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Saturday, February 9, 2013


There is chaff and there is good, clean, wheat - and the time has come to rid the rubbish - dump it where it belongs - and keep it there - until it is completely done - away with.

For years Amos Brown has tried to impose his will - acting as come czar as President of the SF Housing Commission.

With his removal a new era has begun.

But, that is not all - he had to be relived as President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He runs this organization - with his own henchmen and women - and has not further the better interests of this organization. Did not say a word - when our children and adults were bombarded with Asbestos structures - at Hunters Point  - from the action related to Parcel A.

Many of my friends and I send our contributions and donations to the President of NAACP - Benjamin Todd Jealous - to Baltimore.

Mr. Jealous will be receiving this article and can further pursue, investigate, and adjudicate what this one man - Amos Brown - has create for many - hell - in San Francisco.

Public Housing - most of it at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnydale, in particular - was built by the Department of Defense - and served families.

Large rooms, with many amenities - which Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - a federal entity - at one time maintained - before handing it over to the City and County of San Francisco.

HUD had written language so that tenants who wanted to own their units - could do it. This was done elsewhere - but not San Francisco. With intent - the good housing used a evil ploy called  "deferred maintenance" - to run down - tear down - to further ploys to build - "market price"  -housing.

With intent to further gentrification - remove poor people - the filthy rich call - "indigents" - and the sad part on this sordid history - mostly Black in the administration - prey on other - mostly Black people. 

When the San Francisco Housing Authority was created - after a few years - everything went down hill.

There are evil forces behind the scene who want to make millions - pretending to help the "indigent" as the call them - Black call them "poor folks".

The intent of the corrupt was to tear down and - build market rate homes - few units for low and no income, even less for those that need it - in the affordable category.

Even less for moderate income - and create in the near future - "gated communities". I have the documents - much as I studied the Disposition and Development Agreements - of other developments. These crooks are something else.

This land all of it was stolen from the Ohlone. I represent the First People from San Francisco - on matters - I am writing in this article. I have all the documents - complete with analysis done - and know that I am - talking about.

Some "House Negroes" as we call them - more sell outs - more Poverty Pimp Pastors - all Blacks - have been selling the community of years.

These men of the cloth - such as those now planning to build some units at Hunters Point - on Parcel A- a very contaminated site - the Tabernacle Group. This sordid group does not represent the community - and will be taken to court.

An entity from Oakland that was sanctioned by the Human Rights Commission - his certification suspended.

This man was warned that he cannot do business in San Francisco - has made his nest on Bayshore Blvd - at that Business Center - and wants to play havoc as he has before.

Touting he has money from Canada, here and there - he is a LIAR and I really do not want to - "out the rat" - but will.

Suffice to say - the Tabernacle Group - be leery of this - "rat" who lives in Oakland - on Butler's Road - is no sound developer and has a track record - of making trouble - big trouble.

San Francisco once had HOPE SIX - and that program helped some - but, again some took advantage of the poor - and others even went to jail.

The went to jail and shamed the Black community - for selling housing vouchers and committing unspeakable actions.

Snitches - snitching on those that once were friends - sending some old woman to jail. While the snitches still continue - bluffing, stealing, lying, and trying to do business when they should be jailed for a long - long time.

As usual when the investigation was done - most of those that were involved with the bribes - were Blacks.

It does not serve any purpose - to name them - but we do have a "rap sheet" on them.

If you name one - it will bring sordid memories - and glad those days and times linked with blatant corruption - are over with.

It all had to do with the SF Housing Authority. Mayor Ed Lee was once at the Human Rights Commission - and he knows it all - and   more what I am talking about.

Once as a housing advocate - he knows better - he even sued the City - the same City he now Mayor of - so - I say better walk the walk - and less talk the talk.

HOPESF is a new name - dealing with the same issues - those using HOPESF as a ploy - are devious and once again the pawns are those - who are poor and cannot - defend themselves.

People forget - history repeats itself - think about it - and those of you - that can connect the dots - quicker than you blink your eye - can fathom, comprehend, come to some conclusion - that it does not pay; to prey on the poor.

Especially those that cannot - defend themselves.

Bevan Dufty must not be the Housing Czar.

Right now he is there - and if he is there - and behaves and conducts himself as he does - pretending to serve while doing what the "corrupt" do.

Take orders and  follow the wishes of the same people that controlled - "Amos Brown".

It will be the same story -  this time around - it will be really in your face. The Mayor; Ed Lee - is warned.

Thousands of people have lived in Public Housing.

For some that was all they had - and for many families - generation after generation all they had was the chance to live in Public Housing.

Ask the Black and the Polynesian families and they will tell you.

Some of us that know this - do not want to speak to the truth - but that is a fact - history was made in all of the public housing - under very difficult conditions - and with that good - came the bad too. The bad later on - when opportunities were denied - and crack cocaine and other nefarious drugs introduced - by those that were outsiders - time will tell.

The developers are all ready to tear Public Housing - to evict the present tenants - Bridge Developers at Potrero Public Housing.

The John Stewart at Hunters Point - where the John Stewart has made a mess at Huntersview and there is more to come.

Moving innocent people in smaller units - where if you put a Queen size mattress - you cannot move around.

The John Stewart Company controls Phase I and Phase II of the Public Housing at Hunters Point - soon; to be torn down to build new inferior - homes.

The John Stewart Phase I was a disaster.

Earlier some months ago - some homes were burned down - few know this - fact.

Some elements who were treated bad - chose to display their anger - by torching some units. I guess the builder Nibbi Brother and Cahill - had to factor that loss - they are the primary builders.

The John Stewart Company already controls the North Ridge Cooperatives at Hunters Point.

Soon; the John Stewart Company will have control of thousands of units. More and newer units than Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - another one of those Property Managers - that continues to harm the community - at Hunters Point - by not maintaining the units - and harassing those that need help.

Olsen Lee a city employee - who has been with SF Redevelopment Agency - which is now defunct - as head of the Mayor's Housing activities - will have to step up and do better than he did - when he undermined the thousands at the Fillmore - also known as Western Addition in the 1970s.

Olsen Lee will hear you - but that is the extent of the matter.

It goes in one ear and out the other.

He has now created a nest - much like Bevan Dufty with HOPE SF - and Tiffany Bohee as Executive Director of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency.

None of the above have served the best interests of the people of San Francisco. The SF Board of Supervisors know this - but cannot do anything about it. The City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Chief of Police, the Controller, others that make salaries - pretend to have the better interests of the City and County of San Francisco - but really - do not.

The only one that had some guts was Ross Mirkarimi - when he held a hearing on the vouchers that were given to those that had to surrender their homes - when eminent domain was used to take away their homes in the Fillmore - under the former, despicable - SF Redevelopment Agency.

When asked what ever happened to the vouchers - and what happened to the thousands that were promised affordable housing - Olsen Lee - said that at some point - "all the documents went missing - when things were moved around".

There was no record - no list - where folks could be contacted - folks that once were given vouchers - so that they could move into affordable - housing.

If this was not the bluff of the century - I do not know - what is.

We have evil people in the housing business - where if you know someone - you can jump the line.

A lottery system that belies what is behind the scene - innocent people promised and left hanging in the air. 

This is what happened to me with the SF Housing Authority. A long time ago - some one told me - to put my name on the SF Housing list - at the time when Mayor Diane Feinstein was Mayor.

That was in the early 1980s - can you believe no one called me.

Latter; I went to work for the Presidio of San Francisco - and would meet many charlatans that wanted "Wherry Housing" and other housing at the Presidio.

These jokers all worked for the Mayor Housing at that time.

 I requested them to find out what happened to my status on the SF Housing List. " We will get back to you"  and they never did.

In the mid - eighties I visit the SF Housing Authority on Turk Street - the told me to sit down - with the others - all desperate to get housing. The treated the people with disdain. I was witness to the happening and when I told the authorities that - they did not like it.

Later around 1998; I was that the same building on Turk Street -
nothing much had changed. Women dressed like whores - walking up and down - doing nothing - but spewing hot air.

I was there to find out how the system works - and had called some one - who works there - to discuss the "Wherry Housing" and related issues.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr wanted to know - if we at the Presidio would hand over the housing - a crook named Marcia Rosen was the Director of Housing at the time. We had 400 units for rent - by Baker's Beach.

A 15 year lease was visioned - my visit in a different capacity - at that time in late 1990s - gave me an idea of the type of people that worked at the SF Housing Authority and the Mayor Office of Housing.

In the year 2004 Marcia Rosen was still around - now as the Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - lying, lying, lying - she lied so much - that she had to invent lies to cover her hundred lies. In the end - she had to resign.

We need a Clean Slate - and all these crooks that hover around - must go. We need people with expertise - decent people - who care to be fair and understanding, have compassion - more with accountability and transparency.

Henry Alvarez was arrogant - I would see him hanging with Millard Larkin - whatever happened to Millard Larkin - he was on the SF Housing Authority Commission?

Whatever happened to the only Polynesian - who use to sell out the community and still does? 

What has the SF Housing Authority done for the constituents of San Francisco - ask former Mayor Art Agnos!

Please do not fill the seat of the future San Francisco Housing Authority - will crooks that smile on your face and stab you in the back.

We have many of them - hovering around. And while you are there - revamp HOPE SF - lock, stock, and barrel.

Naomi Kelly; the City Administrator - you  can do it.

Mayor Ed Lee you can do it.

 This is the year of the snake - Chinese New Year - let us rid ourselves of the bad snakes - and bring in what is good with what the Snake and what the Chinese New Year - symbolizes. 

More information about the devious HOPESF: