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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It is a known fact that a "thief" will shout, scream, bark up the wrong tree - all to say that he or she is right - more when he or she has been caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar.

The City and County of San Francisco once took control of vast lands - they did this just by stealing the land. 

Shove a blood stake - here, there, everywhere and took the land.

Heard the term - "stakeholder" there is nothing decent about "stakeholders" who robbed, stole, and took way by killing and shooting.

Scalping, raping, and burning down - just to prove that they could it - they did it to the indigenous people who took care of all of California and more - for thousands of years.

In just less than 250 years - the strangers - mostly Whites - greedy - created a concrete jungle. They clear cut the forest, contaminated the lakes, the rivers, and all that was pristine.

Today they talk about the Carbon Footprint - while day - contributing to Climate Change - and adversely impacting all life.

We in San Francisco have the Precautionary Principle on our books - but, no one has read it - not those especially that should care about "planning" but do not. Care about our air and do not. Care about our "watershed" and do nothing to preserve what God has given us all - more for future generation.

When Christopher Columbus arrived here on Turtle Island - he just presupposed he was the first to land here - and took what he could.

The other - mostly "palefaces" - who spoke with fork tongues - more like a poisonous snake - seem to agree with that "devil" - even to this freaking, day.

This was done by the Spanish and then the United States.

We the United States - have treaties that were signed - 18 treaties in all - stating that millions of acres would be given to the Native Americans - living in California.

These treaties were never ratified.

Today, most of us have no clue about Public Trust Land - much of the land that the San Francisco Port Authority has control - is Public Trust Land - that belongs to all - Californians.

Much of the land that we call Mission Bay is Public Trust land that belongs to all Californians.

Closer to home - San Franciscans - land on which the COMMONS - more those that needed a roof - could well have afforded to have one.

The Santa Fe operations - the Railways - were all deeded Public Trust Land.

We the people have been kept in the dark - because we the people - have been fast asleep in the cockpit.

Again and whenever this City and some crooks who handle money - set aside some bread crumbs for those who fall into the category of  "low income" and " no income" -  all hell breaks loose.

No one dares ask the City and County of San Francisco who bought this land - the Bay Area and closer to home - San Francisco.

Truly who do you think owns this land - if not the Native Americans. They Mayor, Edwin M. Lee knows about the Muwekma Ohlone - but he does not acknowledge - those that this land belongs to.

He behaves in like manner - because he is a scum back - a JOKER - who talks from both sides of his mouth.

His tongue has no bone - so he wags it - and wags it - spewing diatribe and polluting the air.

That history is sordid - much as is the history of the current politicians - Malia Cohen and London Breed both Blacks and both well known " political whores".

Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen and Scott Wiener - who pretend they are for the people - but plot and are in bed with the corrupt developers.

If some land is set aside for "low income" there is much fun fare created - for nothing at all.

Those that deem setting aside some land for the poor and those that most need it - comes at a great expense to these corrupt folks.

These folks - who have no clue that those that know - really know - who gets the big breaks - can expose them as if have been monitoring them - for many, many years.

Most rich folks get big breaks - can hire tax attorney and not pay a cent.

We hear about this - but seeing is believing - and more when these scum of the Earth - brag how the poor should be treated with disdain - it is shocking to hear and see first hand - how these arrogance and more ignorance - is displayed for all the world to see.

The so called Middle Class the moderate income folks - they mostly got breaks on their mortgages - but they all think - that these breaks are a given - that they deserve it - because their "shit" do not stink.

Again and again since City Hall was controlled by "thugs" one has just to read the history - we see how these evil folks - shafted - the poor, the decent, the hard working.

Nothing much has changed - the GI Bill and other incentives given after World War II helped some - but not as many - as some think - more could have been done.

Today the developers who have access to big money - right now there are entities in San Francisco who have access to Billions - we do not need banks - you name a price - and these folks will pay you in cash.

What you need truly is a contact. If you have one and worship mammon - your are in business - but, be prepared to sell your soul - like Malia Cohen and London Breed.

How do you think Lennar Urban is doing their business - their own business was in shambles - they have not recovered from the economic debacle of 2008.

Our City gave them Parcel A for $1 and Lennar Urban used that equity to borrow money.

 Sell visas to the Chinese for $500,000 a pop.

 Behind these scheme that will fail - Willie L. Brown Jr and his minions.

Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi Jr her son - and other scum bags who have amassed great - wealth in San Francisco.

Today we see thousands of decent families moving out of San Francisco.

Once they are gone - that is history - smell it while it is there - after that take a long whiff of the stench that remains - and stay here - if you wish.

Those who buy land, homes, anything they want - just because they have money - tons of it - have no soul.

They do not comprehend their heinous ways  - a result of lack of spirituality - what they see they want - money and more money - until they are sick of it.

But where is the soul, what do they contribute to culture, where are their morals, ethics, standards - they have none.

They are the living - dead.

Much is made of a parcel of land that once was a Gas Station - by 16th and Mission - some $18 million spent to buy this land - hopefully to build sound homes for those that most need it.

Much is being made of land that once was the Bay - yes the Bay - the poor infill.

 Land prone to serious liquefaction and flooding - Candlestick Point, Huntersview - all new names - names given to these spots - by the Devil himself.

Why should we the people - more the indigenous people of San Francisco - really care for these White devils - who invade our communities? 

The others who come from China - and do not know - the repercussions of their actions?

Politicians some Black like London Breed and Malia Cohen  - who have no known legacy - and will leave NO legacy.

All  they seek is to make money - any which way they will - they are like a reed in the wind - blowing any which way. Their time is coming.

A rental one bed room could be got for as little as $250 in the 1960s now $3500 - and in some places as high as  $4500 - today in San Francisco. Figure out the rest - 2 bed rooms going for $5500.

Our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is a JOKER - he think his Bond Measures and other shenanigans will be tolerated.

Not for long - he will witness the WRATH of  the people - and more he will be ill - and suffer what comes to those that do EVIL.

God sees it all - the pandering -  those that steal and lie - wheel and deal - few know that Willie L. Brown is legally blind.

Soon he may lose his taste - what is the point of living - when you cannot taste and less see  - what shines in the light.

What is the use of living in darkness?

You go to City Hall and these corrupt minions - folks who deem they are Supervisors - low down scum bags - uneducated on issues - poorly breed and lacking etiquette - deprive the constituents of San Francisco and other - the 3 minutes et aside for Public Comment.

All sorts of introductory remarks - what you can say and what you cannot - whether you can applaud or not. Screw that!

Who are these scum bags that dare to rule the people - who put them there in the first place - if not the people?

Daily the break the Brown Act - daily they lie and carry out hideous crimes.

In their offices at City Hall - they say they represent - but they really do not - more in Room 200.

No one can represent if they have no heart, less soul, and more if they represent the devil herself or himself. Aho.