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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Some of the Regulatory Agencies and constituents from the Bayview at the meeting
held at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview

Since the early 1950's the Bayview Hunters Point Area has had its advocates - speaking up trying to resolve issues with solutions.
Few of them could afford organization - but the Black Churches and other Social organizations - did what they could and document events - with photographs.

The 1960s and 1970s further encouraged Bayview Hunters Point constituents and Community Based Organization - to stand up and address issues such as health, education, and homes for those that needed it most. We have a lot of information, film, and some very pertinent empirical data and documentaries.

In the 1980s crack cocaine was introduced by "nefarious entities" - for sure not anyone from the community. The adverse impacts from this drug - has caused irreparable damage to many a family and consequently to Quality of Life issues in the Bayview and Hunters Point area.

In the 1990s to today - many of us - who addressed Environmental issues - have focused with success - closing down two power plants the Mirant Power Plant and the Hunters Point Power Plant. We did the heavy lifting the crooks took credit. That does not matter - we made things happen.

We removed 20 tons of very toxic dirt from Pier 92. Worked with the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - to clean up many hot spots.

Thousands of tons from other sites - all hot spots - and we have over 3000 hot spots still left to be clean - all over San Francisco.

More in areas prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

Challenged the United States Navy to do a through clean up of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

An on going project - that seems to go no where - the City and County of San Francisco - seems to want to develop the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - not paying attention to standards - lined to abatement, mitigation and for course through - clean up.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a "Super Fund" site - and only - the worse contaminated sites - and put on the Superfund Site list. 

Faulted many times - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - the aging Treatment Plant situation at Phelps Street - discharges Methane Gas into the air.

At times when it rains hard - our dual sewage system that carries the runoff from the heavy rain and the sewage - over loads the Treatment Plant aging operations.

Causing the system to discharge secondary effluents into the Islais Creek - truly speaking untreated sewage.

This is made worse at the Phelps Treatment Plant takes in sewage from neighboring counties - not know to the public at large - lied to by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - that has failed to do due diligence.

On some occasions the Phelps Treatment Plant - has been forced to shut down - to impede "salt water" from entering and adversely impacting - the entire Phelps Treatment Plant. This information is not revealed to the Public at Large and should.

The SF Public Utilities Plant has been very slow to repair its aging Digestors - huge tanks that hold the "treated sewage" - only recently have these digestors - been fixed.

For years over 40 years plus - an entire area surrounding the Phelps Treatment Plant - has emitted a strong stench - mixed with Sulphur - that has adversely impacted thousands of innocent people.

The "stupid" SF Public Utilities Commission once once used "Clorax" to try to neutralize the stench - the effluents - than pumped out - into Islais Creek and the Bay. The regulatory agencies were astounded - but could do little about it.

The well know Bay Keeper that takes samples could provide IVAN - all the information is needs.

All the empirical data on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is available at the Main Library - by 11 Grove - in San Francisco - 8th and Market.

The Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report makes very interesting reading.

The SF Public Utilities could have done better - but continues to this day - with its nonchalant behavior.

Right now wasting millions and playing with time - while innocent people are slowly - dying. Its Assistant Manager of External Affairs - still playing with fire - wasting Community Benefit money.

The newly formed Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force has created a brand new website - which it launched yesterday - July 22, 2015 at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview.

Where for now - the constituents from Bayview only - can tap into this website - and report "violations" - that can generate Notice of Violations and hopefully bring about some solutions and meaningful - adjudication.

The website purports that it will try its best to be " computer friendly ".

Allow the constituents to report complaints - in several languages - and "experts" - will review the complaints - and channel them to the - "Regulatory Agencies" - to act on the complaints - hopefully with results.

Time will tell.

Here is the website:

At the meeting held at 1800 Oakdale several people spoke at "Public Comment" - mostly talking about the on going contamination in the Bayview - from particulates and dirt contaminating the air - to other adverse impacts compromising Quality of Life issues.

One anonymous complaint was made regarding discharge into the Islais Creek by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The complainant suggesting that the discharge was contaminated.

This complaint for example could go to the Regional Water Board, the Game and Fisheries, the SF Public Utilities Commission - other appropriate agencies decided - for adjudication.

This has happened before - with the Regional Water Board - heard the complaints and did nothing about it.I went to Oakland for two of these hearing - years ago - and was disgusted by how the Water Board acted - so dictatorial.

It is the same with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - declared a "Superfund Site". Hundreds of complaints - some going to the Department of Justice - only for Senator Diane Feinstein and Congress person Nancy Pelosi - to step in - and hold the adjudication at bay - interfering with Justice.

Time to enforce the "RICO ACT" - this website could help - to further shed light where there is - "abject darkness" - now.

I would challenge the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force to be transparent and accountable. Most importantly to know who is funding this project - and what "clout" do those purporting to use the "website" have - true enforcement - where those that break the law - and fined.

The website could start with - archiving the past Notices of Violations - sent to the Regional Water Board, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC), the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the local San Francisco Health Department and its Environmental Division headed by Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell.

The lack luster San Francisco Department of Environment that knows it all - but has been nonchalant - failed to exercise - the Precautionary Principle - that is an Ordinance and a law - when it could with authority. Pathetic.

Other, dubious so called "Regulatory Agencies" - that have looked the other way - and chided the hard work and diligent community at large.

San Francisco has been on the frontline with educated advocates standing for what is right Michael Boyd, Ahimsa Sumchai, Maurice Campbell come to mind.

These educated stalwart advocates and others - have worked with me - and we have been bold enough with fortitude - to serve the community at large all these many years - over 35 years.

Our work has helped the San Francisco Grand Jury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Nation's Courts, the Senate and the Nation's Congress - to hear first hand reports from the community at large.

Let us not kid ourselves - our "Racist Nation" has different standards for those that are indigent, poor, and of color.

We must be careful - who we trust - and how these folks operate - who want to delve into our work - and compromise our life's work.

Some of these entities are not educated on issues - have no concrete history - lack the ability to write and more to read with understanding - but purport to be Environmentalists and act as moles for those that have EVIL - designs.

Sellouts have no "data" collected over a long period of time - have no understanding how to read the empirical data and more to make sense of it. They are good at spewing hot air - and these "sellouts" - better take and pay heed. We are watching you all - like a HAWK.

It is nauseating to hear folks proclaim that they own and care about the Bayview - when over a long period of time - they have done nothing,much.

When they pass away - they will not leave a - "legacy" - and that will be a crying shame. it matters like this - humility is what matters - and fortitude brings - results.

Make no mistake - San Francisco is a "Racist City". Today Blacks make up less than 3% of the community and more than 58% Blacks are incarcerated in our County Jails.

It is now common for some Black to go visit our County Jail - and see 9, 10, 11 of his school mates incarcerated - many of them - waiting for a trial.

Many of them - after weeks come before a judge - and they are released. No one wants to have a "working and vetted model" - a pre-trail model - that can help the unnecessary traumatization, stress, and long term hypertension - that most Blacks endure - both women and men.

We know what is wrong - and this is part of Environmental Racism that must be also allowed to be part - of this website - really:

Most of our Sisters and Brothers lingering in jail - cannot make bail. There is a lot of talk - about addressing the situation at hand - but most of it is hot air. Brown and Black and others indigent need help - not disdain.

Any Task Force - any 'Committee" is just that - you meet, have an agenda, take minutes and ponder on what you all have decided.

Mostly no time-lines and loose objectives - time will tell.

When it comes to solutions - most Task Force and Committees, do NOT have the financial ability to do something.

It is practically impossible to do something - without a budget - that is meaningful - that brings about results.

If an organization is lucky to get funding in terms of a large grant, some rich benefactor - some foundation that cares.

If that lucky organization believes in serving the constituents, have their hearts in the right place - and have fortitude - most everything will be well - this is rare.

As things stand today with Mayor Edwin M. Lee in charge - our City and  County is going to the dogs. This man loves to spew hot air - and that is all - he has contaminated most everything that was working right.

Our SF Health Department, our federal Environmental Protection Agency - other Regulatory Agencies - State and Local - have the proof - about contamination of the land, air and water - ample Notices of Violations (NOVs).

These so called Regulatory Entities will use - ploys, machination, and shenanigans - to linger and procrastinate - let years go by - and force those that are not SPIRITUALLY strong - to give up.

Some of our filed cases go 35 years back!

Today we are dealing with "EVIL' - human beings who with intent want to incarcerate - because some one wants to make money - using innocent human beings - like - dirty rags.

San Francisco wants to build a brand new jail - when we should be caring for the mentally ill in homes built with in house nursing and medical facilities.

Use the latest medical know how to help infants, children, youth and young adult. Queer youth. Those treated with disdain the Trans-gender population, others too - when will be learn - to spent tax payers money - wisely.

Why do we not cap the salaries to those that make these "sordid decisions" to $100,000 - the Mayor of San Francisco, the City Administrator, the SF Board of Supervisors - who think they can do as they please - and have failed to represent.

We want to spend at much as $500 million - on a jail in the year 2015 - this type of thinking - comes from the "DEVIL".

Our City is named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a Saint known for his compassion and embracing all - things good.

In toto our San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved technically to go forward with the building of the brand new jail -project.

Here is my take - each of you with intent - who approved this brand new jail project - have BLOOD on your hands - make NO mistake about this.

Much like the so called Environmentalists who do nothing - cannot address the Carbon Footprint - the over 400,000 tons of Methane Gas.

Spewing from the thousands of acres - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - from 4th and King all the way to Mid-way by Geneva Avenue. One ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Our Regulatory Agencies, our Representatives are in for the "money" - wear GREED tatooed on their foreheads - the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell.

This City and County of San Francisco needs to wake up from the very, deep slumber - our Law Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies - playing politics.

There is not a head of Department in San Francisco, a head of Law Enforcement in this City that I do not know personally.

I can only challenge you all to have a heart and do right. Fuck the politics.

Too many innocent people are dying - traumatized and become zombies for life.

There is a God that watches all - and we all have a conscience do right - politics should not help created the - "great divide" - but it has. The filthy rich and the ONE PERCENT POOR living from pay check to pay check.

To the youth, the young adults, I ask you to seize the moment - be good leaders. Stand for what is right - and make good things - happen.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, but most importantly go the way. Aho.

Fine tune your moral compass - go to a better place - leave a legacy - and make this Universe a better - place.