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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee

The corruption at San Francisco's City Hall has reached an all time high - now, Mayor Edwin M. Lee joined by Malia Cohen - the SF - District 10 Supervisor  trying to use - SF City Employees' pension - to help their friends purchase homes - using the Mayor's Office of Housing - as a TOOL.

When the Commissioners who deal with the San Francisco City Employees Pension - met recently - one of the issues on their agenda - was to discuss - the ploy of the year emitting from Room 200.

The ploy -  to dip into the City Employees Pension Trust - to permit friends of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen - to purchase - first time homes - under the First Time Home Buyers - guise - that is going no where.

The City and County of San Francisco is booming they say with a lot of congestion on our roads - and over 90 large projects all over the City and County of San Francisco.

The billions of dollars - from Mainland China and elsewhere is now suspect. The Chinese have already according to reliable sources - invested over $30 billion in "real estate" - and who is monitoring this one fact - that can have untold - consequences.

Downtown San Francisco

Too many Market Rate Housing units - that go  form anywhere from $2 million to $10 million - for the filthy rich and corrupt.

Many of these units going to the Chinese - who have ample money to waste.

But, not anymore with the fall of the Stocks and Shares - over $3.6 Trillion - in the Chinese Stock and Shares market so far going - south.

When some of us heard about this ploy to dare in broad daylight to buy homes - homes where people have "defaulted" - "gone under" - whatever the term those in "real estate" - have chosen as choice terms - which in the end - furthers - "GREED".

Malia Cohen should be ashamed of herself - having worked for the Federal Reserve Bank - which is a private bank.

Then working for the most despicable Mayor Gavin Newsom - and the deciding to run for Supervisor - in District 10 - while living in District 9 - which is illegal. Nothing that Malia has done in the public domain is right - she will look at you in the eye and lie.

Just as Malia Cohen won her first election as Supervisor of District 10 - the condominium she lived in - at Candlestick Cove - went under.

 This woman - who talks from both sides of her mouth - could not pay her mortgage - on a condominium that was worth $580,000.

As I said she was forced to leave her condominium and live with her parents in District 9 - on Silliman Street.

Truly speaking this act was illegal - but corrupt folks in this City - that target Ed Jew and others - let this blatant illegal act - slide - and the MACHINE gave Malia Cohen a - pass. Not any more!

So why would Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen - who is a air head - and talks from both sides of her mouth - dare, want to hoodwink the Pension Commission or Board?  And this in San Francisco?

Inequality is killing San Franciscans

Both of them the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and  Malia Cohen have lost their mind - no one in their right mind - would want to dare tap into the City Employees Pension Fund - to invest in " Real Estate" - that is dubious in nature.

Not after millions were lost the last round in dubious investments - and "Hedge Funds" and other funds tied to "Fossil Fuel" - have been discussed at length - the talk is there - the finger pointing too - and stark naked in the middle of these discussion - Malia Cohen and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - decide to bare themselves - and their foolishness of sorts. 

Well, it was fun to watch Malia Cohen - chairing the meeting - at the SF City Pension Commission recently.

Malia Cohen was grilled and the Pension Fund Staff - gasping for air - as each Pension Trust Commissioner or Board member - grilled Malia Cohen and the Staff - who were gasping for air and more for answers - no where to be found.

San Francisco has astute people - and Malia Cohen may have comprehended too late - that she was used by someone - much like a dirty rag.

Used and thrown into the dumpster - at this  Pension meeting.

Malia Cohen  should learn from her mistakes - but she never, does.

At the meeting some little analysis was done of the 38 homes that the Mayor Office of Housing - has helped the First Time Buyers - with their down deposit - and getting their first loan - through the banks.

It is not as if - some profit cannot be made - but the glaring loop hole - how can the City's Pension Staff - get a sound grip - on these homes - plagued with deferred maintenance.

All sorts of funding, too many variables - each moving in every direction.

This type of machinations have  not been done before - and should not be imposed on the august City's Pension Commission or Board - in like manner - someone is playing with fire.

What tool would the Pension Commission or Board use to gain control - just in case - the plan failed - and investment had to be recouped? This and other pertinent question - more with empirical data - as lacking - with Malia Cohen making general statements - provide to her by her aides and other crooks who she deals with.

Malia Cohen of late - laden with illegal money - has been dressing like a "political whore".

Dressing with make up that does not suit her - fake make up does not a person make.

Each time Malia Cohen opens her mouth - she put her dirty foot in - she cannot even conduct any meeting - again and again - faltering - when it comes to conducting the protocols of the ' Chair".

Malia Cohen wants to be the "Chair" but she has always been a lackey - a "peon". Uneducated on issues - and taking her direction - from those that are corrupt and have vested - interests.

The present Chinese Market will affect many things going on in San Francisco and the so called - propped up - " Real Estate Market" in China is failing - the Stock Market is being artificially propped up - with trillions of dollars - something is going to happen and it will not be pretty.


The Mainland Chinese Communist Government - is offended - that the government enticed over 80 million ordinary Chinese - many of them - having no schooling - to invest - in a market that was propped up.

The Mainland Chinese government does not take "defeat" easily and has been hacking into our United States government agencies. Recently, compromising over 4 million plus accounts - many of them - decent American Citizens - who had high clearance - show how vulnerable we the United States are.

The Director of the Office of Personnel Management in Washington DC - has been fired. Millions of Federal government personnel - given free protection - some fire wall - against future - hacking.

In the interim folks like Malia Cohen and Mayor Edwin M. Lee are selling off our assets  - without second thought. All that will change - in a second.


Even as those who had invested in the Chinese Market - were reaping some profits for over 2 years - just like that  market turned South - and there is panic in China - and pandemonium on the streets.

I predicted this factor - over one and half year ago.

All the shenanigans here in the United States - allowing the ChinesE to take control of our Real Estate - according to reliable sources - some 30 billion plus - is detrimental - to our economy.

This happened in the 1980s when the Japanese bought  Real Estate - and then their economy - came spiraling - down.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is in for a big surprise - we can hear the loud whispers - the on going in-fighting - and the pandemonium that will take place in San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco, our SF City Planning, our City Administrator, our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have been playing with fire.

Well you hear me mention - " the incinerator"  well it has arrived - and all those who were playing with fire - treating the poor and those that need help with disdain - will have to pay a price.

Malia Cohen for sure is a "political whore" who has been caught in the bind - and has no where to go.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has been talking from both sides of his mouth - now, has to come out with the empirical data.

Reveal who are his financial backers - crooks - and he will have to let the "cat out from the bag" that cat full of fleas.

No one that harms the poor - no one that with intent harms our infants, children, our youth, young adults, our Seniors - escapes - " Justice".

That time has come - one has to have patience - these "thugs" are now trying to cover their behinds - but it is too, too late. Aho.