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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

The rolling hills of San Francisco - with over 62 hills that were now some demolished and others topped with buildings..

The Ocean Blue on one side - the land itself now called San Francisco - surrounded on three other sides by lots of water.

The Bay before the strangers intruded on this hallowed land - six times and more the size than what we visibly, see now.

Most of it covered by poor infill - fake land to satisfy the greed of those that always want more.

Climate Change will take care of that all and more - it is just a matter of time. High sea level change - is rapidly claiming what once was sea, ocean, and so be it. Nature always win and has its way.

The Bay will rule supreme with high rises we see today - sinking into water - no more in less that 30 years.

The high rise buildings and more -  will come toppling down.

To the naked eye - you will see lot of water - and below to behold - that once stood tall but when that comes to that day - no more. Greed knows no bounds - Mother Nature can deal with the greed human - in more than one way - as history has revealed to humans beings - again and again.

The many rivers such as the Lobos Creek that now just trickles as a faint reminder of what once was - so visit it by the Presidio of San Francisco and Baker Beach - while the going is good.

The El Pollin springs in the middle of the Presidio of San Francisco - at Mission Dolores underground a river still runs - and reminds us of the past. You hear it but you do not see it much.

The scientists still wonder about the watershed that was preserved for thousands of years in San Francisco. What will come of the large expense - underground - from the Presidio and Mountain Lake to Lake Merced.

Now, the evil San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - the contemporary "thieves" want to tap into this large mass of water, the water shed.

 Adding the water from the watershed to the contaminated Hetch Hethcy water - that once was pristine - but now has other elements - pollute it - more during this severe drought - in its fifth year.

This year being the fifth year - since the drought has brought many to the knees - 2015.

Our climate, even now is the best ever - the fog rolls in - a natural air-conditioner - and with San Francisco surround by water on three sides - no one could have planned it better - than God - and this and more was the land of the Ohlone - and they kept it pristine.

The San Bruno Hills by my office that I glance and ponder - even as the fog makes the hills disappear.

Then suddenly appear - smoothly, gliding on days the fog drapes the hills with its splendor. On some days so thick - you cannot see more than six feet away.

The San Bruno Hills - known as the largest intact Shellmound.

Once marked designated and slated by the "evil ones" - to be demolished to fill the entire Bay - as we know and see, today. Such are the ploys and machinations of those that worship greed. Those developers were from the East Coast the same that once developed the tall skyscrapers by the Embacadero.

In yester years - Sand Dunes played a role - sand always do - and there were bushes - where birds and other fowl made their abode.

Jack Rabbits and other animals large and small were in plenty - and for protein the Ohlone did not lack what they wanted.

As for fish and Abolone - thousands of Abolone lay - here, there, and everywhere - within reach of anyone. The Ohlone took only what they wanted.

The Stranger -  wanted it all - much like the clear cutting of the "redwood" trees.

The Buffalo that roamed - supreme.

The evil ones - killed the Buffalo for their fur coats not for meat of the Buffalo.

The meat - the greed and foul ones - piled as high as hills -  the meat rotted and they thought nothing of their - inherent, sordid and evil - actions. Even as they do today.

The "evil" White men - let "greed" rule - and the Abolone that was - today is no more. All of it gone. Nothing at all.

What a crying shame. Many today have no clue about this history - and think what they see today - of the man "concrete jungle" and more to be something to behold - when the opposite is true.

Herring too - met the same fate - and the " greedy bastards " - think no more of the sordid actions - much as they do not care - of their part in the - colonization - worldwide.

No remorse to this very day - killing the natives and stealing what they wanted without care.

The Ohlone are one of kind - and today in San Francisco - the history is there for all to read.

The data, the empirical data - recreating the lineage of those Ohlone alive - using DNA.

The documentation is there - we know who owns the land - and who stole the land - that hold good for San Francisco and all of the Bay Area.

Who forced the Ohlone off their land - who deprived the "innocent" and who to this day - steal, rob, contaminate and think - nothing of their evil, actions.

The many tribes within the Ohlone - the clans - the Muwekma Ohlone among other Ohlone - who are seeking - " Federal Recognition".

The matter linked to "Federal Recognition" at the "Supreme Court".

The land belongs to the Ohlone - but they have to fight for their own land.

All sorts of hurdles brought forth - by the Department of the Interior - the Senator Diane Feinstein and the Congress person - Nancy Pelosi - one worse than the other.

The local Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions - who run their mouth - and pay no genuine respect to the Muwekma Ohlone.

Rent and use the other tribes who immigrated here - as pawns to do the Mayor's - abysmal and disdaining - bidding.

Little knowing the Federal Government brought the the other Native American Tribes here - to destroy them - more in the 1950s and 1960s.

The ancestors of this land - Ohlone Land - permitted them to stay and be alive.

The ancestors always remembered that - but no more - some Indians have forgotten their past - so today - they think much like those who speak in - "fork tongues".

True we had the take over of " Alcatraz" that started here on Ohlone Land - and other small protests that fall on deaf years. Those events evolved and we monitor them all.

We appreciate the Shellmound Walks and those protests at Emeryville and in other places - to pay respect to the Ancestors.

 Those who are pure of heart - will speak to the "truth" - a shinning example - Morning Star.

I support her and those that hear her wails and tribulation - must do so - too. She may not be Ohlone but her heart is in the right place.

It was all good even four hundred years ago - that is  until the "strangers" - set their feet on Ohlone land - and messed it up.

Then steeped with greed and avarice - the strangers took what they wanted - and gave nothing in return.

The strangers left a stench that stinks to high heaven - even to this day.

Desecration and more - that cries to heaven - babies killed, women raped, men murdered - and we think nothing of these atrocities.

 Even today in the year 2015 - many think all is well. It is NOT - so pay heed - for now you know.

The Russians, the Spanish, the Americans - others too - none of them - truly valued the role of the Ohlone - in San Francisco - surf the Muwekma Ohlone website and learn more:

Read about the 18 unratified treaties.

The corruption prevailing even today within the Department of Interior - the Judicial System - even the Supreme Court - that has declared - Corporations - are "people too".

Soon, our current, Pope Francisco will honor a Franciscan Friar - Serra - who was part of the genocide - perpetuated - on the Ohlone.

Let us not "sugar coat" - those that have studied the history of Catholic Church - know it all.

No one can sugar coat - some say that in those times - things were tolerated - when you could kill with intent to do harm.

Let it be known - that crime is a crime - cold blooded murder it just that - make no bones about it. Then and now.

When you remove infants, children,youth and young adults - and destroy their language - try to brain wash them - just in the name of Christianity.

Whoever says that is right - - is selling - "snake oil" and snake oil is - evil and stands for evil.

More, in the name of King and Church - these sordid actions - were misconstrued as some act that went well with false beliefs and notions.

A "mentality" of those times - steeped in "inferiority complex" - that would be pleasing to their fake "god" - contrary to the true teachings of the Master.

They had no time to read and embrace the true teachings not of Christ or any valid, vetted religion that is fair and just.

These minions were just that - they spoke of Christ and embraced - lucifer - the master of all that is EVIL.

God sees it all - and those that use human beings as slaves.

Humans using undue force and torture - to subdue other human beings - and think it is good - it is NOT - not then and not - now.

These action and more - are actions "evil" - much as we incarcerate today - Black and Brown in large numbers - in our jails.

Much as we do not give a damn about second chances and reforming our "bail system".

Failing to foster better models - that stop incarceration and long waits in the prison system - before trials - that set you free.

In the interim one suffers - and one suffers because those who speak in the name of "justice" have no clue what they are talking about.

It is " his justice" - and he is the "evil one". His system is doomed - even as we see doom - wherever he steps his foot - all over the world.

Some think the sordid models in our present jail system - leads to "rehabilitation".

When such behavior - more lacking amenities and sound facilities - "dehumanize"  they are a disgrace to the entire - human race.

All over San Francisco are Shellmounds that the ignorant folks living in San Francisco - have no clue about.

They have no clue about the on going "desecration" - they do as they please - all the leading SF City Departments - has failed to respect the "Sacred Remains" - of the Ohlone.

The many remains found all over San Francisco are not taken care of - following protocol - with "vested interests" - hiring so called monitors - from other Native American tribes - to create discord - and further bring - divisiveness.

White folks think they can handle the Ohlone remains - when they have no understanding about most anything.

The Whites lack - "cultural competency" - you cannot read and learn what it means to be a Native American -  you cannot learn about the "Sacred Rituals" and things linked to those things - "Sacred" through - osmosis.

Shellmounds are large hills - the contents from thousand of tons of shells - Abolone Shells - as large as ten inches and more on an average.

Piled on upon the other - thousands of these shells - forming hills - extension of the hill - on which the Ohlone clans made their abode - the Shellmound containing the "Sacred Remains" of the deceased Ohlone.

The Ohlone mourned those that passed away - for months on end - laid ornaments - and other precious things.

All that the Ohlone - deemed right to place - to honor their loved one - who passed to the other side.

The Ohlone mourned for those they loved - and gave their best as "Sacred Offerings" - the White folks do not see this their way - they see things the way the want to see - with eyes and a mentality that defies - decency.

The Whites dare call the Shellmounds - "middens".

Middens, are rubbish sites - that were found - more where Whites lived - hence the words rendered from time to time - to make a point - "White Trash".

Such noble ceremonies - once performed on the Shellmounds - as part of the last ceremony - when one was laid to rest. Initially those that came across the "Sacred Shellmounds" were astounded.

It was not uncommon for Whites to steal the "Sacred Remains" - closer to home - by the Cliff House. These evil Whites took the remain home - and used them for their amusement. The same folks would be angry - if their cemeteries - were desecrated - different strokes for different folks.

Today,  in all the fast living and mundane ways that frail human beings live in, they do not have a faint thought - of the Sacred.

Today we bury our dead and within hours - go carry on our mundane chores - it is as if - it does matter some - but not as much as we should care - for our loved ones - long gone - forever.

Minions of a kind - that have no time to think about anything - but themselves.

The daily selfish, and mundane - actions - of these folks - who live for the moment - and most of them are spiritually - dead.

Steeped in materialism - our present economy is fake - and the ONE PERCENT, rejoices - while the NINETY NINE - suffer from the corrupt actions of the ONE PERCENT.

Avarice, sordid actions, fornication and sodomy, stealing, cheating and greed - blatant materialisms - that leads most in today's world - to becoming selfish and self-centered and more "evil" - followers of the "devil".

At San Francisco City Hall we have such examples as Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Julie Christensen.

In Room 200 - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who talks from bother sides of his dirty - mouth - the seat of more - corruption.

Among the true Native Americans - no one needs to remind them - who they must honor - on land that they know - belongs to what tribe or clan. In San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone for sure.

We see this on a higher and more wider area of influence - the organization of the Six Nations.

The Iroquois and others - that influenced our Founding Fathers - who wrote our Constitution - to which we must adhere - principles that we hold to be true - and principles that we must abide by.

There may not be writings - letters put together - written by the Ohlone - but they have left more.

There are recordings for sure - and those that took pains - to create a vocabulary that gives us today - some insight - how the Ohlone interpreted emotions, sightings, thoughts and things in general.

Of course the "thieves" that stole - all the land - raped the women and children - killed the Ohlone to fetch $5 for a scalp - were rewarded for stealing - and in doing so - think less of matters - pristine and holistic - today.

These thieves will talk about Climate Change - but have increased the "Carbon Footing" in San Francisco by over 2000%. 

The many tall buildings with the filthy concrete and aggregate - release tons of Carobon Dioxide into the air and no one bothers.

Clean drinking water will be provided for the thousands inhabiting the tall buildings - to flush the many toilets and lands in our Bay - half treated - so called tainted secondary, effluents. 

It is such double talk from the SF Planning Department - the corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has contaminated City Hall in Room 200 - that cast a long sordid shadow - that many know that this Mayor has lost his mind.

The millions of vehicles - small and large - stalled on our road and freeways - add thousands of Carbon Dioxide, lead, mercury, and dangerous - particulates.

The land with poor infill - emit Methane Gas - in the thousands of tons - more than 30,000 tons plus of Methane gas. An area from 4th and King Street to Geneva Avenue and more.

One ton of Methane gas - equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The worst crime is the pollution and contamination of the poor infill land - with contaminated with high levels of radioactive elements - all documented for those who understand such matters. Matters that I have spoken about again and again - to no avail.

The paradox on this very contaminated land - over 30,000 housing units are planned - with no consideration that " liquefaction" and "severe flooding" will adversely impact this land - more with Climate Change.

The results of such actions foreboding - ignored by our local, state, and federal regulatory agencies - who listen to the political whores and pimps - that say they represent but are a disgrace to the human race - and more to all Californians.

More interested in filling their campaign coffers - and their own petty, selfish - agenda.

The local San Francisco Division of Environment linked to the SF Department of Health.

The SF Department of Environment that must uphold the Precautionary Principle - and they have done nothing, much.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control - how being revamped for past failures - but still sinking in the cesspool of their own - creation.

The Environmental Protection Agencies - the Regional Water Board, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - others so called "regulatory agencies" - and all asleep at the cockpit.

These so called "regulatory agencies" have failed miserably - in their duty to serve and represent - the constituent of San Francisco and California too.

This is Ohlone land - who for over fifteen thousand years - kept pristine for all of us to see and behold.

Only for those "devils" to come to this land - " Turtle Island" - we call America - and closer home "California" - and even closer "San Francisco".

The came and saw what is good and with "intent" they contaminated and continue to contaminate - pollute, and continue to pollute.

Our City talks a good talk about pollution and contamination - while all the time there are over 3500 hots spots all over San Francisco - that need abatement, mitigation, and sound clean up.

This City and County of San Francisco - just talks about "Climate Change" - while continuing to pollute. Making some minor changes - like converting to bio-diesel vehicles that do not impact much - just the tip of the iceberg - when it comes to addressing Climate Change.

The United States leads the world in many respects when it comes of "pollution of the environment" - even though we have the empirical data and know how - readily available in the United States of America.

We failed to sign treaties on this subject in Rio and in South Africa and we talk a good talk - but will not take a stand with time-lines and goals - to address polluting the air and more depleting the Ozone level.

On another important matter - that this blog in this article is address - it is a paradox - that other Nations have apologized for wrongs committed - to the First People - the Australians have to the Aboriginals.

The Canadians to the their " First People ".

Here in the United States of America - even with President Barack Hussein Obama in power - the United States simply does not want to apologize - for all the atrocities committed to the Native Americans.

Today, thousands of Native Americans - whose land this is - live on Reservations - incarcerated so to speak - without proper infrastructure - poor homes - and lacking Quality of Life issues - poor health facilities, poor transportation, poor educational facilities, childcare and more.

The Great Spirt sees it all - that is all that matters. Aho.

We must remember this Earth as do other planets - will continue to revolve - and sustain themselves.

This Earth will heal itself - the Earth has all the time on its side.

Human beings - need ideal conditions to survive - if our oxygen depletes - if the heat becomes too much for breathing and living - if some poisonous gases rule supreme - we all will - perish.

This has happened before - and will happen again.

The Ohlone will survive to speak to the "Truth" and must following the dictates of the "Great Spirit

It is not easy - in the interim - for those few - who are the "pure of heart" - who witness and see those who abuse, steal, corrupt, contaminated - aid "evil" - the "pure" will bear witness as the end come to a near.

We must persevere - we must be cognizant of the "truth" - we must understand our role and that of the role played by the ancestors.

Patience is pure - and patience is not fazed by vain talk, broken promises, treaties and more - disrespect for "Sacred Remains' - the 10,000 Ohlone remains - lying in a building on the Berkeley Campus - for example.

No higher education institution - worth the salt - tolerates nor encourages such demonic ways - for the University of California Berkeley - does.

The "Spirit World" is powerful and can defy norms that many "evil" human cannot prevail - against.

The blind, the evil, the greedy, those ignorant to the core - cannot fathom - "patrimonial jurisdiction". The want to compare it to manmade laws that have many loopholes - written by those - with "fork tongues".

The blind who do not seek and  fail to follow sound advice.

The Elders and others - steep in wisdom the ancestors all innocent - stood their ground and died by forces that killed them with cannons and superior weapons - dynamite, guns and more.

That wisdom of the ancestors rules for ever.

It was spoken and those that heard the words - who were mandated to follow the ways of those that experienced and knew.

" We dwell with half- baked ideas and concepts - none of which are sustainable  and worthy compared to the concepts and wisdom of those Elders and Sages who lived here for thousands of years" - Francisco Da Costa.