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Monday, February 4, 2013


We in San Francisco take great pride in the 49ers - more when we think of Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Steve Young - each one has  their own list of favorite 49er football players - that have left their legacy - for all times.

In the 1980s and the 1900s many of us - old enough to witness the the five Super Bowls won by the 49ers - can go to the other side - knowing that in our life time - we saw the best of the best - that the real 49ers - had to offer - in the good old times.

Again and again it was not uncommon with some minutes left to play - Joe Montana would make a couple of long throws - caught by the excellent receivers - and oh la la - we made the touch downs - and rejoiced - and took these miracles in stride and grand plays - for granted.

Then there was a lull with the 49ers dealing with organizational woes - a crumbling stadium - we call the STICK. A complete re-organization of the 49ers - complete with new owners.

Some years ago the 49ers decided to build a brand new stadium - the ground breaking done with the purchase of land by Great America playground. The construction is half way complete - this stadium is situated at Santa Clara - some 45 minutes drive on a good day from San Francisco.

The old Candlestick Stadium - now known as the STICK - will be imploded - so they say - and with that implosion - the good old memories of the windy, chilly, Candlestick Stadium - will be history.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park could have maintained the Candlestick Stadium. The chose deferred maintenance - the result - a leaky, falling apart stadium - not worthy of a world class City like San Francisco. Former Mayors and others sat on the side line - pretending to do something - and did nothing - but blew hot air - diatribe.

Most of us were expecting the 49ers to win this time. In fact most of us were cocksure - but that was not to be. The 49er coach decided to take some chances - rather then make a direct run at the five yards.

Seemed he wanted the game to end with some spectacular play - something reminiscent of that Dwight Clark catch - thrown by Joe Montana.

The one with Jim Walsh - as our all time favorite 49er coach. May his soul rest in peace - you will be forever remembered - as a humble, wise, and the best coach - ever - by many of us - that follow all sorts of sports.

This LXVII Super Bowl - will be one to remember. For starters two bothers - John Harbaugh coached the Ravens from Baltimore   - and Jim Harbaugh coached the 49ers from San Francisco.  First time ever two brothers - coaching the two teams that made it to the Superbowl. Complete with their parents participating being interviewed and making this Superbowl - a super family affair. Kudos.

It will also be a memorable Superbowl - where after the half time; - the stadium - better known as the bowl - had a Black Out - at the famous Louisiana Superdome.

For over an hour - both teams had to chill out, warm up - while waiting for the lights to come on - play to be resumed.

Prior to the black out the Ravens were winning - it does not help to mention the score at that time - the 49ers were way down - but, the gods saw fit to darken the stadium - something that has never, ever happened before - and help give the 49ers - one more opportunity.

After this stall and sudden interruption - play resumed and before you knew it - the 49ers had two touch downs - and more.

It looked like the tables had been turned - the gods were now favoring the 49ers.

49er fans were tweeting in anticipation - looking forward to a big win - and one where the 49ers would come from behind to win. But that was not to be.

24 million tweets were reported during the LXVII Superbowl. 

Colin Kaepernick the 49er Quaterback performed as best he could in the given circumstances. So did Michael Crabtree and even David Akers the kicker - stepped up and did well.

Colin Kaepernick gave his best - even a 15 yard drive for a touch down.

With a few minutes left - the 49ers had the game - remember, this is the Superbowl - the very finals - that decides - who wins the Superbowl. We should have cut the frills - and made a dash - from the five yard line.

The final score the Ravens from Baltimore 34 - the 49ers from San Francisco - 31. History will record this game - with all its up and down - and the last minutes at the five yard line - we could have seized the moment and won - but, whatever the case - we made the moves - and it did not span out.

We can ponder in desperation - scream with anger - pull our hair - every coach must decided quickly - how to cease the moment. In this case - the coach did not - and we lost our chance for the VI  Superbowl win in the LXVII Superbowl. The rest is history.