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Friday, February 22, 2013


San Francisco is a very Racist City - make NO bones about it.

It is fun when you enter a room of mostly White people - and see those around you squirm - more, when they see a person of color -  a person who can stand his ground and teach them a thing or two.

Most White folks are not racist - many are - and those that really lead the "blatant racism chorus" are the Zionists. Stick with the word "Zionist" - to be politically correct - even though other words describe the scourge of many Nations - correctly.

Once despised by many Nations - these vermin have placed themselves in high places - they will smile on your face - and stab you in the back - again and again.

Ten thousand years plus this area we call the Bay Area belonged to the Ohlone - it still does - the bastard thieves stole it from the Native Americans - who I like to call the First People.

When it comes to history the Racist Whites - many whom I encounter - who think no end to themselves.

So drunk with greed and avarice -  all they care is about money - developing, cheating, bluffing and screwing up; those they prey on - what little we have - "pristine" - in the Bay Area and San Francisco - they want to control and destroy.

In just less then 300 years - what was kept pristine for thousands of years - they have destroyed. The Ohlone were here for more than 10,000 years - we have carbon dated - empirical data on this very fact.

It does not help that some Chinese - always known for  living within their means - misers or stingy - saving every penny - trying their best to survive and they have - for centuries.

China Town was once despised - now, most every tourist likes to go there - more for curiosity sake - and that bares well who want to test the grounds and see things for themselves.

Whites is San Francisco - wanted to burn China Town many times - other forces mostly the U.S. Army stepped in and offered - solutions. History has recorded such facts - but, not in a manner - to enlighten the minds of every constituent in San Francisco.

Today - opportunities once denied the Chinese - American Chinese or otherwise - have permitted the Chinese to hold some high posts. The result power has gone to their head.

You see plain and clear - they lack the etiquette, they find themselves; slow to accommodate at western dinners and some functions - where someone may ask them - out of the blue - "have you eaten snake meat?" - or spew some diatribe that can be insulting - but most Chinese remain cool under fire - and I have seen this again and again.

Of course  some one may say; quickly - who has some long forgotten roots - in China of yore -  many may be second, third, or even fourth generation - Chinese - who now are deep into fast food and less into any noodles and stuff like that. By pass and ignore remarks that are demeaning.

Chinese from Mainland China, Chinese from Taiwan, from Peru, from Burma, and from places that most do not know - but we have them here in San Francisco.

Then you have Chinese from Vietnam, Malaysia, and a host of other countries - where they escaped to settle - and are now here in America as immigrants - to make money.

Many refugees who went through horror to survive - the boat people - but now money and good living has them thinking otherwise - power has gone to their - head.

Instead of contributing to the American legacy - bringing it down to the standards of those in China and other despicable Nations - those nations that are dictatorial and treat their citizens with utter disdain - there must be another - route.

Of course one must be politically correct - but, not when we are invaded with folks with a screwed up mentality, selfish to the core and more inclined like the Zionists to have all to themselves. More they have no clue about etiquette, less manners, less fortitude - and will sell their mothers for a nickel.

The Chinese could try to help the First People - but in recent years they have joined the Racist Whites - is their quest to make big money - quickly.

The result is that soon - when the economy takes a "right about turn" - they will will their partners in crime - learn first hand about etiquette. fair play, decency, compassion - failing to respect the First People - the culture linked to the Great Spirit, the land on which these "strangers" make their abode - it should NOT all be - about blatant greed. avarice, jealousy, and corruption. But it is and very sadly - so.

The Chinese are everywhere - and recent studies reveal - that billions of dollars have been stolen - in cyber thefts - and many of them 'moles" - placed right here in San Francisco - aiding the Mainland Chinese - in these dubious activities.

Many of them at City Hall - they will be uneasy - but let me make it very clear to them - you are being watched.

The Chinese - Mainland Chinese - will always have some convoluted connection with those they have left behind - we saw this again and again - when I was in the Army; in my many travels all over the world - and now very clearly - in the many wheeling and dealings - that has adversely impacted our Nation.

I have tried my best to maintain my respect and relations with key Chinese leaders in San Francisco.

Helping thousands of Chinese immigrants all these many years. In recent years the blatant corruption among the Chinese leaders - knows no bounds.

They have recently learned to vote - but, for all the wrong reasons. Good politicians serve and represent - not steal, further corruption, and bring disgrace to our universally, respected - constitution.

At the few chosen events I attend - the Chinese leaders will come to my table - and state - " you always speak the truth" - " you fight for the people ".

Yes I do - but, that that does come easy - and one has always to be ready and watch for the vultures - the worst being - the Zionists.

Our government of "we the people" is a far cry from the government of China - where the rascals will harvest human organs from dissenters - take you somewhere torture and kill you - for speaking your mind - more taking on - the Chinese corrupt inhumane government.

We see elements of this in our City Hall with the President of the Board - David Chiu. He has been warned many times - but, he continues to act - dictatorial. Depriving constituents from the three minute minimum speaking - and giving you two. Soon it will  be one and then  - none.

We in San Francisco must be leery of the junkets - politicians from San Francisco and more from City Hall - take to China - China will fall - and when that spiraling fall takes place - hell will break loose in China. 

The Chinese have been on a rampage to steal international proprietary property breaking all international rules, make money, produce for the sake of producing, using cheap slave labor and adversely impact the environment.

Filthy practices like scooping cooking grease from gutters - that is recycled and used for cooking - all over China. 

Filthy condition in the manufacturing of cat and dog food - laden with lead and other harmful elements.

The Chinese love producing cheap and inferior products - that we  in American permit to be imported - where once we prided ourselves - to produce quality products - at home.

Our American colleges and university have opened their doors to many - and the Chinese have come and made full use of our system. Gone home to China to foster - piracy.

In the bargain - because of outsourcing - and other despicable practices in our industry and industrial growth - our Nation's leaders and corrupt businesses - have destroyed our economy and our middle class.

Used derivatives, hedge funds, sub-prime loans, and today other fancy despicable trading practices - to destroy pensions, saving, the once respect 401 K savings. The Chinese in particular pride in these shenanigans and must not be - trusted.

In our colleges and universities we see an increase of Asians including Chinese and Indians from India - making the grades - topping the grades in the many classes - mostly in Science and Mathematics.

American students lag behind - and now it is common to take things for granted - and things are changing in the political realm - more with the Zionists in control.

Those making the grades - joining the ranks - being used as fodder - to perpetuate the evil plans of the Zionists - be it in Huge Development, Research and Development in the many fields - engineering, medicine, logistics, military weapons, marketing and so on.

Corrupt forces with ulterior motives - developing, policies, and the gradual elimination of the Middle Class - in America.

You must know to read and connect the dots - but if cannot - these bastard, corrupt - politicians - we take you for a ride.

Right now those you see in power at City Hall - behind close doors are making all the devious, corrupt, ploys and machinations of the worst order.

Wake up America and wake up San Francisco. 

Pier 70 is contaminated but Big Developers care less - they will cap the millions of tons of coal tar, the two very toxic hot spots - linked to an Ammonia spill, lead, mercury, fuel spills and more - from the World War II industrial activities - Forest City or whatever their name - could not care less - they are a thousand times worse than Lennar - the Rogue Developer - that is going - nowhere.

The laughing jackass Malia Cohen could not care less - she will sell her soul for a poorly cooked stale chicken wing - and some stale greens.

Parcel A on the Shipyard is contaminated - and the Chinese Development Bank - has heard the first salvo - and I am glad the Federal Bureau of Investigation is monitoring them.

On the National level we must rid any Zionist who sits on the Intelligence Committee - pretending to love America and selling our secrets to Israel. You all know the hag I am referring to and there is more.

We must stop selling any or our American researched and developed military software or hardware to Israel - and the billions we give them - must be spent at home.