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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The San Francisco Port Authority is an Enterprise Agency or Department - that must generate its own money - to survive.

The SF Port Authority has survived - for a long time - preferred to deffer its maintenance - and now is surrounded by deplorable, worn out, falling into the Bay - piers - pieces falling every day.

The 7.5 mile area is our water front - what San Francisco offers to our tourists who wonder - what is really happening here?

What really make the water front note worthy - and quickly take one away from the mundane - the material degrading state of affairs - are the natural surroundings.

The Bay waters, the many islands - Yerba Buena, Angle Island, Treasure Island -  the cities far way but looking at you and inviting - you look at Oakland, you get a glimpse of Marin County, to see South San Francisco and more - and naturally - everything look good and in place.

Then again - you look a few feet from you and wonder - something is wrong. It should not be but that is that sad state of affairs.

The piers ask for mercy; pleading for help - and you wonder - what human being would be so hard on them - and allow them to fall into the Bay?

They once stood tall and served - and many used their footings and foundation. History was made on these piers - and books have been written - about deeds, men and women - the Union strikes and more.

 Then, as if something drastic happened suddenly - humans turned their back - and let the piers wither away into oblivion.

Once the Bay extended up to Montgomery Street so say the historians - sunken ships and Ohlone artifacts have been found - before and in recent times - revealing what all happened during the Gold Rush and more.

Ghosts lie below the many Financial District tall sky scrapers - and the lie there for a reason - concrete jungles are prone to falling down - and in the end Nature and Mother Earth - rules.

Fat cats the likes of Richard Blum, Gavin Newsom, Willie L Brown Jr - others too many to mention - would not dare mention too may of these kind - would just tarnish the paper that the names are written on.

They come with their shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - and give drab speeches - laced with lies, bluffs, and convoluted logic - we can do this and that - but there is NO accountability and less transparency. Again and again in broad daylight - the SF Port Authority has been shafted by these good for nothing - useless - politicians.

There was a time I use to attend the SF Port Authority meetings - and so when I appeared February 12, 2013 after a long sojourn - those sitting as Commissioners - saw this brown skinned man and did not know what to make of him.

But I guess when I revealed to them I knew a thing or two - they were wondering - are there more of his type - and what would happen - if ever - more of his type attended the Port Commission meetings? Well the SF Port Commission is docile - pretending to know - and not forthright with its vision - because its lacks leadership.  The SF Port Commission must hold the politicians accountable - especially those that get into into - a pickle of sorts.

So from time to time - someone must rock the boat and - public comment -  be so direct at times - is the right remedy for the situation at hand.

We the public now watch the SF Port Authority proceedings on Television.

You never, ever see any opposition. Anything proposed - someone proposes - in seconds another seconds the motion - and just like that - everyone agrees.

If this is not the height of buffoonery - I just do not know - what else may or could be.

The SF Port is celebrating 150 years and a Black employee is put in charge.

She has taken this task - to create an ambiance where all - feel at home - Southern Hospitality - on the extreme West Coast - San Francisco. There is much to be exhibited - and some one must discern - chose what is appropriate and what will leave a lasting impression - on the thousands who will participate in the 150 year old - SF Port Authority - celebrations.

For years; on a person level - I stood early in the morning - much before 6 am met and shook hands with the Longshoremen as they came to pick their slips for work at the docks - now, more in Oakland. Years waiting for a ride or a bus to take me to the Presidio of San Francisco. At one 9,000 employees worked at the Presidio - and many of them drove - by the Ferry Building to work.

On paydays - many Longshoremen - so happy when they knew the money was good - and they could - share their hard earned bounty with family and friends.

The one elderly maintenance employee - Black - who I recently met - after years - and told me - he is still working. Good I said.

The SF Port Staff is unlike any - they do their thing - in some bubble - they have a dollar in their pocket and the expenses are in the thousands. They must hold their jobs - which they do - and then make do with little and pretend all is good.

Some how they have to figure some equity - as their buildings and what is worthy in some fashion - is tallied by values - as would 1929 - when for 5 cents you could buy a bag of peanuts - $5 could buy you a month's worth of groceries - for a family of four.

The Director Monique Moyer must brave herself and speak proudly that she loves the SF Port, its employees, and all the surroundings that come under her jurisdiction.

Often time she must  thank the Mayor of San Francisco and the many stooges - that for sure have their own interests - but little if nothing for the SF Port - from their heart.

So, it is commendable that poor as the SF Port is they forked out millions from their "raining day fund" - to prop by the interest of Larry Ellison - who is a billionaire and the America's Cup.

Larry, has his own island in Hawaii, his own helipad, has brought companies left and right, and still wants - concessions and contribution.

His logic I am bringing the America's Cup to San Francisco.

You indigents know some about sailing - but, watch me sail with my multi-million sail boat.

One of which unfortunately - by the way capsized - and took months to be fixed.

He that rides a high horse - has a steep fall.

He that proudly sails the seas - and thinks he can chop the waters at will - can drown proudly - but drown.

In the interim Larry's team the America's team was caught red handed - peeping at the opponents - trying to steal - secrets.

Much like peeping toms - the Italians and others did not like that - and took them to task.

Sailing I thought was a gentleman's sport.

Those purporting to be affined to sailing - purveyors of of a filthy rich sport - those who can afford - have time and money to waste - can at the least be - decent and play fair.

I once had a boat that belonged to someone who took care of it well. Four of us pooled our money - spent little money on it - got this boat for a bargain  the owner got a good - write off - that was 25 years ago.

I have fond memories of that boat - named Mustang I and there is Mustang II - both sisters - good to the the tee.

I spent my free time prepping her, cleaning her, sprucing her, making her feel good. 

hen two weeks latter the salt water would do to her - what it does to anything near it - and back I was at work - doing her as I did - time and time again.

Always trying my best to please her - much as you would anything you loved.

Getting some returns - like on 4th of July with friends - parking ourselves some in the middle of the  Bay and enjoying the fire-works. Family and good friends made and brought home made dishes - and everyone enjoyed.

I would on my many trial run - get close the piers and see it all.
What I saw was not pleasing to the eye.

Working at the Presidio and meeting environmentalists - I would be privy to leaking fuel tanks, the asbestos that is prevalent in all the old buildings, piers in bad shape, the famous Alito-Lazio case against the SF Port - that went some where - but still hovers - as to who with intent - caused bodily harm?

The Bay is beautiful and any time the ferry boat come near and approaches the San Francisco Ferry Building and you embark - you see the sky line and it looks so charming, you see nature and all that God made is beyond good, the blue green waters - remind you of peace and tranquility.

Unfortunately, so near the Ferry Building that was upgraded - seismically upgraded, a beautiful building, funds raised using State and Federal funds - it being a Land Mark.

Now so imposing - and so well occupied - with restaurants, office, this, that and the other - always filled with people - moving to and fro - not to many - but many enough - to say that is some activity and more.

Then you see the piers and that sight remains with you - when will they be fixed?

The San Francisco Port Authority has miles to go - and must think outside the box - its staff is praised by those that want to praise them.

Its leadership is beholden to the politics - corrupt Mayors and other have used the SF Port Authority as a tool.

Gavin Newsom had no clue how Oracle would take him for a ride.

Gavin Newsom is a JOKE - remember he wanted to hold the Olympics and situate the Olympic Village - in the middle of Hunters Point Shipyard.

He was serious - we had to bring the fact to the Olympic authorities - and remind them - the site was a Superfund Site - contaminated and more with radioactive elements.

The SF Port is poor - and must not subsidize Oracle and the likes of billionaires like Larry Ellison - yet, this is what is happening.

Our land mark piers must be attended to, fixed, we all are seeking urgent help.

Many of the piers falling daily into the Bay. The many reports on the dire help the piers need is there for us to see - but who will come to their rescue? Talk is cheap.

Oracle has got Pier 80 for free - and the perks the America's Cup promises are vain promises - some will come true - but others are general in nature.

It is like hoodwinking - and those those hold the empty bag - after years of waiting - will feel bad.

The politicians will say they tried. And then pretend they never, ever accepted to be taken for a ride  but inadvertently something happened.

Oracle will reply; " we are not about taking anyone for a ride - sailing is our forte!" Go figure.