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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Good leaders show the way, know the way and most importantly - go the way.

You would not expect that from the San Francisco Mayor - Edwin M. Lee who will wag his tongue on mundane issues - and lay low - when he is in a bind - he cannot admit that he does make mistakes and has made many and will make many more in the years to come.

Right now, we DO have an issue with illegal immigration and those that invade the United States - not because they want to contribute something positive - but "with intent" carry out their nefarious activities.

Selling drugs, importing drugs, pimping, carrying out orders from the "Cartel Heads" - many of them entrenched and in hiding in Mexico and other parts of South America.

Recently, when an illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez who was sent back to Mexico five times - each time he was sent to Mexico - he came back with those protecting our borders - failing to intercept him.

Francisco Sanchez is now slated to be sent back the sixth time - our City and County of San Francisco has done the right thing - under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff - elected by the people - following the procedures.

Without a Court Order on this subject - we could not keep him anymore with the County - the Feds who were fast asleep - could have initiated the right action - and this innocent woman would not have lost her life.

There are many loop holes when it comes to the Federal Immigration authorities - in this case - Immigration and Custom Enforcement that we know of - ( ICE ) - and this one subject named Francisco Sanchez - returning to the United States - having been deport five time previously.

This illegal subject - finding himself in San Francisco - to commit this heinous crime - says a lot about the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and their faulty - procedures.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has chosen to reveal some general notion about this matter - releasing "press statements" that make no sense. We need him to speak to the "truth" and take some responsibility as the current Mayor of San Francisco.

To date Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not spoken on the issue - because he loves to - "lay low" thinks the issue - whatever it is - will pass away. It will not.

When Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has to take an important position - mostly mundane in nature - the Mayor loves to wag his tongue.

 Mundane issue that have little or no value - fluff that he cares about - but not issues linked to Quality of Life issues - housing, transportation, health, education.

We know there is "no love lost" between Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi who I supported when Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his henchmen and women - joined forces to destroy the Sheriff, his wife and his young son.

Now all the Mayor does - and his minions - and folks like Diane Feinstine - is blame the Sheriff - anyone can do this. This issues of illegal thugs - is plaguing many cities. This case made headlines - because Donald Trump. brought it up - and the case propped up when "illegal immigration" was being discussed in a biased way - by Donald Trump. 

This "dirty policy" has been interjected into this case linked to Francisco Sanchez and those behind the scene contributing to the on going nonsense.

The hag - Diane Feinstien - has awoken from her slumber - joining in the fray - and for sure it does not help.

Senator Diane Feinstein should return the City property she has stolen - and now wants to maintain - cowing down to pressure. Bottom line she stole City property and has not admitted to that fact to this day.

When San Francisco first initiated the "Sanctuary City" policy - we were focused on the many immigrants coming from El Salvador and Guatemala - that is what I remember - clearly.

The idea was to create an atmosphere where refugees who were here and needed to be protected by this City and County of San Francisco.

San Franciscans voted for the status of "Sanctuary City" choosing to give shelter and caring for - with compassion in our hearts - could be treated like human beings.

At that time it was the women, the children, the Elderly that we were more concerned about.

We never agreed to accommodating "drug dealers" - pimps - uncouth characters who have taken control of our streets pimping little girls, stabbing, shooting, killings and we never agreed to take " mentally challenged" and psychopaths and give them the benefits of - "Sanctuary".

Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE is appropriated billions of dollars - and anyone who deals with them - will tell you they are a "Rogue Federal Agency" - that has failed - this Nation - the United States of America.

What is troubling is now we learn - that this gun - that killed an innocent woman in her prime - belonged to a "Federal Agent" - which make this case - all the more - convoluted. 

There are over 11 million Mexicans in the United States and most of them are law abiding. Among them almost 1 million - illegal.

We have some 30,000 or so - that are not law abiding - and this is not the first time - an innocent United States citizens - has fallen prey to such a person - with a second grade education - from Mexico - with NO purpose in life - a loser.

All over San Francisco again and again - innocent citizens have been dealing with these notorious thugs - often preferring to stab than shoot - leaving victims - bleeding to death. Seeing is believing.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue - about what I am talking about.

His idea of things on the Streets of San Francisco - are far removed from reality.

These same "thugs" attack innocent people in our shelters - vandalize - and bring shame on everyone that is caring and want to give - illegal immigrants a chance.

We also have "thugs" from other communities - just to put things in perspective and be very fair.

It is these few - who shame us all - with killings, shooting, domestic violence, and all those criminal actions - that cast aspersions - on those vetted values - we treasure as human beings - compassion, love for one another - Quality of Life issues - for all.

Can anyone evaluate - with empirical data - what has Mayor Edwin M. Lee done for the poor, the homeless, them mentally challenged, the physically challenged.

Seniors who need housing, Queer youth who need housing - he has failed on all of the above issues.

His many Press Conferences - cutting ribbons - smiling "like a jackass" - trying to crack jokes that fall on deaf ears - reveal how shallow he is.

His minions the City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, his Chief Advisor Steve Kawa - others that I will spare and not mention their names - one worse than the other.

We need leaders who show the way, know the way, and go the way.

For sure Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not one of them. Any takers?