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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It was deja vu all over again - the sell outs were given over $800,000 to carry out some outreach linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - by the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency.

All this happened at City Hall in Room 416 - the folks in charge the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - linked to to the Successor Agency to the defunct SF Redevelopment Agency.

In charge of the outreach one Willie B. Kennedy who has NOT done any meaningful outreach before - vying for this money.

Willie B. Kennedy was joined by fellow sell outs - each praising their own work - each of them - one worse than the other. Breaking all rules - each of those who testified were getting a piece of the pie.

This time around some key people were present - and the nefarious activity was duly noticed and jotted down - for future action.

Behind the scene is Lennar who is doling out this money - so that the Citizens Advisory Committee - rubber stamps - Lennar's dubious actions. At this very moment and for some months now - nothing much is happening on Parcel A - a very contaminated site.

Lennar announced some time ago that they had an agreement with China Development Bank - but after that one announcement - all has been SILENT on the Western Front.

The Chinese want to have it their way - and looking at the present state of affairs  the Chinese seem not pleased - when they are told we want their money to invest - but they will have to follow local ordinances and laws - like Local Hire, work with our Unions, and abide on the rule of the land.

When folks like Vincent Doris,  Veronica Hunnicutt ( who does not live in the community; and was removed as Dean of the Southeast Commission Facility), a representative of the A. Randolf Association who worked for Lennar and Proposition G - and interested party that should have recused herself.

Willie B. Kennedy herself - an invested person - getting the approval of the over $800,000 testifying before the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - all decorum, ethics, standards - were thrown asunder - and the naive Commission - proposed, seconded - and in a blink of an eye - the over $800,000 was approved.

Nothing much has happened, good - with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the fake Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) - that receives this money and cannot show a line item entry on how the money is spent.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - and it is the job of the United States Navy to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

With a CAC such as the one we have purporting to do outreach and inform people about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard nothing good will happen. These group has failed before an they will fail again and again.

Those testify were all  sell outs - they have no standards. While testifying these good for nothing folks - bragged that they give tours of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Who is their right mind would give tours of a very contaminated site?

The CAC itself has had meetings - not knowing that the area is contaminated - more with asbestos structures - all recorded - and on many days - reaching very dangerous levels - detrimental to one's health.

The CAC purports that they issue passes to people and contractors to come into the Navy Base - when no member of the  CAC has been trained to do such work. That type of work comes under qualified Security Personnel.

This charade has been going on for years - and the pity is all the culprits are Black.

In these group of sellouts, there is not - one single Polynesian, Latino, Native American, Asian - all of them live in the Bayview Hunters Point and all have been excluded. No outreach done to them in their languages.

There was one White who has a business on the Base - and he had it before these sellouts came.

Not one member from the community - the Bayview Hunters Point beside those I mentioned who had a vested interest - testified on behalf of the crooks.

It is shocking how Lennar has divided the community - and how the community has chosen - not to do anything. Even though they have been treated so bad - for so many years - they have just given up.

The only known organization now gathering some strength is the 
Black Leadership Council of San Francisco - who has been trying to bring the community together and address some issues.
This under the leadership of Dr. Espanola Jackson.

The sell out Blacks must feel ashamed of themselves,

With intent - taking BLOOD money and thinking that all will be well.

These are the same folks - who did not say a word - when Lennar bombarded our community and harmed innocent children, our seniors, and the general population at large.

Time will tell. The Commission on Investment and Infrastructure has a fancy name and this is the extent of their fame  and very short stay. At this rate they are looking for a worst disaster - than anyone ever imagined.

The sell outs will fade into oblivion - they just want the money to enjoy the few days remaining - most of them invalid - they cannot think straight less adjudicate on important - issues.

None of them have read the many documents that the U.S. Navy send to thousands - on contamination, on going mitigation and abatement. Methane Gas removal and other such issues.

The CAC to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - purports they send information to hundreds.

When queried if they have a list they say they have one - when queried if they can verify the addresses - they send the informational material to - and if  are really there to receive it - they were stumped.

When queried how the get the names on the list - they gave vague answers.

When queried if they can provide training and jobs - they had nothing much to say.

When queried about the Empowerment Center - a building that was put together for the community - when will this building that is closed now and not open for activities - they had no answer.

Nothing much has been going on Parcel A that comes under the jurisdiction of  Lennar a Rogue Developer.

The rest of the parcels B, C, D, E, F, and G and other carved out and named - all still come under the United States Navy.

The U.S. Navy is now gathering folks - from the community - trying to cap Parcel E2.

The U.S. Navy should really be thinking seriously to remove the contaminated contents and sent it to an area that accept such contents - outside California. There are such places that can accept radioactive elements and contaminated dirt.

The CAC and others from the community must stand united.

Everyone - must stand together to make this happen - the CAC with intent - is working on the side - rubber stamping anything it is told to rubber stamp - by crooks of the worst order.

The CAC to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is dividing the community.

The San Francisco City Attorney is asleep, the City Administrator was not aware of this money being granted when I brought it to her attention yesterday ( just happened to meet her on her way to the office).

The Mayor Ed Lee has no clue what is happening, the Controller too I doubt knows ins and outs - of these shenanigans.

What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco?

Willie B. Kennedy must step aside and go away - she simply cannot expect the City to dole out money - to help her sustain herself and her dubious ways.

For too long, have to many innocent people suffered - this is a crying shame. Everyone wanting easy money - our tax payers money - and tainted money that has been flowing for the last 15 years from Lennar - started with Roy Willis.

Wake up San Francisco.