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Thursday, February 21, 2013


San Franciscans are astute - yet again and again - we are LIED to. Does it come as a surprise to those that pay our City employees and those in charge -  who must  conduct themselves having standards - protect our constituents - abide by strict standards - linked to health and safety - FAIL.

Well, for the longest time ever - we all have been taken for a wild ride. A wild goose ride.

Those of us riding MUNI - now have empirical data - that half our MUNI buses - do NOT have cameras that work.

MUNI employees who are decent and have a conscience have complained - but there has been no urgent response to do anything.

A couple of employees and a contractor have taken the matter to the Ethics Commission - there has been NO response - to take the culprits jeopardizing our safety - each and every day - to task.

Mayor Ed Lee knows about this but has been asleep at the wheel.
He is having fun with TWITTER and busy looking at the 26 Giant Cranes - that are hovering our City. We want more people to live in our City.

We want them to use Public Transportation - being as the idiots say a Transit First City - but the fact is - it is dangerous to ride our MUNI buses. They not only are not on time - but, you need to careful - each and every time - you ride MUNI.

You have some gremlins - that wear the yellow jackets - I call them the "yellow hornets" - they are always found at some CAFE having a good time. 

At some MUNI stops - at times - you will have 8 to 10 Safety Officers - checking on the passenger - fining them if they have not paid their fares.

How about fining MUNI - for accepting the money to place cameras that work - and failing to do so. Putting the lives of innocent people on the line.

Is the City and County of San Francisco - asking for trouble - are we bragging that with our $6.9 billion budget - we have DEEP - pockets? What are we saying - when for years - in some case five years - we have no cameras on our MUNI buses on some lines?

Ed Reiskin the MUNI General Manager - knows about this - but still continues to trust the scoundrel - who has been lying to the General Manager.

Enough is Enough.

The matter has been taken to the Controller - complete with empirical data and correspondence.

Again and again; it has been pointed out to those that make policies -  who are in charge of our safety on the MUNI buses - the something serious has been treated in a nonchalant manner. The safety and health of those tax payers who have been riding our MUNI system - San Francisco's failing public transportation system.

 Who is going to do something about this blatant corruption?

A young man was beaten up on a MUNI bus - and we could not do anything - why - because the cameras were not there - when we need them.

A young Chinese couple where beaten up on a MUNI bus - the Mayor knows about this - whey we tried to find out if there was a camera on the bus - there was no camera there - when there should have been one. Why did this couple have to suffer?

An elderly woman was pushed and there was no camera - to see how this senior was pushed - on purpose. Are we going to haul witness to court - whey MUNI is failing to do what it has to do.

On some lines - passengers packed like sardines - many other who have not taken a shower - riding with others - who cannot stand the stench - this is becoming a common occurrence - who is doing something about this? Health is a big concern - and our MUNI system is not addressing - cleanliness.

MUNI buses that have not been washed and clean for weeks on end. Some one must do their job - and please do not brag about being a "transit first City" - when you do not know - what you are talking about. 

One Metropolitan Transportation Agency Commissioner a White woman - was bragging about MUNI being safe - I think she lives on another planet.

This after hearing some Commander from the SF Police Department bragging about some fake statistic. Again and again - the SF Police Department has FAILED - on it statistics - an antiquated system - that is just being tweaked. 

When it comes to MUNI SAFETY and the many incidents that take place - the reporting of the incidents takes time - for the Police Office to respond takes even longer - and all in all when you want an incident report - forget about it.

People get assaulted on the MUNI bus - you call the police - they take forever. The MUNI bus stops - and the victim - who was assaulted is blamed for the delay. This happens every single day.

Rarely do you see Uniformed Police Officer from the SF Police Department on the 14 Mission line, the 9 San Bruno line, 30 Stockton line, the 38 Geary line, the 29 Sunset line, the 44 line - the 54 line - the lines that matter - where the bad guys -continue stealing, assaulting, insulting - those that cannot defend - themselves.

The reporting on incidents in pathetic - so many incidents happening on the MUNI buses - linked to assaults, violence, stealing valuables, threatening innocent and decent people has grown - by leaps and bounds - in the last five years.

Thugs and filthy folks who have not taken a shower in months - intimidate people who pay their fare - an there is no one there to take care of business.

Supervisor Scott Wiener loves to talk about MUNI - but, he has no clue - of the blatant corruption - poor service - that can be exposed complete with empirical data.

MUNI is wasting millions of dollars as it has - on its Maintenance Building closer to Third Street and Marin - projects like the Central Subway - which will come to haunt our City and County of San Francisco. A $1.7 Billion project - that started as a $600 million dollar project, moving to $900 million - now $1.7 Billion - and that is only the beginning.

However, what is of paramount importance is the health and safety of San Franciscans, our tourists, and those elderly and frail that put their lives on the line - when they ride MUNI - our failing public transportation system.

The MTA Commission has been carrying on business - as if they are some dictators - lying to the public. One or two of the Commissioners - arrogant to the core. Full it it ....

MTA Commissioners keep screwing the taxi drivers - dipping into the taxi drivers' trust funds, selling their medallions to the highest bidder, chiding the taxi drivers who work hard and need some respect.

When we asked that our youth get some support - with student fares for the poor - there was a hue and cry.

But, every single day MUNI is found wasting money, blatant corruption, Over Time given to some as if there was no tomorrow.

Willie L. Brown Jr - a former Mayor - once bragged he could put MUNI on track - in 100 days - he could not.

Even though he was a "thug Mayor" of sorts. He ended up bring the MUNI Union employees together and giving them a permanent scar - shafting them royally - creating a two tier system. 

The senior MUNI drivers get all the benefits - the ones that come on board recently - the chaff.

Remember Mayor Jordon - he took all the money that MUNI was supposed to spend replacing new buses - and bought the SF Police Department new police cars. He did that - without any thought. Deferred Maintenance and replacement of our MUNI buses on time - and created the mess - we have today.

We buy buses from entities that go out of business - some in Contracting raking in millions. Then our  MUNI Maintenance Shop - and the MACHINISTS who are never, ever mentioned - are busy making spare parts - to keep our aged MUNI buses - rolling.

MUNI has always stood out for being incompetent - when it comes to POLICY making and sound OPERATIONS.

The MUNI PLANNING Department is the worst.

We know the software to run the light rail is not compatible. That means daily - we take a chance - on accidents happening - and they have. We cannot expose MUNI - because the fools would suffer - added consequences - from external entities that do not have our better - interests.

The main point I am making - when you go to MUNI and explain - that they have a serious problem - the bastards - will not listen - they are arrogant - especially the White guy with a a ear-piece - who thinks he can do as he pleases.

A $20 million camera replacement project is going hay wire - and MUNI is scrambling for answers.

Some 1000 new MUNI buses will arrive - without a sound camera monitoring system - and time is running out. MUNI daily is dumping good money - over bad decisions - while some favored CROOK - is making money. 

The Mayor Ed Lee has known about this - but cannot do much. 

The SF Board of Supervisors could not care less.

The City Administrator is kept in the dark - she should be talking to the City Controller.

Ask him to share the information they have now - just the tip of the iceberg - and there is more - fodder - for those that can chew and ingest. 

The constituents of San Francisco - the tax payers are shafted again and again. While the scumbags go Scott Free - doing what they do best - raking in the millions and stealing and abusing the tax payers - money. Disrespecting those that must be respected. Enough is enough.

Wake up San Francisco! You really do not want some journalists to take you to the cleaners?