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Friday, June 14, 2013


It is a shame when Blacks in power take part in putting down Blacks and that is what is the key issue - that we must deal with - when it comes to Public Housing and the Blacks who "with intent" - permitted the sad affairs prevailing today.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has language that gave permission for tenants to own and even pay partial rent ; put down a small down payment - towards eventually owing their homes. Mostly Black sell outs worked to keep the poor from owing their homes.

The San Francisco Housing Authority with intent - saw that deferred maintenance - was used as a ploy - to run down the housing - and get rid of poor people.

The San Francisco Housing Authority - was quick to accept the housing from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) a federal entity - and deprive those living in the units - from becoming Stake Holders.

Thousands of young Black men and women in the 1950s to 1970s - made something of themselves. Many graduated from college, many joined the San Francisco City workers, MUNI, the Department of Public Works. The SF Unified School District, the University of California San Francisco, the Presidio of San Francisco, and I can go on and on.

In the good old days - people lived in Public Housing - helped themselves and helped others. It was tight in the neighborhood.

Then came turfs - how can anyone own turf that does not even belong to you. Shit runs in the homes from poor plumbing, mildew every where - no one bothers to repair the windows.

Children die from respiratory diseases, elders from the worst cancers, women bear children - still births - men die young from trying to survive after being given no opportunities. Blacks who once contributed so that others may be freed and have opportunities - are now shackled for life.

Then came folks like Amos Brown, Willie L. Brown Jr, thugs like Gavin Newsom and others like the last Housing Director Henry Alvarez - good for nothing - scum of the Earth. 

No one in their right mind expects anyone to be free - in the this modern slavery or sorts - you have a roof - you witness dysfunction at it best - created with intent - by the paleface and Black that work for him - and have no conscience.

Consultants like Linda Richardson and Dwayne Jones - trying to rip off the SF Housing Authority - with no conscience - they are still around - and must be taken to task. Both of them Black.

Folks like Amos Brown who pretends that as the President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - he aims at doing something - but has done - nothing.

I would challenge this man to a debate - on real issues where this one man - arrogant, head strong. ignorant - has adversely impacted thousands of Blacks and minorities in San Francisco.

The corruption within the SF Housing Authority is so deep - infested with sordid actions - that most of those that work for the 
SF Housing Authority in management - must be let go. A cancer that must be removed and incinerated. 

In fact cases have to be filed against these corrupt SF Housing Authority employees - most of them management - for abuse, neglect, lying, blatant corruption in many areas; mostly stealing money - many of them have to go to jail.

Sent to jail for a long, long time. So that they can ponder - sit down and never mind if they say they wear a collar - or purport to be holly - some Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - which they are not - they are the scum of the Earth.

Hope SF is an joke - Hope SF was created to bring in the private sector and Property Managers like the John Stewart Company. If you do the research - John Stewart was fired from Fanny Mae - many years ago.

John Stewart took those crooked tricks - he learned at Fanny Mae - created a Property Management Company that has over one thousand employees. He and his company is known to adversely impact - thousands.

John Stewart keeps the company of Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Willie L. Brown Jr - and other scum bags - too many to mention.

Many of us know this "thug company" from the days when John Stewart - operated - the Geneva Towers - in the Visitation Valley.

All the nonsense that went on there - drug selling, prostitution, killings and shootings and what not.

Then the buildings known as the Geneva Towers were - "imploded" - the John Stewart took his savings; from the dubious operations and went to San Diego - he is back now in the City for over 30 years -  raking in the millions.

He controls thousands of rental units at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, Huntersview and the Northridge Cooperatives near by, all over the Tenderloin the Single Occupancy Residential Hotels.

He is a thief of the highest order. This City and County should send him packing to a place - where he is put in a small cage - and before that adjudicated; his long sordid rap sheet revealed - in preparation to serve a long, long, long - jail term.

The RICO Act can settle that score.

HOPE SF is about giving Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the infamous John Stewart Company - amply avenues to keep Blacks and other poor people out of any type of affordable housing - run the poor folks - out of San Francisco.

These SF Planners, these so called Developers - more the crooks like Richard Blum and his minions - with Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - hoarding millions - while pretending to do the constituents a favor. See what is happening to the middle class - in fact if you can find it!

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor would not qualify to enter any John Stewart controlled unit - she has no good credit. but, she could as a political whore. What does that mean - simply, pandering.

Malia went under water - when she lost her condominium - she paid $580,000 plus for that unit - of course borrowed the money - could not pay the monthly payment - and bailed out.

Malia Cohen managed to survive by whoring her way - using politics - and today takes money to grant favors.

She has yet to pay her debts - from the time she lost her condominium at Executive Park. But, she has sold her soul to Lennar, to Willie L. Brown Jr., to the other so called hot shots - who pimp and whore and swear that they have the best - intentions. We know the company they keep - and we have the best sources that come to us - with the latest - information.

Malia is a corrupt Black - more, what we call a House Negro. 

She has turned her back on her people - and panders to those that will listen to her - nonsense. Malia is shallow, spineless, and what is more - empty - no spirituality. Notice she keeps shifting that ring - from finger to finger - who is her significant other?

When Mercy Housing decides to build units at Sunnydale - in the Visitation Valley - only those that have "GOOD CREDIT" will be accommodated.

Samoans, Black, Latinos, all poor people will be denied their right to live where they live today.

The only way to keep Mercy Housing out - is to take charge of the situation - and keep Mercy Housing out - and with it - anything that HOPE SF - stands for.

Anyone that wear a HOPE SF title is NOT to be trusted.

It does not matter - if the San Francisco Mayor or anyone says so - HOPE SF is flawed. Those behind this ploy want to make money - by taking over Public Housing - removing all those - HOPE SF deem indigents - and taking over the land with long term leases - and a hidden agenda - that does not favor the poor.

The poor have lived on Potrero Hill, Middle Point, Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnydale for over 65 years - now, the dubious, those with ulterior motives - strangers that did not exist forty years ago - Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company - all of them work with dubious organizations - to keep poor people out.

We must and will fight them tooth and nail. They do not know - the hell the will witness - Dante's Inferno pails in comparison - bring it on - there is only so much anyone can take - saturation point - has been reached - and when it is hot baby - things begin to rattle and shake - and the fear of revolution - bring about the quickest - remedy.

First there was HOPE SIX that failed miserably - and now HOPE SF - even the blind can see through this crazy, sordid, corrupt, blatant madness that some thing has no ending.

It is the same at Potrero Hill and Potrero Hill Public Housing tenants.

Bridge Development will ask for your credit - and if they know you are Black, lived in Public Housing at Potrero Hill - and have no good credit - out the door - you go.

In the year 2008 - all the crooked Developers - the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, and Bridge Developers - were ready to embark on building and developing - thousands of units.

But - the 2008 Economic Spiraling Economy - brought these crooks to their knees.

Now, with money from China - and other dubious sources. The devils are back to work - but, we have a plan - this time it will be swift. 

Remember how we brought down Lennar - Lennar is still reeling from trying to develop Parcel A - it is June, 2013. Their Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) is a joke.

San Francisco exposed Lennar for all its corruption and the sell  outs Sophie Maxwell, Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, Bevan Dufty, Calvin Jones, Aurelius Walker, Willie B. Kennedy, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Angelo King, Dwyane Jones, Tiffany Bohee, Malia Cohen and more - all of them - each of them - have BLOOD on their hands.

These crooks are making a come back. They are plotting hard - how best to use gentrification -  wipe out the Black population - and with the Black population gone - the other poor  -that these crooked developers - look at with disdain.

Do you think for a second Malia Cohen and before here Sophina Maxwell care about poor people?

Malia Cohen thinks no end of herself - I have been watching her whore - for the longest time - and this woman - must not be trusted.

This is the woman - who gathered the Black Pastors - most of them Poverty Pimp Pastors - other crooks around them - with Amos Brown pretending that he and his minions could stop - Black on Black violence.

Amos Brown is a pathetic man - and you just have to watch him talk and move today - he is on his last leg. He is a lost man - more with NO moral compass - a sad state of affairs.

Amos Brown wants to cling to the title of President of the NAACP - but what has he done for people of color - more Black people - NOTHING.

Now is the time - for the National leadership at the NAACP - to rid this cancer that has plagued San Francisco for so long - Amos Brown - a good for nothing - blabber mouth.

What has Malia Cohen done for Black people - NOTHING.

House Negros have always divided the community - and the lesson learned is this - stay away from them - and when they stand for election - do not vote for them.

These Black political pimps and whores are a disgrace to the human race.

They are a disgrace to Dr Martin Luther King Jr., to other great Blacks who died and shed their blood that all Americans - could live a better life. 

The above named Blacks in San Francisco - instead of helping those in need - have destroyed the legacy of those those that did so much.

Thank God we have folks like Dr. Espanola Jackson who will call a spade a spade and can stand up to the House Negro - who continue to worship the White Man - and the evil he stands for.

By now Blacks should have owned all of the Southeast Sector in San Francisco.

The evil mongers - saw to it - that they let things run down, brought in the drugs, the most devilish "crack cocaine" in the early 1980s - the guns - and where there once was spirituality - now devil worship and the paleface rituals - run supreme.

Our Brother and Sisters are dying - many of them not educated on issues.

Gang injunction and other discriminatory actions - uncalled for - using Law Enforcement to keep down the people - most poor people who need help.

We will be celebrating Juneteenth - and this time around - not outside City Hall - but in the Fillmore. The barricades the last few years surrounded Juneteenth - the very notion was wiped out - how can you be FREE - when you are barricaded? How can you be free - when you are shackled? When will you remove the House Nigga mentality from your very being - pretending to be something - when you are not proud of your back ass?

I represent the First People of San Francisco and so does Dr. Espanola Jackson - the sell out House Niggas cannot say that - they talk a good talk - but their heart is not with the people, the poor people - " for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven ".

 I will be there - with Dr. Espanola Jackson and the other Elders - come visit me for the short time - I will be there.

Let us talk about the evil ways of the House Negros - right in their backyard - up front and personal.

A short history of Juneteenth:

Be proud of your Black Ass - and be proud to celebrate - everywhere - where Juneteenth will be celebrated - see you Saturday and Sunday - June 15th and June 16, 2013 - in the Fillmore in San Francisco:

Here is the current information about this year's Juneteenth Festival - this year June 15th and June 16th - read this information for this year's location - time - and other important information: