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Sunday, February 3, 2013


No one really knows the beast - a dangerous beast -  a beast like the Presidio Trust.

Especially; when you do not know the beast  - the best way - you can garner the facts and play safe - is stay away from what is unknown - that possibly - could adversely impact any entity - single or a group.

The Presidio Trust is such  - a quasi-federal entity that is the only type of its kind - in the entire Nation.

A smaller one existing in Washington DC - but, when it comes to an entity as we have seen in operation - a large one with broader tentacles -   the Presidio Trust is the only one - of its kind.

The Presidio Trust was formed in 1996 and a vision created:

The Presidio Trust will:

 *Preserve and enhance the Presidio as a National Park in an 
    urban area

 *Achieve financial self-sufficiency by fiscal year 2013

At that time - today few can recall the goals - but I was there - consulted - and so these were the goals set:

 *Tenants and programs to preserve natural, historic and scenic
   resources, and educational and recreational opportunities.

 *Sustainable community promoting ecological integrity, social 
   equity and economic viability

 *Full range of market rate housing for over half the people 
   working at the Presidio

Means by which the Presidio could become self-sufficient - failing that the Presidio of San Francisco - would be sold:

Renovation and Replacement over 15 years:

 *$275 million costs for renovations and infrastructure 
   improvements (Fiscal Year 1998 Dollars).

 *Revenue generated by leasing, Treasury borrowing and utilities

The End Result Envisioned by 2013 would see:

 *Transformation of the Presidio into an outstanding National

 *Models of sustainability

 *Private sector resources for Presidio funding

 *Broad public support for Presidio

I was part of the creation of the Infrastructure Group, the Maintenance and Technical Support Group, and the Real Estate and Property Management - before the Presido Trust was formed.

I chose NOT to work for the Presidio Trust - and went to complete my final years before retirement working for the United States Park Police.

I was also part of transferring valuable documents to the Presidio Trust, handing over the keys to the key buildings for use by the Presidio Trust at Simmonds Loop and on the Presidio Post.

Craig Middleton who is now the Presidio Trust Director - at least he was not too long ago - knows about me and should have a clear recollect - about the state of affairs. He once worked as an aide to Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

My years working for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco, the National Park Service and the United States Park Police - before my retirement - working in key positions - gave and still gives me - a better comprehension of the quasi-Presidio Trust and its current operations.

The Presidio is 1480 acres of land - once cared for and maintained to standards by the U.S. Army. We once had records of every tree bought and planted. The amount spent to build the one of a kind buildings - for example the 100 series buildings on the Main Post.

In the middle of the Presido stands the Veterans Administration Cemetery - where over 500 Black soldiers are interred - the Buffalo Soldiers who once accompanied the settlers to Calffornia.

The Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at the Presidio and took long trips during Summer to patrol the Federal Lands - one such being Sequoia Nation Park - and there is more.

Before the National Park was formed - the Army and the Buffalo Soldiers - managed the Federal Lands - and wrote the first Standard Operating Procedures - and handed them to the National Park Service in 1916.

This year after all those years; starting in the year 1998 - the year 2013 has arrived and the Presdio Trust has declared that it is making money - on the plus side - and purports to uphold its vision - time will tell.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - who is the minority leader; now, in the House - helped create the Presdio Trust - and has raked in  millions - which is nothing new - when one is aware where corruption - exists.

The large Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Institute of Research were torn down. Thousand of Army personnel and civilians have fond memories of these two institutions.

Thousands were cared for - many of the 58,000 dead passed through the Presidio and many wounded from the many wars - the Vietnam War - found themselves cared and recuperating at Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC).

Today, the George Lucas: Letterman Digital Arts Center - stands on the site - all brand new buildings with sprawling open spaces.

George Lucas went out of his way to preserve the one of a kind "ceremonial trees". Forks out in access of $5 million annually to the Presidio Trust in leasing fees.

The large buildings at the Presdio are managed by a Commercial Real Estate Company - the residential - by the John Stewart Company a good friend of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

The John Stewart companies rakes in millions - and does not have the respect of the tenants. Over 1800 rental units are rented - and that is a large pot of money.

By the 15th Avenue Gate - where once stood the Public Health Hospital - other sound housing - brand new condominiums have been built - and rented at Market Rate prices - mostly to the filthy rich -  those that do not represent the diversity of San Francisco.

The Commercialization of the Presidio goes on - stalled a bit - by the spiraling of the 2008 economic woes.

The Presidio Trust recently stated - that its economic health is good - and with that one bold statement - will move forward.

As in the past it will favor the rich; failing to attain one of its key goals:

Creating: " sustainable community promoting ecological integrity, social equity and economic viability".

The Presido of San Francisco is Ohlone land - and in 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone - exercised the ; "the Rights of First Refusal".

Not a single building, open space, nothing worth the salt - honor the Ohlone. A small exception - in some meager way - the El Polin Springs talks about the Indian maidens drinking of that water to increase fertility.

I saved one Shell Mound - a Sacred Burial Ground of the Ohlone on Crissy Field - but there are many others - Sacred Burial grounds.

Other sites which have left scars of torture, maiming - remains found and documented but no one speaks of these archaeological sites, less documents and the history that left the Presidio and San Francisco - pristine.

At the Chapel by the old Non-Commissioned Office Club - now the Golden Gate Club run by the National Park Service - there is a mural - that captures and speaks in some detail inter-actions -  between those that controlled the Presidio in the early days and the First people.

Bottom line; today the despots - others corrupt practicing blatant corruption - fail to openly acknowledges the First People - the Ohlone.

The thieves that stole the land - have numbed their hearts - and have corrupted their conscience. They have blood on their hands.

The Presidio Trust over the years - as does Congresswoman Nancy Pelsosi and her ilk - the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein - have never, ever once - have said or written a favorable statement in favor of the First People of San Francisco: 

Two very large batteries - the size of three and four football fields one near the 15th Avenue Gate - Battery Caulfield and Battery Howe-Wagner - speak volumes about how Whites pretend to care about a Urban National Park.

One Battery Caulfield - contains radiological waste linked with the Nike Missile operations.

The other Battery Howe-Wagner at Fort Scott - contaminated with remains linked to bacteriological  warfare and totally sealed.

Both these Batteries stark naked in the middle of a supposedly Urban National Park. What a farce and more putting hundreds if not thousands in harms way.

The motto of the National Park Service is to Protect and Preserve - the fact that these two Batteries - known to those in the inner circles - and the fact that no abatement has been done - speaks volumes.Corruption of the highest - order.

Initially, the Corps of Engineers was tasked with the clean up of the Presidio of San Francisco. I knew the Project Manager one David Wilkins.

When Congressperson was the Speaker and before that as Leader of the House - she initiated another plan - to help fund the clean up and fast track the clean up.

Coughing up; using her power - facilitating a $200 million clean up fund for the superficial abatement  operations.

The result many fuel tanks are still hidden in and around Crissy Field.

Many know about this - as I have pointed out the two Batteries and many hot spots are still left unattended - potential danger to those that are found at these sites - at the wrong time.

The least the Presidio Trust can do is abate and mitigate the toxic hot spots, the Asbestos abatement of many of the buildings at Fort Scott and stop raking in the millions and wasting it on - projects and amenities not in keeping with a National Park - Preserve and Protect -  in there - motto.

The Presido Trust in this "Union" City of San Francisco does not favor "UNIONS" and the workers who must be paid Union Wages - and many an employee has been targeted and fired.

Nancy Pelosi created the San Francisco Conservation Corps - that works hard - is paid low wages - and the youth from poor neighborhoods - exploited. Much like ther husband does in American Samoa.

If you visit the Presidio where over 500 Buffalo Soldiers are interred - you will not see the diversity that is seen all over San Francisco.

I served three Army Generals - none of them would be happy to see the once Presidio of San Francisco - turned into a Commercial Disney Land - where in fact on the Main Post - some buildings have been leased to the Mickey Mouse - operation. 

The superficiality of the Presidio Trust - combined with the National Park Service plagued with nepotism - does a great disservice to the rich history and contribution of Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

I know for sure what General Harrison would say - and for sure what some one like General MacArthur would say. Time reveal more. Aho.