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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Willie B. Kennedy past her 80 years must now retire - she just had a mild stroke and heart attack - carries herself slowly - and cannot possibly address nor comprehend the vast issues that are involved with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the on going machinations and ploys.

The Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure linked the to the Successor Agency Commission linked to the now defunct - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - the agency and the commission - must remember that this City and County of San Francisco - is a City of laws, decency, and that crooks and those that hoodwink the public at large - have absolutely - no place in San Francisco.

Today in Room 416 at 1 pm - at City Hall - the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure plan to authorize a Personal Services Contract to W.B. Kennedy and Associates to manage the Agency's Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee and the Successor Agency for a term of 39 months beginning April 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2016.

All this for a grand sum of $847,042 under Resolution Number 3-2012 before the recently formed Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure.

This resolution serves no purpose at all - and the amount of money stated - is a "waste of tax payers money".

Such shenanigans have been the rule of the day before - and must end - immediately. 

It is amazing how so many sell outs - the ones that did not say a word - when our children and seniors were bombarded by the Rogue Developer Lennar - continue to fabricated and come out with convoluted ploys - to fill their own pockets.

Willie B. Kennedy has long passed her days - and in the past ten years for sure - continues to try her best - and has failed - miserably.

It does me no good nor behove me to say more - accept to advice her to stay out of the fray.

The tasks linked with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are herculean  - are not for the frail of heart and may I add an aged invalid like Willie B. Kennedy.

" You tried helping the MACHINE - left BART to give your seat to Lynette Sweet. Was accommodate by the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Started making $75,000 for doing nothing much in the trailer by Dago Mary's - then moving in another trailer with the SF Redevelopment Agency, then moving into the Southeast Facility Commission. You now have completed full circle and are in a trailer - on the open space ground - at the Southeast Facility Commission Trailer - wasting your time - and raking in over $125,000 a year".

This new contract is a slap on the face of all decent San Franciscans. 

These old farts beholden to the MACHINE - mostly Black must fade and go away.

The Mayor, Ed Lee did well with Amos Brown - removing the the old SF Housing Authority Commission - and replacing it with new blood. That is the way to go.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the SF Hunters Point Shipyard just rubber stamps - and a recent article in the SF Weekly describes the many decisions made - tenants promised one thing and shafted again and again.

Over the many years - I have attended the CAC to the SF Hunters Point Shipyard - nothing much has changed.

A bunch of idiots meet - do not represent the best interests of the community at large - and have nothing practical and worthwhile  say at all.

 The CAC to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - justs rubber stamp - actions that the old now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) brought before them - and now will with the Successor Agency to the SFRA and the recently formed Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure.

After the President's Day holiday this meeting is held today - to carry on the devil's work.

Those in charge of our fair City are put on notice - doling out such vast sums of money is - blatantly wrong. More to a person that cannot do the work - and is handed this money - to fill her own pockets - $847,042 - what a waste of money.

Who really is behind this ploy - why is the tax payer made to dole out such vast sums of money?

We have hundreds of younger, brighter, well educated and hard working constituents - that want to do the real work and produce the best results. Why not give a competent person who is healthy and alert - to get this contract and contribute to our great, fair City and County of San Francisco.

Wake up Mayor Ed Lee - throw out the rubbish - bring in the new - and revive the current situation and issues - with the best.

Out with the corrupt and especially blatant corruption - that has ruined good will and keeps fostering divisiveness and blatant corruption.

A note to Tiffany Bohee from the Successor Agency - if you continue with such corruption - you will be taken before the Ethics Commission.

You were warned but you continue to do the devil's work. Here is one more case - trying to hoodwink decent, hard working - San Franciscans and there is more.