case - and all that I said - in that first article - came to pass.

I sent an email - frankly telling Mayor Edwin Lee - that he was wrong in taking on the Sheriff .

More as a Mayor of a great world City - he had better issues - to deal with. That he should back off. Mayor Edwin Lee has since learned his lesson and now focuses on better and more astute - issues.

I copied this email to the heads of many Departments - and all that I wrote in that email - came to pass. When you speak the TRUTH - when you do it with compassion and fortitude - there is no one that one should be afraid of.

We the people stood for our Sheriff - our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and won.

We must be always careful not to hit below the belt. We must have the ability to "discern" -  not take revenge - it never, ever helps.

Dr. Rajiv Bhatia went for his vacation - when he comes back he goes to his office - on arriving at the office - some underling informs Dr. Rajiv Bhatia - that he cannot enter the office. More that he is fired.

Dr. Rajiv Bhatia has been working for the San Francisco Environmental Department - linked to the San Francisco Health Department - since 1998. Give me a freaking break!

In another case - where we must get rid of a crook and one who is corrupt; doing the devil's work. As I said at the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - we have a crook; a corrupt crook - I call him the man with a ear piece - working for the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA).

Lying and bluffing the people - at the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - buses with no cameras.

I handed over facts about this man - to the Controller Office - Ben Rosenfield - three months ago. Nothing happens.

Hundreds of San Franciscans have been adversely impacted.  No one is doing anything about this man - John Hailey.

We have several cases with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - sexual harassment cases - other cases involving - conflict of interest. 

This cases have surfaced - only after - bringing it to the attention of other outside adjudicating, authorities - at great expense to the victims.

No one can fire anyone and should not without due process.

Just like the Ross Mirkarimi case - this fair  City will fall on its face - with the Dr. Rajiv Bhatia case -  if it choose to persecute him.

The City and County of San Francisco - will fall flat on its face - I repeat. 

This time for sure - Barbara Gracia has met her match.

In the past - right at the start - in such cases - I have stated my point of view.

I have done this - after great deliberation and thought. Each and every time - in over forty cases - I have proved right.

Wake up San Francisco and do not pander - do not stray away from the TRUTH  and always have compassion - especially; when there was no "intent" to do harm.

If there was "intent" - more "deliberate intent" - then punishment must follow.

In the case of the Director of San Francisco's Health Department - again and again with "intent" she has authorized and backed - illegal issues and projects.

The time has come for Barbara Gracia - to step down - and fade away. There is more to come.

Barbara Gracia and her continuing ploys and machinations:

Blatant corruption under Director of the Health Department - Barbara Gracia: