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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Once  Labor Unions took care of the people - no more. Today, UNIONS are hand in glove with the corrupt politicians. Today, you cannot trust the UNION leaders - they talk a good talk - but as I said they cannot be trusted.

You pay your UNION dues - the UNIONS demand you pay your dues - but for the dues that are due - when it comes to the individual who pays the dues; and must receive benefits - there is a void.

A void that cries to heaven for justice and fair play. It is who you know - why must it be like this?

Now it is the Labor Council and the UNIONS and I do not want to name the leaders - and they are many.

I am giving them - one more - final chance - pandering to the Big Developers - and shafting their own UNION members and the constituents of San Francisco.

Did you scum of the Earth learn anything from LENNAR? Those that went out of their way to back LENNAR - and some like the Trades' Council still do today.

What have you learned from the America's Cup?

What did you all learn from Tutor Perini - it is coming and this time it will whiz by you? It is the California High Speed Rail - to hell. The Central sub-way to a deeper - hell.

More the many UNION representatives - fools - that come at the Land Use Meeting, the SF Planning Commission, the SF Public Utilities Commission meetings.

Many of these UNION representatives have NO clue about what is really happening - with the projects.

Many of them have NOT read the Disposition and Development Agreement to the major projects.

Many of them have NOT read the Labor Agreements - many of them cannot speak English and for that matter read and speak decent - Spanish - they are beholden to crooks and corrupt people.

These same Union Representatives have no clue about the on going process - but think if they utter something nice - they will get jobs on the platter.

None of them comprehend what Quality of Life means - they talk a good talk but cannot walk the walk. San Francisco is a Labor Town - we must foster the UNITY - where UNION members laid their lives - so that we may all - receive he benefits we enjoy today.

Nothing is given to anyone on a platter - the Developers will lie, cheat, steal, bribe - work with the lying politicians - the UNION must stay away from abject - corruption.

If you do not we will expose you - make NO bones about that.

San Franciscans lost BIG TIME with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - millions of dollars - with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Any decent audit will show that - the Community Benefits was negligible  - the Primes raking in the millions - and SF Public Utilities Upper Ups - bribed. They must be ashamed of themselves.

It is happening with Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) too - all over the City - projects linked to it - and given to cronies - corrupt companies who bid low and make change undue change orders - and rake in millions.

The newly formed Contract Management Division is impotent - and even though some fundamental changes have been made - after moving away from the Human Rights Commission.

The members sitting on the Contract Management Division (CMD) - are beholden to the corrupt politicians, spineless and shallow City Heads of Departments - crooked consultants - more a sordid consultant entity - named - Platinum Consultants.

I have tried to use my practical experience having worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - a Federal Organization - then within the Department of Defense and the Department of Interior - where I helped create and operate the Infrastructure Group.

The Maintenance Technical Group, and finally the Real Estate and Property Management Group at the Presidio of San Francisco - some over 1600 acres of Federal property - 650 Buildings and Facility - over 3000 housing units, a state of art Communication Center, Olympic Swimming pools, state of art Water Treatment Plant - miles of infrastructure, Golf course - working closely for many years with the City and County of San Francisco - the San Francisco Fire Department and the SF Police Department sharing Memoranda of Agreements.

Before handing everything to the Quasi- Federal entity the Presidio Trust - backed by corrupt entities like Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Willie L. Brown Jr. the "former thug Mayor of San Francisco".

My last years I worked for the United States Park Police and have been the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy since 2000 - involved with Environmental and Infrastructure issues - since the early 1960s.

Way back in June of 2012 - I came out with two concepts - to shore up the best for our City - the City and County of San Francisco.

One concept having a viable and sustainable - with goals, time-lines, and quarterly reports. A "Contractor's Hub" - where a few - very experienced neutral folks - would put their best foot possible - and do something stunning, provocative - but eye opening - for our great City - the result today - nothing much happening.

Another project the Raparian Project, Native Plants, Landscaping, learning to become a qualified Arborist - nothing is happening. Giving opportunities to our youth - more disadvantaged youth - it is amazing the patience one has to have with these - buffoons. You give them a plan on a platter and they cannot execute it.

What I could do in two weeks at the Presidio of San Francisco - it takes these idiots - two years and counting!

They love to talk and talk - meet and meet - beat the horse dead - revive it - beat it again until it nearly dies - revive it - and expect decent, intelligent people - to respect these buffoons. Give me a break!

It is nearing - the end of June, 2013 and nothing is happening - nothing worth the salt.

Two simple Purchase Orders - vetted and re-vetted - discussed umpteen times - cannot be acted upon. What is happen and what do you think progressive can happen - in such a dysfunctional - environment? Give me a freaking break.

Primes from outside are waiting on the side-lines to bring in their own people and rape San Francisco.

City Department heads - and I know them all - spineless, clueless, and beholden to corrupt folks like Willie L. Brown Jr., Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and aided and abetted by the very corrupt San Francisco Board of Supervisors - raping our City and County of San Francisco - spewing diatribe pretending to help but worsening the conditions.

We lost our opportunity with the $4.6 Billion Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission.

What is truly happen with the Calavares Project? Why so many brand new pipes bursting at the seems? Who is taking full responsibility for all these cases? Do we need a audit?

 Now; every single day that is wasted - thugs, corrupt companies Primes and subs from outside - are vying and digging themselves in - while inexperienced, shallow, spineless, clueless, folks that cannot think outside the box - are making over $200,000 annual salaries - and selling the shop - working for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - many of them from the East Bay.

What is the Mayor - Mayor Edwin Lee doing about this nonsense?

I have been following the $7.6 Billion Budget Process - it is a JOKE.

Wasted the time of the constituents - by coming into the neighborhood - the 11 District we have in San Francisco.

Promising the constituents - "bread crumbs" - while crooks and those with connections - are laughing all the way to the bank.

There must be a law like the "RICO ACT" that puts a stop to pandering.

The blatant corruption with the local government; where outside forces led by Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr., -  who control the many whores and pimps - that the people call the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and others who do their -bidding.

Four of these San Francisco Board of Supervisor can put on the Ballot a Proposition - much like the Federal "RICO ACT" - but with local connotations - and stop the on going blatant corruption - where San Franciscans are treated like a dirty rag - used and thrown away.

Corrupt contractors dig our roads - come in our neighborhoods - and kill small businesses. Small businesses lose millions - and no one cares.

The City must repay these small businesses - compensate them.

Recently I had to intervene and stop this nonsense - on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco. For weeks one contractor - SYNERGY - who has been given lee way - all over this City - opening up the roads - trying to do a band-aid job - all linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project.

Failing most of time - when it comes with having focused and meaningful - "Neighborhood Meetings" - treating our small business and decent residents with respect.

When the City of San Francisco - fails to RESPECT - you are in deep trouble. When you permit crooked contractors to disrespect - it is even worse.

Add the SF Police Department, Street Cleaning, mean Meter Maids, giving Parking Tickets without cause - the matter gets even worse.

We the people need a hearing at City Hall on this matter.

This is happening because minions are hired to work for our City - who have no history about our City's history - that is San Francisco - take our kindness and generosity for granted - and DISRESPECT decent San Franciscans.

You who are doing this to San Franciscans are put on notice.

The City and County of San Francisco has NO definition of Green - and I will address this at the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The City and County of San Francisco has no clear definition and concept of "sustainability".

Buffoons - throw words - like an arrow in the air - and do not know what the repercussions will be.

Being idiotic and thinking by spewing diatribe - they can FOOL us - the better informed, astute - constituents of San Francisco who are monitoring the on going nonsense - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

Who is advising Mayor Edwin Lee - a saturation point has already been reached - and no one can fool all the people all the time.

I need some time to sit with Mayor Edwin Lee and may be Harlan Kelly and Mohammed Nuru - we need but half a hour - get to the point - the jocular vein and do the needful. 

The peoples' Bond Measure linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project to fix our aging clean and waste water pipes - over $8 BILLION - for the next ten years - must benefit San Franciscans not the sordid crooks; that are now enjoying the roast. Outsiders and our City embraces without need.

The Bond Measure to fix our aging roads the same - and while we are it - on a wide but through scale - Pacific Gas and Electricity, Comcast, AT&T, the many other utilities that purport to know - and making our congestion and traffic worse.

If these rascals do a bad job they must be penalized. We have some policies in place - we have the laws - but we have NO enforcement - NONE whatsoever.

The 805,000 constituents that live in San Francisco are fed up. 

This holds true with the machinations and ploys linked to the Municipal Transportation Agency - where over 60% of the MUNI buses do not have cameras - paid for by our taxes. 

The SF Controller Ben Rosenfield - and yet to get to me - after three months. Who is fooling whom?

The man with a ear-piece must go - and he must go now.

It is the same with the other agencies - corrupt people, inexperience people who are taking advantage of our hospitality and kindness must go - do not keep any cancer lingering and hovering around.

Cancer that grows - and the many so called "Black sell outs" - that I will name soon - these few have tarnished the good name of San Francisco.

More - working with corrupt entities like the former Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr - using undue influence pedaling like a lobbyist and saying that he does not.

Where is the SF Ethics Commission on that? And why is Saint Claire still there - lying through his teeth - after failing miserably in the Ross Mirkarimi case; and the many other genuine cases - that the San Francisco Ethics Commission has failed to act on.

More after the Sunshine Tax Force has sent cases to be adjudicated after vetting them - this nonsense has gone for too long - against the wishes of the constituents of San Francisco - that voted through a Proposition voted by all and agreed by the majority - to do the right thing.

Where is the Mayor on this one? Where is the City Administrator on this one?

Where is the SF Controller on this one? Where are the crooked and corrupt SF Board of Supervisors on this one? Where are the City heads of Departments - all of them - on this one?

People who break the laws - which they do - must go to jail - for a long, long time. For too long - have too many decent constituents who pay taxes - like myself - tolerated the on going blatant and open corruption.

It stinks to high heaven - and no one must be exempt from the law.

The law that must be enforced - more when people do not have  NO morals, no standards, less spirituality - and think money means everything.

Yes; it does and may to the devil and those that worship mammon.

Of course the crooks would not know what that is - especially those that pussy-foot around - with life styles that are wanting and demean - decency and universally comprehended, standards, morals and refined, etiquette. Aho.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to sell out $350,000 for sexual harassment case - one more nail in the coffin and there is more to come - soon: