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Friday, July 10, 2015


Pope Francis recently met the indigenous people and sincerely apologized for all the atrocities the Catholic Church committed to all indigenous people - expressing a deep element of - "regret". More in South American where the Pope is visiting as part of his mission to bring Peace and Reconciliation. 

Pope Francis above on his recent visit to South America apologizing to the indigenous people - a man of deep faith but more of compassion.

This Pope a man of humility and deep understanding - has chosen to step aside and deal with the past, the present and the future - as he only deems possible - he has the charisma to do so - but more can discern better than the other recent Popes who have had his position - and have not had the guts - to speak to the Truth - and carry the message to a deep level - where it truly, matters.

Pope Francis' past experiences brought him close to the indigenous people -  he has ministered to them - and now as Pope - he has the ultimate power to ask the indigenous people to accept forgiveness from the Catholic Church - furthering the cause started by  Pope John II.

Here, living in San Francisco many of us fail to comprehend the injustices done by the Franciscans 
to the Ohlone people of the Bay Area and beyond.

Some of the Catholic heads have apologized -  but in a nonchalant manner - stating that they personally were not responsible for the states historical atrocities.

Especially those who have read the "transcripts of yore and how the Ohlone and other Native American tribes - were removed from the habitat and environs - and committed to a hostile environment and treated - like animals".

Even in the year 2015 our City and County of San Francisco - fails each and every year to reach out to the Ohlone and invite them officially to the celebrations held - to honor the Native Americans - at City Hall.

Shame on this City and County of San Francisco. OtherNative American tribes - from all over the United States - once know as Turtle Island - understand and do pay homage first to the ancestors of the people on whose land they are - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone people who are alive and kicking.

Again, this deep understanding does not bode well to this City and County of  San Francisco. Their lack of understanding, more comprehend, and of course deep restitution. Ignorance and arrogance does not go unnoticed and your time is coming.

Further the Shell Mounds - Sacred Burial sites all over San Francisco are disturbed and the protocols set - to honor the remains - disregarded. This blatant desecration - is being monitored and noted - and as we collect the empirical data - all we got is to produce it - to those that must acknowledge - even if they look the other way - today.

Once there were two hills at Hunters Point - the United States Navy - demolished the two hills - together with the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone - and spread the remains all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - dirt and remains - still form part of the infill.

Further contaminated be experiments - depleted uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The U. S. Navy has the responsibility to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but has NOT - on this very contaminated land.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee has chosen to build homes - on contaminated land - more contaminated by high levels of radiological elements.

Asbestos dust, dangerous particulates and other toxic elements - all recorded in the Final Historical Radiological Report - it is there for all the world to read.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions who are aware of this fact - will not touch this issue - because they are all immoral, lack ethics, and have no standards - what so ever.

This blatant desecration cries to heaven for justice.

" No good will ever come at Hunters Point and the neighboring areas - I said that a long time ago - and I say it once again - for all to hear - loud and clear".

Pope Francis is no ordinary Pope - to him has been revealed - what others have not seen - fully.

Pope Francis  fully understands that compassion and humility are gifts that the indigenous people have in plenty.

Pope Francis also understand the place of the indigenous people - and the immoral behavior of the - strangers more White folks - greedy to the core - who lacked and lack compassion - to this very day.

It is not uncommon for the indigenous people to offer the best they have to those that they befriend.

The Native Americans did that to the Whites and other strangers - only for those who received the best hospitality - to bite the hand that fed them.

Today most of us have NO remorse that Native Americans are treated like second class citizens in the United States of America - known as "Turtle Island"

Over 60% of Native Americans in California are not on the Federal Register. Land that was promised to the Native Americans of California - millions of acres - mentioned in 18 treaties - have not been kept - have not been ratified.

We have no remorse that Native Americans have not be put on the Federal Register - more, to further - cause them pain and to keep them from enjoying benefits that all of us enjoy - in this great Nation that they kept pristine for thousands of years.

Our government that has lost it mind - the former Bureau of Indian Affairs, the current Department of Interior - will  go to great lengths to keep the Native American on Reservations.

Deprive the Native Americans of having access to Billions of Dollars - put in Trust - that the Department of Interior says - it does not know where the Trust Money has vanished.

Those with "fork tongue" are known to us.

Even as we well know the "greedy ones"  - in less than two hundred years - have created a concrete jungle.

Increased the Carbon Footprint thousands of percent - and they keep adversely impacting the Ozone layer - that monitors the sun - and plays a key role - on this Earth that is fragile.

President Barack Hussein Obama could have done better - put all Indian Tribes that are not recognized on the Federal Register.

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe if given recognition that they enjoyed up until 1927 - and then illegally removed by a Indian Agent - a White man - L.A. Dorrington - who took it upon himself to declare - the Ohlone who belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - were all deceased.

The Muwekma Ohlone are alive today - in greater numbers and joined by decent forces to bring about justice - that will happen soon.

Up until 1924 and later one could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for a Native American scalp in all of California.

The Governor from California would send out edicts to kill the Native Americans and take their land.

Rape the Native American women and kill the children and others.

Atrocities - that today the politicians and others - do not acknowledge - because they are pathetic to say the least.

WE have some at City Hall - who continue this pattern to this very day. Immoral, unethical, having no standards - the worship mammon and will sell their mothers' for a dirty - nickel.

These facts are presented so that they can be verified - and they are true - complete with empirical data - that the decent cannot stomach - and want justice - but many fear to speak the Truth.

Unfortunately the devious the ones like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin M. Lee who do not endorse the Muwekma Ohlone getting Federal Recognition - this land we call the Bay Area - would be declared "sovereign" - and the City and County of San Francisco - would have to legally acknowledge that fact - and play second - fiddle.

Right now the Muwekma Ohlone have "Patrimonial Jurisdiction".

The devious white men's law does not understand this law.

They will when they will be incinerated - and all that we see today - will be in ashes. Aho.

During my recent visit to Rome, Italy.