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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Everyone; who is anyone and can see above fifty feet to get a glimpse of the sky - are now noticing; the many cranes attached to tall buildings - sprouting here, there, and everywhere.

Most of these tall buildings being built, high density buildings - where units are small and expensive - and it takes years to know who is your next door neighbor. Less to build social - skills.

The ones building Webcor, Nibbi Brothers, Cahill, Swinerton, Turner and Turner, and many more - all connected with "thug facilitators" - who demand a fee for all the permits - delivered on a platter.

Then other gimmicks such as prompt financing delivered - either from UNION and PENSION funds - that these "thug consultants" have access to.

Or as we have found recently - blood money from China - money that our Nation facilitated by creating fiscal laws to bring in our Nation before December 31, 2012.

Putting a certain cap and creating convoluted financial ploys - to facilitate these nasty, high density building, filled with those that have money to burn, and nothing substantial to offer to - humanity.

A far cry when this land belonged to the Ohlone - where most things were pristine - and social skills and living - were up close and personal. 

Now - concrete jungles - with zombies created in the thousands - lacking social skills - who live in some world of illusions - devoid of genuine feelings, out to touch with reality - and yet we feel the need to such human beings - mostly dysfunctional to say the least.

When it comes to rental units in San Francisco - thousands of units have been converted illegally - to student housing.

Such as the on long going debacle with the San Francisco Planning Department -  that cannot handle with prompt adjudication - with the University of Art Academy.

The University of Art Academy -  has been depriving - hard working San Franciscans and others - of  much needed - sound rental units - San Francisco.

Mayor Ed Lee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, others have on the side line - spewing diatribe - but cannot and will not bring the corrupt entities - to court for prompt - adjudication.

Our San Francisco Planning Department is a joke.

There are entities who do not have to appear at all - before the SF Planning Department.

These dubious entities - through devious expediters -  can do as they please - and get what they want on a platter - any kind of permit - all you need it the money.

If one is decent, fair, and wants to play by the rules - then the SF Planning Department - puts one through the rigors of most despicable rules, regulations, ordinances that defy logic.

Then at the San Francisco Planning Department meetings -  bombard the permit holder - with all sorts of vague, tricky, and drab - questioning.

We saw this with Lennar - where in our so called "San Francisco Planning Department".

We had two parallel - so called " Planning Directors" - John Rahaim who dealt with mundane issues - and Dean Macris a former SF Planning Department - who worked with his team - on matters - pertaining to the Rogue Developer - Lennar - to fast track that development - that is dead.

"No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. No one can desecrate the land with intent. Think for a second - you will not be visited - by the force of God. This may come in a natural calamity - directly in seconds - and bring the corrupt, the crooked, to their knees and to their ultimate - end".

So, may I ask what is happening to the over 30,000 units planned for the Southeast Sector - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

Only one parcel has been conveyed so far - that is  Parcel A -  which is contaminated to the core - more with Asbestos Structures - that will "slowly kill" - the workers - as the when that project - starts.

The rest of the Shipyard B, C, D, E, F (which is the Bay) U and the many other parcels carved - are part of the on going shenanigans.

All very contaminated and polluted that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - now under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy - proposed to be capped and given to the City and County of San Francisco.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - an officially declared - Superfund Site - that the corrupt, those without any decency, less conscience want to build upon - and if they do - they will have BLOOD on their hands.

Once two hills stood by the now Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

On these hills - were the remains of the Ohlone.

The United States Navy - demolished the two large hills.

Despicable to the core  -  the saw the remains - yet they spread the remains of the Ohlone with the dirt from the demolished hills - and the rest is history. Desecration. 

It is the same with Candlestick Stadium that will be "imploded" much as the many older casinos in Las Vegas.

At Candlestick Stadium was created  - by fill  thatwas brought from near by Bayview Hill with Ohlone remains - and the fill used to create the Candlestick Stadium - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Greed knows no bounds - and these folks who build these tall buildings, try to fill them with human beings - deprive them of social skills that human need to be whole.

Living in high density housing sucks - sucks the living hell of these human beings - constantly making them work so that they can pay their rent. Depriving them of solace and nurturing their human needs - the live much like machines - to fulfill the aspirations - of those that make them work - in a zombie world of sorts. We see this nerds - everywhere - neither here nor there - mundane and oblivious to real human beings - who are inches before them.

The little money left over from such living - these conditioned human being - nerds or whatever - spend on getting high, orgies of all sorts.

Yhe end result you have - some sort of unsocial human being - the many that work and promote so called "Social Hubs and Makings".

The likes of FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Scribd, Linkedin, Yahoo Groups and whatever - you get the picture.

Try meeting those that are mesmerized by these "unsocial elements" - and you get a deep understanding of - what I am speaking about.

No University - no organization worth the salt - has studied the deep scars - where thousands of human beings - are put in these tall buildings, in boxes of  a kind. Mostly meant for one or two people.

Few units to accommodate - families - and for sure - large families - four, five, six - in a family. Families are kept away  the zombies can be created and dysfunctional conditions created - with smaller - units of a kind.

Try placing a Queen Set Bed in one of these small rooms - and see how much room - you have to move around.

The whole idea of the "greed" - put as many in these boxes and get the maximum.

The end result - if anyone lives in these type of surroundings - these human beings - to say the least - with be severely impaired - and for sure dysfunctional.

As far as having social skills - and enjoying life as human beings ought to - with lots of open space.

The reader can surmise - and the so called gurus delving in social norms, psychology, behavioral sciences - can further - adjudicate - and challenge their senses and thinking.

The Zionists and others who have been planning to grab all that is left to be grabbed are everywhere.

We have them in San Francisco - many holding positions at City Hall, entities such as SPUR - our so called Representatives in Congress and the Senate - always pretending to represent - but raking in millions for their campaign coffers - and personal accounts. Shafting the Commons - and the constituents - who keep electing the same "idiots" - the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Over 30,000 decent families have left San Francisco.

What does the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have to say?

What are they doing to keep families - do they care?

Do you think - for a second - someone like Malia Cohen can represent? 

Always grinning - trying to take on the National Rifle Association - not understanding the real issues at hand.

Always opening her mouth and shoving her dirty - foot in.

What decent person will dare operate a Wellness Center at Third Street and Cargo - with all the other SF Supervisors - more buffoons - looking the other way.

Daily - Monday through Friday - wheeling and dealing - the SF Supervisors taking money under the table.

Making deals - and when they come to the chamber - having side-bar discussion - and depriving decent San Franciscans - at Public Comment - allowing just two measly minutes.

The Mayor and others bragging about 26 cranes hovering and building tall buildings - that one day will come toppling down.

In the interim - thousands will live in these - life-less environment, creating monsters, with less feelings and even less emotions - sick to the core. 

The demons that push for such type of development are sick - and we know them - and we have witnessed their many ploys and machinations.

They have BLOOD on their hands - and history will judge their actions.

This is just a simple - clarion call - for those that have an IQ to discern, think well, and comprehend. Aho.