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Monday, February 11, 2013


So, what is the City and County of San Francisco's clear cut position on the abatement, mitigation of Parcel E2 - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Does our fair City and the present administration - have a holistic plan?

Or is it business as usual - land banking - and getting some devious outside entities - to come in and control our population - and adversely impact us - all in the name of tainted - money?

The community at the many meetings - does not agree with capping the site - which is a toxic soup - and has serious radio active elements. I am talking about Parcel E2.

The community cannot take this chance - wait for the Big One to arrive - and adversely impact thousands of people.

Much like an atomic bomb - so close to a residential area. We do not have such a case - a similar scenario - anywhere in the Bay Area and may I add California.

Again and again during the many discussions held by the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) - an entity created by the Department of Defense First to facilitate and secondly to permit - dialog with the local community - on serious concerns - linked to Base Closure.  In this case - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - more seriously - being, a Superfund Site.

The community at large, doing its home work - has made it clear to the United States Navy - that created this mess - to clean up the radio active elements and other contaminants. Clean up the entire mess - and to a standard that is in keeping with Proposition P - passed by 87% of the voters in the year - 2000.

Also the Precautionary Principal which is on our City's Book. Simply put if we find any cause and know of anything that impacts life - all life - we must stop and find a solution to address the issue at hand. In this case the issues are many - and no one is look at a long term, holistic - solution.

Abate, mitigate, cleanup - all those fancy words the U.S. Navy may use - mostly hot air - but to date - no real action plan is in place to abate the most contaminated site - Parcel E2..

As the representative of the Muwekma Ohlone on such issues - I mandated that the entire - watershed be restored to its former state - the watershed once was pristine.

That is until the "strangers" came and screwed things up - in the early 1950s.

Mr. Keith Forman from the U.S Navy and his former boss Mr. Douglas Gilkey have been kept abreast about my views - on Parcel E2.

However, for some reason best known to Mr. Keith Forman - he thinks he can hoodwink the community at large from the Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco - by having his - "dog and pony" shows - and saying something - which means nothing - at the many meetings held. This nonsense must stop.

Again those astute in the community are fed up with the U.S. Navy - who has dragged its legs.

One Under-Secretary of the Navy - who under pressure from Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - pressured the U.S. Navy to convey Parcel A.

Before Parcel A was conveyed - the community at large - the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) - did not agree with the Record of Decision (ROD).

This important document that counts in any sensible transfer of property.

The community said - it did not agree with the ROD - many issues close and important to the community - was NOT taken into consideration.

Parcel A today is surrounded by Parcels B, C, D, E, E2 (which is the worst and very contaminated) F which is the Bay - and various other parcels such as UC and so on - all created by the U.S. Navy - to confuse the public.

Parcel E2 must be addressed - and we have the technology to abate this area - but, the U.S. Navy must stand by tall and do the right thing.

Gone are the days when the U.S. Navy could dump contaminated content in the Ocean, on land - just by giving one command - "jettison". Those days are over.

We have the ideal transportation to remove the " radioactive contaminants" put them into seal proof containers - and move them by rail and other viable - transportation methods.

Some of these methods have already been tried before.

The worse one by Tectra Tech hiring truckers -  plying trucks from San Francisco to States as far as Navada - contaminated soil sent there - to bury the radioactive contaminants.

Millions of dollars given to Tectra Tech were pocketed and before that for those that follow happenings - linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard over $300 million wasted - millions pocketed - by International Technology (IT) - and there are other entities in recent times -  it is all part of the nefarious - game.

Who is fooling whom? We are dealing with radioactive elements - and the scientists and experts - speak to the truth - but, no one want to hear - the truth.

No one gets a contract on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the very big - long term contracts - without contributing to the campaign coffers - the politicians - that is the name of the game.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi is the one who is first on the list. She should be ashamed of herself - she thinks no one truly knows - how these shenanigans work. She can bluff Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Amos Brown, Calvin Jones, and a host of other sellouts - most of them Black.

The City and County really does not care about Parcel E2 - exploding and causing untold harm. Or does it?

The City knows about calamity waiting to happen. The Mayors past and present know about it - but what they do not know it that they cannot wait for the Big One - to happen - when that happens - all hell will break loose.

There is a small window of opportunity left - time is running out - and if the City and County of San Francisco - wants to be fair to the community.

Sooner than latter - a plan - must be put in place - a sound Blue Print that has been vetted by those that know - the experts and we have them in our area.

These experts will help - facilitate the removal of the contents - well known to the U.S. Navy. The many advocates, the environmentalists (such as myself) - are fed up with the ploys and machinations linked to the behavior of the United States Navy.

This is a clarion call - do right by the people of Bayview Hunters Point - the 87% that votes when they read Proposition P. Do it ass soon as possible - time is running out - or forever hold your -peace.

Do not have these silly meetings at the YMCA on Lane Street - and constantly keep bluffing the public at large.

The time to act is now - and the U.S. Navy has already been approached - by some experts.

Experts who can make it happen - with all safety measures in place. It is not impossible - it is possible - but the U.S. Navy must show the fortitude - and work to make it happen.  Time is of essence. Aho.