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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Unlike many other cities in California - San Francisco from the early 1820s had a sizable Black population that did well considering the many hurdles put in their way.

Notable Blacks called Negroes in those days - had businesses, proven newspapers with a sound circulation, churches that were well attended, Blacks like Mary Ellen Pleasant who were visited by judges of the day - the movers and shakers in San Francisco. 

Unlike the Blacks that we have today - mostly sell outs the likes of Amos Brown, Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Sophina Maxwell -  a host of other despicable Blacks - that cannot leave a legacy.

Once they are dead - no one will remember them - scoundrels all - who have with intent filled their own coffers - and will leave an ever lasting stench - bad memories - for generations to come.

Back in the early early 1900s much before Rosa Parks - Mary Ellen Pleasant a Black - sued the streetcar company once in 1866 and again in 1868 - she had to have a white man witness the streetcar conductor refusing her a seat in order to win her case.

I bring these facts to the attention of the reader - because today's mostly House Negroes have fallen on bad times - tarnished their character - lack spirituality and are shallow - more spineless.

In the past Black leaders represented - today they pander.

The Blacks in past year - the late 1980s and early 1900s were well educated - and as I said circulated newspapers that many read and looked forward to.

Read the current so called Black newspaper - in comparison they are but a shadow of those glorious times - when Black women and men - were proud, stood proud - and made history.

The likes of Fredrick Douglas who debated President Abraham Lincoln and taught him a thing or two. Fredrick Douglas was a self educated man - in other words he did not do to any school. If you read his writings - you realize a superior, educated, astute in the understanding of his times. Much a as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of his times - the Father of modern Civil Rights for Blacks and people of color.

Often times I talk about the Buffalo Soldiers - over 600 of them all Black interred at the Veterans' Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco. Many Blacks in San Francisco in the year 2013 have no clue what I am talking about. And we should.

These all Black soldiers - all men of character - accompanied the first settlers to California. Not much is spoken about them to current Black children by their parents - because most current Black leaders are ignorant - NOT educated on issues.

The young and old Black politicians of today - are shallow - you see it written all over their face - the do not represent - they pander.

How can our young Black women and men - be proud of their culture?

Their Black heritage when the elders are busy raking in money, following the evil ways of the White men - and making a fool of them themselves busy indulging in eating chicken wings, bling, indulging in drugs and alcohol, demeaning women, chasing and making booty calls - wasting time gossiping - and not educating themselves to stand tall and do their Black community - proud.

When Amos Brown was removed from the Housing Authority - it was because of his arrogance - not because of his service.

When someone like Henry Alvarez was removed - he was fired because Amos Brown - fully knew of the on going corruption - and did nothing at all. Those who suffered most were Blacks.

It is like the Commission of Investment and Infrastructure awarding Willie B. Kennedy who is in her 80s - ailing, and literally on her last legs - a sum of over $800,000 to do outreach - linked the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with a Chairperson who is Black - and Tiffany Bohee who is half-Black - that encourage such demeaning actions and will contribute to the fall of Blacks and rampant - corruption and its eventual - downfall.

In the past the woman - Willie B. Kennedy has done nothing worthwhile.

The future does not bode well for her - with the BLOOD money she has in her kitty. When she passed away - she will be remembered for her blatant corruption.

Willie B Kennedy -  will have no sound legacy to leave - accept the wheeling and dealing - and the sadness of it all - contributing to the downfall of her Black community. Aided by Vincent Dorris and Vernonica Hunnicutt  - to other despicable Black women.

Go on Sixth Street - all over the Tenderloin - you will see former Blacks that once lived in the Bayview.

Living in deplorable conditions - crack heads and more - a sad state of affairs - no one Black wants to address the condition of these Blacks - deprived of opportunities - deprived of decent jobs - now left to die on the streets of San Francisco.

Victims of discrimination, lack of opportunities - gentrification. Aided by Blacks such as Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Amos Brown, Willie B. Kennedy, Al Williams and more.

We have a new breed of contemporary House Negroes the likes of Malia Cohen - who has chosen to pander - smile at anything - and spew diatribe - each time she opens her mouth.

Blacks of this caliber are a disgrace to the human race - and those that support her - and listen to her lies - must be leery.

All those Blacks that backed Lennar are now reeling in disgrace - the well is dry. The Chinese Development Banks has zero toleration - working with Blacks that cannot deliver. They have a lot of real experience all over the African continent. So when the sell outs line up - they will be shafted.

No one is paying - the may sellout Black - ever since the spiraling of the United States economy in 2008.

The bribes linked with Judas of our times - that same Judas that betrayed his master.

The many Poverty Pimp Pastors - are at their wits end - they seek money for free - and anyone who seeks money without working hard - should be ashamed of themselves.

Recently; we had a principal from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Middle School in the Portola District in San Francisco - sit on a young Black girl student. Some of us took a stand - the many sell outs - knew about it - but did nothing about it.

These are the same Blacks - very much interested in BLING, chicken wings, gossip, pretending they are something - when they are as shallow, spineless - and not worthy of mention.

Once in the late 1800s and early 1900s Blacks had their own schools, their own Churches - many have and some will be celebrating the over hundred years of good work - the early Black Pastors were good shepherds.

A far cry from them the present ones -  the likes of Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, and despondent - Amos Brown.

The San Francisco Planning Department has put out a small grant of $50,000 - the SF Planning Department after permitting the decimation of the Black population in San Francisco - now wants a report of some historic context about the Black experience - linked to its fancy wording of the situation at hand - Out Migration.

Much like the birds that migrate from place to place. First there was the Diaspora and now the Out Migration. Go figure.

There were many stellar Blacks as I have pointed out many times in my writings.

Full Blocks on Bush and Pine where Blacks owned the homes and lived a full life in the late 1880s and early 1900s.

Churches all over San Francisco that are over 100 years old - and a few over 150 years old - with congregations that were disciplined, worked hard, and were educated.

Astute Blacks that left their mark as businessmen and women, doctors, teachers, handymen, construction workers, engineers, bankers, politicians - one even ran for Governor of California.

The San Francisco Planning Department refuses to acknowledge the real presence of the Black contribution - much as it has erased the acknowledgment of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

There is nothing new there - with the sordid San Francisco Planning Department and I want John Rahaim to note - I mean what I write and will not write or say anything behind your back.

Many building built by Blacks over hundred years old - much as Washington DC was built by Blacks.

Much as the Pyramids stand tall and were designed and built by Blacks.

Today with all the Engineering - few dare build the Pyramids - that stand tall and remind all - that once there was a superior civilization and it was Black.

The rest of the world and more the Europe we now know - were barbarians, and many remain so - because of their DNA.

At the Presidio of San Francisco - the Buffalo Soldiers - had engineers - they worked on the Federal Lands and wrote the first Standard Operating Procedures - followed even today by the National Park Service.

The Buffalo Soldier contribute at the Presidio of San Francisco - building and grading many roads. And there is more - but I do not want to write a book.

Black historians the likes of Anthony Powell, architect Myles Stevens, the Ethnic Studies Department at State University with professors like Dr. Sirie McDougal, the Dean of the Ethnic Studies Department at San Francisco State University - Dr. Henry Monteiro - understand what I am talking about.

Blacks in the past - less today have taken a stand - and made history.

Less today because the present Black leadership is spineless - what can you expect from Willie B. Kennedy doing outreach for the the most corrupt - to further Development on contaminated land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that still belongs to the U.S. Navy?

Amos Brown always putting down those that need help - and furthering his own cause - and making a fool of himself? 

Aurelious Walker pandering to those like Malia Cohen - who rub shoulders with the most despicable - and live a life style that is not becoming. Malia Cohne is what she is - good for nothing.

The San Francisco Planning Department has not read the "Unfinished Agenda" - it has followed the Out Migration report - endorsed by mostly House Negroes that were on that committee - one worse than the other.

Passing some resolution on this and that - related to the injustices meted out to Blacks is not sufficient. 

Actions count - what have you done really and lately - to further and bring progress to the Black community in San Francisco - Al Williams?

You are always there where there is money - those interviews and rubbing shoulders with Dwayne Jones and Sophina Maxwell - take you and keep you in the cesspool.

These individuals do not have the best interests of humanity - and less of Blacks that need urgent - help.

San Francisco is a Racist City make no bones about it.

It does not help that we have Naomi Kelly who is the City Administrator - and who I consider a decent, hard working person. Her husband Harlan Kelly the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a good brother.

You have to take a stand and fight for what is right - do not permit anyone - to use you like a puppet on a string.

Blacks in position must take a stand and we have a rich history in San Francisco - that should shine - and can shine - but, you have to be educated on issues.

No Black worth the salt wants to take a stand for what is right - never mind - if it means making a sacrifice - in San Francisco - today.

Willie L. Brown will NOT be remembered as a good person.

May be as a "thug Mayor"  who still operates behind the scenes and I know too much about him.

Other thugs who went to jail and are his henchmen - now weakened by heart attacks and a mere shadow of their thug past.

Some Blacks have contributed in recent years - but not duly noted. In our schools the Whites continue to teach the same old history - no wonder in the ratings worldwide - we are 35th - when it comes to Middle Schools.

I talk to Black youth all the time - I do not like calling children - "kids" - goats have kids.

The Mayor of San Francisco has no clue about the history of Blacks in San Francisco.

The same old sell outs organize - and what they put on - is shallow - purporting to represent something worthwhile - as Black History.

At these shallow events they praise other Blacks in City government - more so that they can receive favors - on the front line - one always having his hand stretched - Al Williams.

The young brothers are watching - and we can deal with those that need to be dealt with.

The older generation the supposedly knowledgeable - have NO clue - so be careful - how you address and what you say.

You can say but do it  - for when you do it - you are a man. Any one can talk - we call them - sissies. We want those who can walk the walk.