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Sunday, February 10, 2013


There is this notion - true or not true - the Southern most side of most Cities - there is where the poor - reside in poverty.

Most of the poor - are kept in conditions - where there are no opportunities given, no jobs, no education, no sound transportation, no quality health services - where the rich want the poor, the indigent - to live in squalor.

In San Francisco that is Bayview Hunters Point - go take a walk and see things for yourself.

The rails and the train in other cities determine - which side the rich live - or which side the poor and those that cannot make it live.

These lines were drawn with intent - and by those who did not have the best interest of humanity.

In recent years in San Francisco the last frontier the Southeast Sector - is where the action is.

Funny once I could stand outside my office on Third and Palou for hours - and did not see folks with poodles.

At first I saw a few and now many - it is so funny to see a trend and than attached to it - folks that once despised living next to people of color - and now it is all changed - suddenly.

What is most despicable - is when the dogs relieve themselves - the owners look the other way - and walk away. Their dogs want the owners to do something - but the owners - just want to walk away. I questioned one owner and he asked for a plastic bag - I gave it to him - he did pick the pooh and I was glad a point was made. That just happened a week ago.

The United Nation and many bodies call for human beings to live in harmony.

The United Nation, and many foundation big and small -  try to eradicate poverty, hunger, diseases - bring sunshine where there is abject - darkness. We all contribute - those of us who can - and we all want fellow human beings - Palestinians, folks in many countries in Africa, in South America, in India, in China - all over the world - to better themselves.

God bless those that help the poor and those that cannot defend - themselves.

You have poor and the poorer sections all over the world - in France, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, all over the world and or course in the United States - Chicago, Boston, New York and why - or course San Francisco.

Some folks love to keep others down - and even when you meet them - are pompous at first because of your color - but, when you prove to them; that their way of thinking is inferior and does not make sense - they ponder a bit.

When you further expose that  -  may be they have not had the best of education - lack etiquette, they feel bad - but, in the first place - the arrogance was exhibited by them. Arrogance has a fall. They say he that rides a high horse - has a steep fall.

Humility they say say is a supreme - virtue.

And that may be true - but if forever you take it - and you take it - a time comes when you reach - saturation point - and then of course those that can take it no more - may decide to dish it.

Give the person a dose of their own medication.

You must know - when to dish it - and in dishing it - make a point - and leave an impression - long lasting - a point where things improve - and where history is made. Timing is everything.

I have good friends all over the world - who share with me the conditions of life.

In the Middle East for example - where most of the Arabs live in the desert - under harsh conditions - the best they had at one time; in years gone by - was shade under the palm trees.

The sweet water by the oasis after a long, harsh journey - is like being in heaven - you have to be there - to know what I am talking about.

I have been there - and know the simplicity, the hospitality of the tribes that wander - in the desert.

It is not refreshing to see the Saudis who once lived in such condition - and pretend to be pious - come to America seeking pleasure - all sorts of pleasure - alcohol, sex, and other despicable extra- curricula activities.

Yet at home - pretend to be pious - this piousness is fake - the worst of its kind - and a disgrace to the human race.

In recent months the Saudis and others are worried - America gets most of its fuel and energy from Canada.

At home we have - been using our technology - made a huge come back.

The Saudis can sell their fuel to China and the Chinese can well afford to buy - as they have a stockpile of dollars.

The result of we Americans - buying cheap stuff - from China - fostering vain materialism - and creating a trade deficit - which we could have controlled - but did not.

In the poorer sections where folks live in America - the rich - want it all.

First they will use law enforcement to harass - then they will use ploys - like creating hurdles to get a job.

They will deprive poor folks from quality health services - they will do anything and everything - linked to discrimination - utter disdain for those that are people of color. They will keep the poor down - and those that try to rise up they will - suppress. 

Of course at San Francisco's City Hall - you will hear them speak of equality and fairness - but it is all a smoke screen.

Then you have the Blacks - sell outs like Joe Marshall who is one the Police Commissioners, Malia Cohen who is an inept, shallow, spineless Supervisor in District 10.

Another the former Commissioner and Chair of San Francisco Housing Authority - useless to the core - pandering to those - that do not have the best, interest of the public at large. Recently he was fired.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and proud of that fact.

When young I was impress by the work of Dr. Richard Leakey - the famous Anthropologist. Later I got to meet others in the field - read and attended many seminars in Anthropology and related fields.

I armed myself with knowledge to deal with those - that are vain, demeaning, and when they meet their match - fall flat on their face. I go to City Hall in San Francisco - to meet the charlatans - that keep people down - and state to their faces - they disgrace that they are to - humanity.

San Francisco is a racist city - you may not know that - if you just keep to yourself and do not take a stand.

Many people are like that - they go to their jobs, go home and relax - do not give a rat's ass about community work and volunteering.

If they see poverty and even if they have it good - they do not like to share.

If you ask them for help - and even if they can afford it - they will tell you - that they have nothing to give - and that is fine.

Such people will be judged by a higher order. And for sure they have no peace of mind on Earth - you see them disturbed - if you observe them from a distance.  

The San Francisco Police Commission is a joke. There was a time I would attend the SF Police Commission. Now, it is a circus - each one patting themselves on the back. Wait until they have to deal with the dissatisfaction from the public at large. 

City Hall and those in charge of housing - are forcing the elderly, those that are poor to leave San Francisco. More than 30,000 families have left - and some say that number is - greater.

This is discrimination of the highest order.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - could not care less - about blatant discrimination - more; the corrupt ones that take money under the table. Are busy raking thousands at the breakfast meetings - wheeling and dealing. 

The worst crime is the taking over of land in the Southeast Sector - people from outside the community. They want to build high density homes on contaminated land.

The have no intention of having any dialog. They do not believe in sharing - and are dictatorial. We are watching them like a hawk - and their day will come.

When it comes it will be too late - and the good thing is that judgement will come from a higher source - that courts, law enforcement - no one can touch that power.

We have crooks coming to our neighborhood. The come into your living room - without your permission. Decide to re-arrange your furniture . There is nothing funny about this - but, those that have no spine - allow this to happen - but, not anymore.

Malia Cohen wants to operate a Wellness Center - with another devious person - Nadine Burke - at Third Street and Cargo Way. 
All this on a very contaminated site.

Now they using the poor and children - to rake in thousands. They will be exposed - but let us see - if City Hall steps up - and adjudicates.