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Sunday, February 24, 2013


We have folks in our City and County of San Francisco - bragging to look - high up in the sky and count the 26 or so cranes - building mostly Market Price housing units.

Many of them cannot look beyond their noses - and are so full of it - pathetic. When will we have the fortitude - to be good leaders that represent - and do right by the people. We do not live in a land of dictators - like China and the many other countries that harvest organs, silence free speech, and always put down and segregated the poor and those that need help.

When a City begins to target the senior and the children - then; for sure something, pertinent is missing. A Wellness Center in the middle of a very toxic environment - proposed at 3450 Third Street - when a few block away at Mission Bay - a State of the Art - Women's and Children's Hospital is being built.

On the ground that we walk on - with all the Bond Measure money already in place - our roads are in very bad shape.

A select contractor has been taking his time - and the bread crumbs - thrown to others - on sites that are difficult to asphalt. The Bond Measure to repair, upgrade, and maintain our roads - is moving - like a snail - and when it is fully complete - only those - faint of heart will witness the miracle.

 Just look at the state of the road on Van Ness - right by City Hall - which should represent our FAIR City and County of San Francisco. Further down by California - the disabled cannot even cross - cracks so wide - the walking stick falls in - and the seniors fall down - with heavy traffic and those drivers - amazed at the State of Affairs. Wake up San Francisco - we can do better.

For years we have been LIED too - over fifty percent (50%) of our MUNI buses - have NO cameras. Does that compromise our health and safety? We all who pay our taxes want to know.

I spoke before the Municipal Transportation Agency - and that Commission of sorts that pretends to paint a rosy picture. They were stunned when I gave them - some facts - but, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Crime on MUNI buses has increased. People are told - the cameras are working - they are not. The Controller's Office better work harder and faster - before the documents are posted - on line for the entire world to see.

MUNI continues to waste millions of dollars - $20 million on the replacement of new cameras that do not meet standards. Another $30 million on light rail cars - that are in storage.

In place software and communication system that is antiquated. If the specs are posted on line - the world will know - how we brag about being a - "world class city " - but that is a BIG LIE.

Where is our Mayor on this one? Where is our City Administrator on this one? Where are our dumb SF Board of Supervisors on this one - leading the charge to praise MUNI - Scott Wiener?

Crime is on the increase and as much as you bring it to the attention of anyone - nothing much is done?

Our seniors and those that cannot defend themselves - assaulted - you come to your car and it is no where to be found. 

You go home - your sanctuary and someone has invaded your home - how does it feel to be violated?

More and more home breaks-ins are so common - that thousands are thinking of leaving - San Francisco. Good citizens - who have contributed so much to San Francisco.

Unlike the newly arrived wannabees - that are totally engrossed in their own petty - self engrossment - of the worst kind.

Over 10,000 chronic truants - youth - that should be attending school - and here we have goof balls - counting the cranes in the sky! Youth sleeping here, there - everywhere crashing - and among them many - queer youth.

What has Bevan Dufty the new Czar of HOPESF to say?

Go and visit any City in the world - if you see some law and order - some governance worth the salt - it is about sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Right now - we all know there are not sufficient Affordable Housing units for the poor, the low and no income - those that make it - pay check to pay check.

Yet; the crooks, those that do not care about the COMMONS - are working round the clock - with the many CRANES IN THE AIR - bending backwards to create Market Housing.

One bedroom renting for over $2000 on an average - 2 bedroom renting for $2800 and these are conservative - figures.

The Mayor - Ed Lee was once an advocate no more.

Twitching his moustache - wheeling and dealing - spewing diatribe - tons of words and nothing concrete following the empty promises.

At this time, all Mayor Ed Lee cares about - how his campaign coffers - are being filled.

Be it from the UNIONS who are beholden to him - the Big Developers - the likes of WEBCOR, SWINERTON, CAHILL, NIBBI, TURNER and so on - one worse than the other.

For a fee - with Platinum Consultants - other to dubious to mention - one can get anything on a platter. Time is on the side  of those that DO right - those that are nefarious - will be dealt a heavy blow - by forces that are beyond petty ordinances - and frail to stand by eternal principles that cannot be spelled - less - written. Even less understood by the immoral, unethical, sordid to the core - steeped in greed, lack of compassion - liars and the like.

For years now these BIG DEVELOPERS have not been monitored - they have not given jobs to small business - 88% of our small businesses are starving.

We must find out - who is giving WAIVERS to the Big Developers - and the real damage that it has done to our economy.

I attended the Committee formed by the City Administrator - trying to bring some law and order.

But even as this is being attempted - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has been by passing the Committee formed to address the issues pertaining to Local Business Enterprises, any Small Business - bringing disgrace - to our fair City and County of San Francisco.

We have folks like Juliet Ellis now pretending to know about Construction, pretending to know about Community Choice Aggregation; having dealing with the sordid Shell Company.

Pretending to know everything - when she is for a fact a novice - and has been DICTATORIAL - in her manner - not educated on issues - and has no history of our fair city.

Juliet Ellis has hired - folks that she knows - mostly from the East Bay - this is nepotism. And they say there is a hiring - freeze.

Depriving San Franciscans and those that know more about San Francisco and the workings of the SF Public Utilities Commission - from getting jobs.

Juliet Ellis must be told - not to be defiant - and if she continues to act - in that manner -  she will FAIL. Much like the other House Negroes.

Recently a contractor who bid and was given a contract at the Southeast Sector Commission Facility Center - walked away - and this one contract - speaks volumes.

Juliet Ellis must figure out what she wants to do - stay in San Francisco and follow the laws - abide by the contract signed - or choose to leave San Francisco - go somewhere - may be the East Bay - where anything and everything - goes.

As the Assistant Manager of Communications - Juliet Ellis has no real knowledge of Legislative matters - less of Contracting - even less of Construction - vertical or horizontal. 

hose working under her are puppets - and she keeps stepping on the toes of so many people - that now - this situation is beyond - control.

That is what happens when someone jumps from the SF Public Utilities Commission as a Commissioner - is favored by breaking the rules - anointed  an Assistant General Manager of Communications - Juliet Ellis is not qualified for that job - at all.

The community leaders in the Bayview Hunters Point are ticked off - and leading the group - Dr. Espanola Jackson.

Anyone knows - if Dr. Espanola Jackson gets ticked off - you better watch out. I tried by best - having patience with Juliet Ellis - but she simply does not get it.

Anyone can pander so much; and get away with murder - and so may be Juliet Ellis should sit down with Tony Winniker and have a nice talk.

Pay to bring back Laura Spanjian - and learn a thing or two. She woman simply does not get it - hiring folks that do not know anything much about the Southeast Sector - and less about Bayview Hunters Point.

Sit down with City Administrator Naomi Kelly and have a nice talk. Sit down with Mayor Ed Lee and have a nice talk. We do not want rogue, dictatorial, wannabees trying to hoodwink the public at large - with gimmicks.

The Community Choice Aggregation as it stands today - with the involvement of Juliet Ellis - the fake survey - and the nonchalant manner the staff under Juliet Ellis - behave - is not becoming of any decent, astute - City Department.

Be it under the jurisdiction of the General Fund - or as we have it the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - which has been spending money with the Primes - and depriving the small contractors - by NOT giving them opportunities.

We are happy that a new Assistant General Manager for Infrastructure has been appointed.

All matters - directly or indirectly linked to horizontal and vertical construction - be it the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP)  - Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - should be totally controlled by the Assistant Manager for Infrastructure.

The community and I attended the meeting where the Community Benefits was discussed. Again suffice to say - the newly appointed Manager - appointed to handle Community Benefits - linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - was aghast - and this is just the beginning.

Some of us want to help the SF Public Utilities Commission - I proposed to "niche projects" - it took us over one and half years - to put them in place. Once in place - all sorts of unsavory folks jump on the bandwagon - and it is amazing how these folks behave.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has adversely impacted the Bayview Hunters Point - it has adversely impacted the entire Southeast Sector.

We now have a huge OUTFALL pipe - near Executive Park - going into the Bay - spewing secondary effluents - or so they say - but no one knows. We have the folks that are supposed to do outreach and have NOT done anything.

We have rouge officials who have been truck contaminated soil into our residential area - and when caught red handed denying that they are breaking the law.

We have WEIRS totally dysfunctional and these must be repaired. We have METHANE  gas spewing all over the place because of the SFPUC - and they are dragging their feet - because of leadership.

We saw SFPUC go downhill with Pat Martel, we saw it go into the cesspool with Susan Leal - we now see it with the many like types - one worse than the other. Where are the men with balls - and why do we have to pander to those that have no experience - and pity one against the other - to rise up the ladder.

Where are our standards? Where are our morals? Where are our Ethics? Who the hell bring these vermin into our community - to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture - without our permission.

We try to intercede and bring peace - we try to advice and think they will listen - but, they think we have no power. Let me tell you people power is there - and we are watch you all - like a hawk.

Do right and by the people - or take a hike. You have a choice.
Never which politician - losing his sight - has your back. We can see - so far - and what we see - are wrong by folks that do not understand our community and less care about people.