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Thursday, July 9, 2015



Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NOT said a word about the prevailing melt down of the International stock market in China - the Shanghai Composite Index losing over 35% of its value - and plummeting - down south - faster every day.

The Chinese stock market manipulation has mostly affected the ordinary Chinese numbering some 90 million who have been enticed to invest in the propped up Chinese Stock Market - that is plummeting down - a virus that may affect - markets around the world.

Chinese brokers are in a pandemonium.

Developers, who are responsible for thousands of housing units - that have been left vacant - for over ten years in China.

Investment, equity that belongs to the ordinary Chinese - who put some faith in the Chinese Government and these "greedy developers".

These ordinary Chinese - now have to deal with reality. A fast falling - fake -propped up Chinese stock market that is going south.

The Chinese government is pumping trillions of yuan - into the Chinese Stock Market - to stable the situation at hand - but the ordinary Chinese - does not want to have anything to do - with all the losses - they are cutting the losses - and fleeing.

"Once bitten twice shy".

Following on the on going heels of Greece - that has taken control of its destiny.

The Euro Nations - are about to aid Greece - and with little or no dictation - respecting Greece and hoping this time around - Greece and its present leadership - will turn the economy around.

In San Francisco our shameless San Francisco Planning Department - the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor himself who has been talking - from both sides of his mouth - will have to do a lot of soul searching.

Fake promises have been made to "first time home buyers" - the Seniors, the physically challenged, others that need help - many families - left to fend for themselves.

The Mission collected the required number of signatures - to put their "neighborhood measure to stop greed developers building too many market price homes and units".

That Ballot measure with sound language will be on this November's Ballot Measure of sorts.

Much like the Bayview and the advocates that really cared collected 33,000 signatures Citywide to keep SF Redevelopment out.

Only to be foiled by Dennis Herrera our City Attorney - who with the help of of Mayor Gavin Newsom - succeeded some - only for Governor Jerry Brown - to do away with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - not long ago.

And then again in 2004 more than the required number of signatures collected in just 9 days - 7 of days of those days - we had torrential rains - to put Proposition F on the ballot.

Lennar Urban will be affected with the current Chinese economy - slowing down the devious visas issued to the Chinese - with a $500,000 price tag - to come here to the United States - investing in a home - more on contaminated ground - on Parcel A at Hunters Point.

The "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown is sweating - and so is Kofi Bonner - and or course our current Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who loves to talk from both sides of his mouth.

The United States economy is fragile - we all have not recovered from the economic spiraling of our economy - that took place in 2008.

I predicted this economic spiraling years ago - but more recently - some 9 months ago.

Our own booming economy - linked to "GREEDY" developers and our corrupt SF politicians - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang, and Scott Wiener - will reveal a lot of corruption - complete with empirical data.


The empirical data is there - who has the will power - to do right - in this land of the FREE that is the home of the BRAVE!

We have over 900% excess Market Rate housing - that will now be slowed down - and many of these units will remain - vacant.

This current propped up economy - has NO sound foundation - and one small crack - can see our economy come toppling, down.

There is only so much money we can print - and the hurting Tiger that is China - is not happy with our interference -  continuously jabbing as to who is the real - Super Power.

We already have had altercations - several of them with the Chinese with our Air Force.

The Chinese - who are building large islands - that can accommodate Super Large War Ships - better equipped than what we have now - and for sure they have the person power.

It would be foolish to challenge the Chinese in an area - be it international waters or not - but as things stand today - we are cutting down a full 20% on our military assets - and more person power.

At home the Chinese are everywhere - in key positions - we cannot say that of our presence in China.

There lies the Achilles Heel - one major altercation - that could and would change - the current relationship we have with China and all those nations - that take their dictation from China.

Our local politicians more our novice SF Board of Supervisors - are foolish - wasting their time - on mundane issues.

These inept and arrogant SF Board of Supervisors - do not have a "clue" - about how our entire electrical "grid" - can be taken over and controlled by China and other - nations. 

We just saw an internal malfunction of our own Stock Exchange - and started talking about some hackers - in this case our frail infrastructure - gave way - and it took over 6 hours to bring it back on track.

In the interim - we continue to cater to outsiders - while treating our local, faithful, hard working, tax paying, San Franciscans with disdain.

Recently, we could not speak truthfully about our "Immigration and our status as a Sanctuary City" - an ordinance signed by our Mayor - Edwin M. Lee.

We talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk.

Very clearly - we are not responsible to shelter - thugs, drug dealers, the mentally challenged from Mexico or other countries.

The Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) has failed our Nation - on our borders and within our town and cities - these Agency called ICE - has frozen a lot time ago - and has remain frozen.

The protocol they have on most issues are convoluted - they wear they uniforms and arm themselves - but do not have the "brains" to think. This "rogue agency" - has long be known - as talking from both sides of their mouth - much like Diane Feinstein and Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M Lee cannot by himself - bring any meaningful change with a corrupt Federal agency, ICE - that is steeped with corruption, and has a process that defies - common sense.

Barring dismantling the Agency - know as ICE and starting from from scratch - nothing will happen - except spewing - hot air and polluting the environment.