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Saturday, June 22, 2013


 I did not expect to get this call from my good friend Tim Norris -  three days ago; that his daughter was arrested and held at 850 Bryant - the San Francisco Police Department - headquarters.

Booked in the wee hours of the morning - pass 2 am - after being held for 6 long hours - in pain and suffering at the North Beach Police Station.

More his daughter - Timarrah purported - to be involved in a stabbing case.

We have yet to know the name of the deranged White man - 44 years - who provoked these two young women  in the first place.
On of them a minor - just 16 years old.

The Press chose to reveal the name of Timarrah; did not reveal the name of the deranged White man who was 44 years old. Why these double standards.

The Press with intent did not reveal the truth facts - and why has the name of the White deranged man - 44 years - well known to the San Francisco Police Department - not been mentioned in the Media at all?

Who is this freaking deranged man; who truly speaking should be kept out of our streets. His mug shot posted here, there and everywhere. Told to stay away from San Francisco.

I know Timarrah Norris as a baby - and have seen her grow - and she has always been very respectful to me and others.

Soon Timarrah will be 19 years - and in a flash you see the world go by you - your heart races - and you have to stop to think. What in is hell happened here?

It is a living night mare for me as the family friend - more for any parent - but also for someone like me - on another level - who treats the youth of San Francisco - more those that I know - as family.

I have deep connections - with the Sheriff of San Francisco - Ross Mirkarimi who is my good friend. Others who work for the Department and more.

I know Chief Gregory Suhr - let us stop here - I know practically anyone in the City and County of San Francisco that matters - including the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee.

It does make a difference when you have access. Most people do not - and I have grassroots access - if we really want to protests - and teach those that discriminate - a lesson or two.

Timarrah Norris and her cousin who is 16 years - a minor. Timarrah is 18 years and will be 19 shortly; as I said - these two have known each other - since they were childhood friends. They go to church and they chill out when they have the time - and always asking permission - from their parents and others in authority.

Timarrah lives in the Portola District - District 9 and her cousin lives in the Western Addition - District 5.

On the 2800 block of Jones Street - both these young women - decided to go for a Burger and Milkshake.

Their added incentive this time was that they had a "gift card" - and also knew someone working at this place - where they have frequented many times.

These two young Black women - get their eats and drinks - and settle down d out of the blue comes this white deranged White man  - who we learn is mentally challenged.

More has a record is 44 years - and should be on medication and avoid the general public - he is well known as a trouble maker.

Once again this White man starts calling these two women names, spitting on them - and harassing them.

Timarrah tried her best to guard her cousin - who as I said is a minor .

The situation got from bad to worse, quickly and Timarrah could not take it anymore - she threw the milkshake at the mentally deranged man - and walked out of the business.

This White mentally deranged man - with a history well known to the San Francisco Police Department - chases after the two young women outside the premises - and proceeds to assault them.

The younger woman received blows to her face - and Tamarrah did not expect this incident to exasperate - as this deranged White man - proceeded violently to pounded Timarrah with his bag.

In this bag that the deranged White man used as a weapons - the bag  turned out to contain cans and out popped a knife from this bag.

Fighting for her cousin's life and her life - Timarrah grabbed the knife and swung at the man - she then blacked out.

She was trembling - and more so when the San Francisco Police Department arrived and for a longer duration - while she pleaded she was in pain - the San Francisco Police Officers - ignored here pleas and the male officer - taunted her.

Timarrah's eye glassed were broken, her one eye was hurting, her head paining, and more she was totally traumatized and in shock. Those who have been in a situation like this - know more.

Right of the bat  - the two officer that arrived - did not want to hear anything from these two young BLACK women.

This is how it starts when Law Enforcement - create a barrier thinking just because they are White - they know - everything.

This world is a mess - mostly because of White people. More because of folks who have tunnel vision.

 I have seen this again and again -  I  will not indulge - to shed light - on the stupidity of the SF Police Department Officers - involved - in this case.

I will do so at other forums - and at the appropriate time reveal the names of the officers - and more. This is a given.

We do not know what happened to the deranged White man - 44 years old - and his on going off the chart and bunkers at Fisherman's Wharf.

Some report says he was taken to hospital. I hope he stays there under guard - and charged for this crime and other crimes known to the authorities. That he stay away from decent citizens - and that the San Francisco Police Department do not protect him - just because he is White.

Fisherman's Wharf - which is a tourist stop - the best known in San Francisco, the Nation, and the world.

Closer to Alcatraz with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We should not allow crazy folks - more those that intimidate people - around our tourists and decent people.

These two women Timarrah well educated with good grades who graduated from a Private School and her cousin well behaved - both attend Church. As I said they are very respectful - but this White deranged man - triggered the worst in them.

What the SF Police Officers surmised - mistaking them as they usually do and thinking they were some brats - some gangsters. This was not the case and thinking in this manner - ruined the lives to two decent Black women.

This is normally how the SF Police Officer come off - and they are totally wrong; when they react to Blacks men and women in this matter - more, here in San Francisco.

This case will prove more - and it only takes one bad apple - to give the SF Police Department - a bad name.

Surely, this incident that took place around 8 pm did not deserve a headline " Man stabbed by frothy femme fatales at Fisherman's Wharf.

Read the fabricated article at the end of the article.

This by a reporter named Rob Nagle from the San Francisco Examiner. Accompanied by a large 18 inches knife and milk shake photograph borrowed from the Getty collection - that creates  such a disturbing picture.

To begin with the knife belonged to the mentally challenged, a 44 years old White man - roving the streets of Fisherman's Wharf - well known to the San Francisco Police Department - and to many in the area - as a shit disturber.

This deranged White man has been having a field day for years - attacking people - all with the excuse that he has not taken his medication. 

What is happening to our City - Mayor Edwin Lee?

Why do we have do many deranged people living on our streets of San Francisco? Provoking innocent people? Using foul language to mostly women - why?

The journalist Rob Nagle who favors yellow journalism - may not have the lightest notion - that here is San Francisco - we will stand for what is right. We do not care much for yellow journalism.

We have zero tolerance for yellow journalism and what is more fabrication of the news - leading to sensationalism.

I will be testifying with Timarrah, her father, and other stellar advocates before the San Francisco Police Commission.

The SF Police Commission has been debating mundane, trivial subjects - while failing to address Quality of Life issues.

The Office of Citizens' Complaint - is  a JOKE.

Timarrah Norris was held for over 6 hours at the North Beach Police Station. Then in the wee hours of the morning - this traumatized young woman - booked at 850 Bryant.

In the first holding cell - was a White woman stinking like hell - so much so those in charge - moved Timarrah to another cell.

In this second cell - she shared it with Black elderly woman - influence by some drugs - who remained to herself. Still the situation was very intimidating to Timarrah.

In this second cell - Timarrah witnessed a man - pulling out his penis and jacking off. Disgusting and more horrific - and I suppose caught on some camera - for through investigation - and adjudication - linked to this case.

After 48 hours or so Timarrah was movedto another holding center - where I had a friend provide her with some basic sanitary requirements.

Imagine a young, decent woman - put through all these trials and tribulations - all because she is BLACK.

All the focus on these two young women and not on the deranged 44 years old White man - know to the San Francisco Police Department as a trouble maker.

I did my best and provided general information to the Chief of Police - Chief Gregory Suhr on this case. 

I did the same to the Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi.

Further I asked my very good friend Jeff Adachi - to line up the best Public Defender - and copied it to Matt Gonzalez an attorney who works for the Public Defender.

I am sending this article to my personal attorneys - and we must come with a plan to nib such nonsense in the bud.

Blatant discrimination when it comes to Black folks - and this nonsense must STOP.

Timarrah was released after 72 hours - at 10 pm in the night - and made her way to the Portola District alone - that is where I live.

She took she long ride at night  - all by herself. Her cell phone was dead - and the brave girl; though traumatized proved again - that Black women are tough.

While in the SF Police Car - the police radio stated this White deranged man must have not taken his medication - stated his age - 44 years. Timarrah heard this loud and clear.

The two police officers - one a male and the other a female officer - offered no succor to Timarrah.

Her eye was injured, her eye glasses broken. The  male officer called her a liar - and instructed and chided with the female SF Police Officer - that Timarrah was not injured - just pretending.

Chief Gregory Suhr will be sent this article - because at one time - when I was angry - he said to me that someone reported to him - more or less what was reported in the article that I sent the Chief, earlier.

He inquired what was my version of this case.

Well, I was working on my version - check out and double checking the feedback I was getting from my sources.

Checking and rechecking the chain of events and verifying the facts. I have most of it in this article - I will save my ACE card for the opportune moment.

When has it become fashionable to believe - yellow journalism? 

Or for that matter what the Television was reporting in the morning - following the incident the previous night - lies and a deviated story - full of fabrication and vain sensationalism.

There was no investigation - and how there be - when the facts were reported totally wrong  -and this too in the Media - television and print. Who permits this?

If these were two White girls - young as they are - no journalist who dare call them "forthy femme fatales".

Do not go into journalism to tarnish the names of decent people - if you do this you deserve the worse - because you are the scum of the earth.

The report in the Media was not worth the salt.

On top of it the journalist requested the public to tip the SF Police calling this number: 415.575-4444 or a second tip by texting - to TIP411 with"SFPD" in the message.

How many valid tips have you got - after publishing such sordid articles - with blatant lies - and nefarious - fabrications of the worst order?

The District Attorney has dropped the charges - pending an investigation.

The community must be prepared - and fight - much like the Oscar Grant case.

Such blatant discrimination by the San Francisco Police Department are committed every day - and there is no one - like me to take the matter to the highest level.

People are scared of the PO POS - gone are the days - when you looked the PO POS in the eye and told them what you felt - and they accommodated you.

At City Hall - the Mayor and the rest of those who should represent - are busy pandering - and the constituents are put through - hell.

Those incarcerated and held a 850 Bryant - must be given a bath; allowed to take a shower - and no one should be exposed to intolerable stench. The holding cells must be clean.

Pulling out one's penis and jacking off - outside a women's holding cell? When did you hear that last?

San Francisco giving access to yellow journalism by leaking incident reports.

Normally, if you ask for an incident report in writing - it takes weeks to get one.

Crooked and corrupt journalists are provide one - to spread gossip and fabricate tales.

Our Nation is a Nation of laws. 

No one is presumed guilty - until proven innocent or guilty - in the Court of Law.

In San Francisco - Blacks mostly are treated like dirt - again and again by the San Francisco Police Department.

If you really interview Timarrah; as I did since I know the family in the presence of her father - who is my good friend - it is a miracle that she stood her ground - and maintained her sensibilities; in the given circumstances. 

Where are the Black Leaders on this one?

Where is the NAACP on this one?

Where are the warriors women, men, and children on this one?

Here is one report by a sordid reporter:

Time for Black youth to take charge and shed light where there is abject - darkness:

Racism in San Francisco: