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Friday, July 24, 2015


No one ever expected to witness the shenanigans going on at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - rambling and making sordid decisions - to the detriment - of hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans - in the year 2015.

This is Ohlone land - the land was stolen - all of it.

In less than 200 years the land was polluted - with it the water - and the air we breathe.

We have the "Precautionary Principle" on our books. I will post the link for you all to read the contents:

Some of our SF Board of Supervisors - the sell outs - leading the pack London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - have failed all San Franciscans - when it comes to representing the tax payers. 

There is NOT a single document that our City and County of San Francisco holds today - that clearly states that the land we call San Francisco - was brought from the Ohlone - the "First People" of San Francisco.

In all the time I have represented the Ohlone - the Mayor acknowledging this fact - this City more during the tenure of this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - has with intent - disrespected the ancestors of this land.

For that one single reason - this City and County of San Francisco - will pay a very, heavy price. Read the website below and learn before it is too - late:


Learn about the history of the first people - and those of you who say you represent - learn to represent. More because you are in the land of the Ohlone - or prove otherwise?

Before you learn to represent - cleanse your hearts - those of you that sell out our communities, our neighborhoods, act like political whores and pimps - and think nothing of it.

You know who you are - and if do not - just read the heading of this blog - twice.

In San Francisco today the Black population is in a "state of emergency".

The paradox is that the Black woman - who held the Black community together - for hundreds of years - is perishing before our eyes in San Francisco.

This is all the more evident - as the grandmothers near their 80th and 90th birthdays.

There is no one left - worth the salt - there is no one left in their families - to carry on the - "torch". Carry on the deep love and sacrifice - that the generations before them - bestowed on the entire - village.

In our County prisons and other State and Federal prisons - Black men linger - incarcerated because - conditions are created - opportunities not given - for young adults and adult Black men - they fall into a trap - and their lives - ruined - forever.

Even President Barack Hussein Obama has realized this - at this late date - he talks a good talk - but the pain and suffering - the millions incarcerated - these voices and more are crying to heaven - for justice - and there is none to found.

The "justice" system that prevails in this Nation - and here in San Francisco is " His Justice" - and that means - what ever it means - if you are Black - you are targeted - mostly just because of the color of one's skin.

Our so called Elders - our drab politicians who are Black - have failed us - miserably.
Not all of them - but most of them - and as the years do by - we fail to see Black leaders - like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

WE know that and have allowed - a few of these cancerous individuals - all Black - to spread the cancer. We have them in San Francisco - pandering - seeking favors for themselves and their sordid - minions.

The Mayor has failed when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention - by not finding - long term - concrete solutions.

The youth, young adults, adults - many Black and Brown journey men and women need jobs. There are jobs for those that come from out of State - Primes bring their own employees - including laborers - and this is something - that has to STOP.

People drive 150 to 200 miles everyday to work in San Francisco - the many high rises - that are propping up everywhere.

While in the shadow of the high rises - our people - young adults with skills - have to watch and wipe their tears. How much of this can the Black and Brown - women and men - endure?

In the Bayview Hunters Point area over 8000 small businesses - operate - all sorts of businesses - and to date in the year 2015 - we do not have resource directory - on the over 8000 small businesses.

All sorts of welders, all sorts of metal fabrication, all sorts of "furniture stores" - stores selling electrical goods - other operations linked to the digital technology - food preparation industries - and so on and so forth.

The Contract Monitoring Division has failed us all - and the Mayor Office of Workforce Development has been ramped up - but does not have a "Blue Print" - that has been vetted and will work.

Rhonda Simmons - the former Director of the Mayor's Office of Workforce - who created a mess - brought about divisiveness - has been let go.

This after doing much damage. Those that hired her a transplant from Oregon - Michael Cohen, long gone - Jessie Blout, long gone - others are here - who protected her - are still around - and should be let go too.

Tiffany Bohee has continued to take orders - and has failed on many fronts.

The on going mess on Parcel A - the workers not paid - a woman electrician fired - more when she complained about - "sexual harassment".

So, where are the women organizations that get so much money - that the Mayor brags about at Press Conferences - where are they on this one?

There are some San Francisco Board of Supervisors and you can see the evidence - from the way they dress - they smell, look, and talk like political whores.

The stench of BLOOD MONEY reeking from their filthy - pores. They cannot look you in the eye - the power of "Truth" - makes them swoon.

The districts they represent need help - and these two political whores - are pussyfooting around. Making hay while the sun - shines. Giving people two minutes at public comment - while they wag their tongue - spewing diatribe - that tongue that has no bone!

The Mayor has failed when it comes to congestion.Yesterday, around 3:15 pm I was on the MUNI - 38 Geary a few blocks - before Union Square.

There was an incident. A very large glass window - from the MACY's store came crashing down - the MUNI bus stalled for 50 minutes - and other cars too.

Such traffic back to back bottle necks are taking place every where in San Francisco - and there is no protocol - no standard operating procedures in place - to rush - "traffic personnel" - to steady the traffic - clear the obstacles - and let the traffic move steadily.

All this during this tourist season.

Such incidents should be reviewed by those heads of departments - that listen to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - brag about this and that at the many press conferences.Wasting our tax payers money.

All the while for years - now - our congestion - on the roads of San Francisco - has become unbearable - and growing worse.

Some survey named us as the worst City when it comes to congestion - traffic that has been so stressful - and often times - fights break out - as tempers flare - in the middle to the streets and back to back traffic.

We need a hearing on this issue - and let us see how the San Francisco Board of Supervisor fare.

Let the Mayor give an introduction on this issue about the sordid "congestion" - that he purports is under control - in a nonchalant - manner - with blinking an eye.

Those San Francisco Board of Supervisors - backing the developers - fast tracking their "entitlements" for large sums of money - to fill their campaign coffers.

Others making deals for condominium for themselves and their sordid family members.

We have the information. You cannot teach these vermin - who are steeped in greed - how to change their lives - and represent. They must be booted out. They are spiritually - dead.

Thousands of children, youth, and youth adults - are stressed out - impairing their education - many families in turmoil - they cannot even do their homework. They live two and three families in a two bed room house.

The San Francisco Health Department with a $2 billion plus budget - is all over the place - but has failed - to address Violence and Violence Prevention is a holistic manner. Those in charge are either on leave - and those working half-heartedly - feed the Mayor lies.

Youth who are stressed because of lack of opportunities - abused, because they cannot live in good homes.

The infants,the children, the youth and young adults - others - cannot rest, sleep without noise, constant disturbance that drives them crazy.

There are no amenities that allow them to eat right and under some decent conditions.

They lack other necessary sanitary requirements - are confused.

They cannot study - and if one is not educated - a whole series of adverse impacts - follow. The path is opened to incarceration - daily - wrong choices are made.

All over our City and County of San Francisco - open spaces are being built on - where there are open space called parks - there are NO facilities - like sound bath rooms. Who is kidding whom?

In the last four years - this City and County of San Francisco has undergone - drastic changes - and the San Francisco Planning Department - has not adhered to its own Master Plan.

The last three Housing Elements that should have guided the SF Planning Department - are in the Courts - being - adjudicated.

We do not need a $500 million brand new jail.

We do need a facility to treat our mentally challenged.

We do need housing for the physically challenged.

We do need housing for the Transgender individuals.

We do need Senior housing.

We do need housing for our teachers and other professionals - to attend to "emergencies".

We do need housing for women who are caught up in Domestic Violence situations.

As you see - our Mayor and the majority of our SF Board of Supervisors - have favored Market Rate condominium that have been bought by absentee owners - each worth from $3 million to $10 million and 50% of them - are vacant.

Anyway you do the calculation - when it comes to "low income" and " no income" - let us put a figure - those making $30,000 and less  - there is no new housing worth the salt - when you do the calculation - this segment of the population has been - totally ignored.

Aged Public Housing must be totally wiped out - and brand new Low and No Income housing built.

The main reason the present "infrastructure" is so old that is it pathetic.

The walls of the old Public Housing - laden with Asbestos, Lead, and other very toxic particulates.

Our Mayor wants to give the walls a "window dressing" and have poor people live in contaminated homes.

Permit the crooked and corrupt John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing - Mickey mouse with Public Housing - and adversely impact - generations of poor people in the present and future.

When it comes to the poor - stale, bread crumbs are thrown to them.

The Great Master - uttered these words - " Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven". Aho