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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Fa'atasi Summer Class of 2015

The Polynesian Community is well known - and even though our City and County of San Francisco has NOT stepped up - to serve this community - as it well as it could. I has on its own - in this instance - done well for itself - it has shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

The caring Polynesian community with little - has done more than it could - stretching every needed dollar - to aid and nurture the children, the youth and the young adults. The Fa'atasi Summer Class of 2015 - was a grand success - and I was a witness - to all that happened - all documented and recorded.

In the name of Pacific Islanders - others  claim they represent all - rake in the millions - writing grants with titles that start with the title - Pacific Islanders. This on going shenanigans must stop.

God sees it all - and the time in ripe to unite - and call a spade a spade.

I know the leaders and the leaders know me - and for over 35 years - I have done what I can. Now - is the time for action. God sees it all.

The Asian groups that have gouged millions of grants all these years - they must step up and do justice to the smaller, better organized groups - among the Polynesian community, more - those that have heart - and support the Pacific Islanders. Time is running out.

Camp Fa'atasi is all about VOLUNTEERS and this has been their SIXTH year - doing some excellent work. Many of the leaders of this group are very well  known to me - and to the other leaders all over San Francisco - from other communities - that matter.

Mcee - Molly Iulio-Ufau

When good things are done - the parents love to send their children to such camps. The parents can trust - those in the their community - that have passed the test of time - love their culture and know the true meaning - of " cultural competency".

The parents  know that under the leaders from own their community having a " bloodline" going back thousands of years - those, that have proved to be good leaders - the children, youth and young adults will be well taken care of.

That they will learn their CULTURE better and year after year - this great work as been going on - with excellent results.

We must step up - and we must do - what has to be done - for we have the "life" and the "understanding" not written in books - but, passed from generation to generation - as most indigenous do. We must value what those that are ignorant and arrogant cannot give us - because that what they try to sell us - is not "spiritual" has not been vetted by God.

When you plant a good seed, the plant nurtured we grow to be a healthy tree - and the fruit that tree bears - know no bounds. 

Much like the NONI tree - that is well know by Polynesians - that can cure diseases and keep one in good health.

Much like the coconut tree - every part can be used - and every part is valued. The coconut oil known the world over - as a gift from God.

The Polynesian people are a gift from God - and in the many years I have know them - I have grown closer to them - today they call me "Grandfather" - it is a word I treasure - but more this "word" has more meaning -  spurs me to action - more action and less talk.

This year "Camp Fa'atasi" was held at Dr Martin Luther King Middle School.

Yesterday, July 17, 2015 - it was declared by the organizers - next year - "CAMP FA'ATASI" will hold it Summer Camp for the children and youth - for the second consecutive time - at Dr Martin Luther King Middle School. We thank the San Francisco Unified School District - and we thank those that make Camp Fa'atasi - the best that be organized - by the volunteers - whose heart is in the right - place. God bless you all - and next year - will be even, better.

The youth put their best into this dance and other dances - proving once again - that we must invest in our youth and young adults - when it comes to our culture - honoring our ancestors as indigenous people. God sees it all - and that is all that matters.

The Polynesian children, youth, and young adults pride themselves singing, dancing, revealing to the adults who are caught up in the American ways - putting aside their own long and proud Polynesian Culture - for another day.

We all know what happens when we do this - our great Nation - embraces all people of all cultures - but more the indigenous people - the Polynesians fall into this category.

The Polynesian culture is deep and we must preserve that which the ancestors left to us all - the Matais must step up and so must the pastors - who are the leaders - lead by example - and give honor to the Polynesians people and culture.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - and have been in touch with the Polynesian Community in San Francisco - for over 35 years.

The Muwekma Ohlone support the Polynesian Community - more as indigenous people - but also as having the largest number of members serving our Nation's Armed Forced - more than any other State - in proportion to the  population - of the many states in the United States.

We as a Nation thank the the women and men for their service - to this Nation - and look forward to working with them - on all issues including - cultural services - and more cultural competency.

My first contact with the Polynesian came  when I served with  with Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - and in the years that followed -  all over the Bay Area. 

It  was my pleasure working with the Pacific Islanders  Cultural Association (PICA)  starting the Aloha Festival at Crissy Field - at the Presidio of San Francisco - when Sixth Army had the jurisdiction of that area.

PICA  started in 1995 and  we  brought it to San Francisco and Crissy Field.

That Aloha Festival has grown so big - and is widely know - now, all over the world. Giving impetus to other Aloha Festivals - each vying with one another - passing on the rich culture of the Polynesians and more the blessings of the ancestors. 

Smaller Polynesian now vie with one another - the Samoans, the Tongans, those hailing from Hawaii but living here on the Mainland, other smaller Polynesian  groups - all have so much to offer - and put up an event cost - money.

There is going to be a Aloha Festival in San Mateo on August 1, 2015.

Pacific Islanders Together Festival at Jefferson High School in Daly City, August 15, 2015.

The Poly Atamai Luau on September 5, 2015.

The SF Giants Polynesian Heritage Night on September 18, 2015 and more.

Only the brave of heart - those that have a vision -  those that have fortitude - look to preserving a culture that is so rich and loved world wide.

Not only in Hawaii - that has the Polynesian Cultural Center - that has the resources - but in other places - where good people put their hearts and hard work and make good things happen.

I want to congratulate those that volunteer and have done so much good through the Fa'atasi Summer Camps - this year concluding the Sixth one - with excellent results. God bless you all. Talofa.

Fa'afetai, Fa'afetai, Fa'afetai Tele Lava!

The Aloha Festival will be held on August 1 and 2, 2015 in San Mateo - admission is free:!videos/c1721