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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Thousand of small business - having taken the difficult route in our City to get themselves certified - waiting for that six month period - a requirement to get certified.

In the interim and on attaining the six month waiting cap - filling out - Requests For Proposals - and other documents.

Some lengthy - demanding bonding and security -  all the micro-businesses - the small contractors get - from the many San Francisco City Departments - is the finger.

There is a special - one of kind - COMMITTEE - created under the City Administrator - this committee - are bold to state that over 88% of micro-business - very small businesses - are not given opportunities - and find it difficult to survive.

So what is the City and County of San Francisco doing to help these small businesses?

In the mean time large PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS - have it all.

All they have to do is - give Platinum Consultants - some fee - and just like that - they can get a project - on a platter.

These PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS  cannot be touched - they do NOT follow the "local hire ordinances".

These large businesses, large PRIMES - have been given WAIVERS - and right now some investigation is going on - and those that created the mess - put on notice.

Employees of this City and County of San Francisco - certified to do their job - have been reined in - and told to - just stick to pushing the paper. Forbidding them to do inspections - even though they are certified - Compliance Officers. Many of them have come to me - and stated to me the facts.

If these hard working employees - go their Superiors - for doing the right thing - and report on the infringements - they are told to back off. All this in our fair City and County of San Francisco.

We had one instance and there are more - this one large company used the name of another company - to get all the benefits.

When the City employee - took the matter before a body to adjudicate the blatant infringements at hand - and found the "crooked company " guilty - the employee was targeted.

Is this what our City is coming to? You tell the truth and you are retaliated upon? Come on - give me a break! When has it become kosher to help the crooks - and crooks that have their evil finger - in every financial - pie?

The Mayor, Ed Lee knows about this cases - if not I can bring it to his notice. The City Administrator knows about this cases - but, has not done anything.

How can our small businesses - micro-business survive?

These PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS want it all - the paradox is that most of them are not from here - out of town - and have no - vested interests in the tax payers - that make possible these - large projects - from San Francisco and the near by areas.

This charade has been going on for a long, long time - and no one is doing anything about it.

Local businesses are fed up with this blatant - corruption - where folks bribe and get any type of large project and the crooked companies - with their large profits - laugh all the way to the bank.

This large companies - have the capability to make the large bonding required - $10 million, $50 million, $100 million, $500 million - bonding capacity.

As these Big Developers, Large Primes - have access to all sorts of money - tainted money from off shore banks.

Tainted money from the sale of drugs, tainted money from China - these scum of the earth - should NOT be allowed to taint our economy - many tolerating this sordid behavior; encouraging these evil entities - "filling their campaign coffers" - of the politicians and those that can grant them - favors.

Many are on the roll - and they have NO - standards, no morals, no ethics, no spirituality - and less a conscience - that is mostly, DEAD.

Why is our City following such a path - bragging about some 26 cranes in the sky - while innocent children, our seniors, other too frail from illness that can ill afford - sound health services - and DIE?

This is the City of COMPASSION - the City named after Saint Francis of Assissi.

The land belongs to the Ohlone - who welcomed the strangers - not knowing - that they would be the scum of the earth.

Create this concrete jungle that favors Market Price condominiums - and strays away from moderate income units - and less low income and low income.

You have employees in our City making in access of $250,000 - many of them - inept - and the only way they got to be where they are - is through the influence.

Some one the likes of a former Black "thug" Mayor - one person high on the list -  Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Willie L.Brown Jr. is known to place his "thugs" in position - then, with just one call - he gets what he wants. He is known to place Commissioners on City Commissions - that are despicable.

You have - the San Francisco Port Authority rubber stamping most anything that is voted on - you never hear anyone - dissenting.

It is the same with the Recreation and Park Commission - that is encouraging private entities to prey on the tax payers - and has taken control of our public open space and playing fields.

It is the same with the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - that works with the Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Recently granting a over $800,000 grant to an aged - heifer. 

The government of the people - more and more is becoming the government of the "thugs".

"Crooks" - folks that are dictatorial and do not want to hear from the Public at Large - anyone decent - pointing their mistakes - their faults - the lack of  comprehending simple things - which simply calls - for decency and plain common sense.

You take the matter before the Ethics Commission - and even there - no adjudication - worth the salt - is made. What are we the people to do - when a Commission that "we the people" voted to do right - again and again - does - WRONG.

Our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco is pandering - to folks that have large amount of sordid money - no questions asked - where the money is coming from - whether is it BLOOD money; from harvesting human organs - killing innocent people and harvesting the organs, selling drugs and investing the illegal profits, taking money from other unsavory entities - no one questions entities and sources that are - sordid.

In the meantime - thousands of micro-businesses are folding - better known as small business.

Investing their hard earned money and losing it all.

Fancy committees are formed - most members anointed - these members do not represent the community at large - the tax payers  are kept in the dark - when anyone - such as myself sheds light on these scumbags - all hell breaks loose. Aho.