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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee cannot function under pressure and recently he was chided by the senior hag - in the Senate - representing San Francisco - Diane Feinstein - on the Sanctuary Issue - and the killing and shooting of an innocent - women.

This upset the weak Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - hurt his feelings - and ever since that statement from his close friend - the poor Mayor - has been - so very sad.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has become the laughing stock - all over the Nation - on the issue of this Sanctuary Ordinance - that the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee signed on - but does not fully comprehend - how it works - and the many pitfalls it has - kinks that must be cleared - the Ordinance tweaked to work - better.

San Franciscans in the know - are fully aware that there is no love lost between Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has avoided the Sheriff for the last 3 years.

No leader worth the salt - can say that he wants to work at a distance from an important position and leader - as is the elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - who has been totally cleared of all the fake charges brought against him, his innocent wife - and affecting his son.

This crime cries to heaven to this day - and decent San Franciscans - understand this and know right from wrong.

When politicians chose with intent to represent - they better learn to set their differences - and work together - to serve the people.

We, San Franciscans - do not endorse "dictators" - "cry babies" - and those politicians that do not believe in accountability and transparency.

This behavior may work with the Chinese Mafia - or the other "thugs" - that the Mayor hangs around and is in bed with.

The Mayor - who thinks - these "thugs" are invincible.

No one is invincible - and there are sealed charges in the Court today - pending against Mayor, Edwin M. Lee.

San Franciscans know well - that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi elected by the voters of San Francisco - got more votes than did Mayor Edwin M. Lee in the same election.

The Mayor running for the Mayor's seat and the Sheriff,Ross Mirkarimi running for his - and garnering more votes - is a fact - and more glaring in the face of those that back - sordid politicians - who truly speaking - should have nothing to do with - representation.

Glaring examples Malia Cohen and London Breed. Arrogant, corrupt, and very, very selfish.

A fact we must bear in mind - when trying to comprehend the dynamics of the sordid politics in San Francisco.

Who are these thugs - behind the scenes - and who truly can upset the apple - cart.

For all his vain talk - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a beast of habit.

One habit that will not leave him - is his affinity to to hold a grudge. Mayor Edwin M. Lee cannot forgive and forget - and this one "vain habit" has already brought about his downfall.

There are cases pending against the Mayor in Court - today.

There are serious issues linked to "fair play" and "decency" that the Mayor has committed - adversely impacting innocent people - and to this day - the Mayor has NOT taken responsibility - for.

His many "press conferences" - the select "forums" he attends - the "rosy picture" he paints - is just that - "mundane' and "fleeting".

One can flush them all in any commode that works - and go about your business.Daily when the Mayor feels well - he generates "fluff" - he should take sometime to read the Sanctuary Ordinance - the PERF report - the last three Housing Elements - the man is a freaking - JOKE.

The Mayor is proud of his vain talk - empty promises - and will look you in the eye and lie. Those lies that have thousands suffering - are coming to haunt him in the ass.

City Hall has already been invaded and "shut down' not once but four times - in recent months - by those that have sent a very strong message to the Mayor and his minions.

Every event documented - and the Mayor and his minions - were no where to be found.

There will be profound repercussions this November - at the Elections - that will send shills down the spine of the crooks and the corrupt - who wheel and deal at City Hall and more in Room 200.

On three occasions - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee was no where to be found - when protestors took control of City Hall.

Even though the Mayor was informed in time that  the "place of the people" - would be visited in numbers, people would protest, and the people united - wanted answers - to pertinent issues linked to Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee was no where to be found. This was NOT by accident - cowards flee when they fear the TRUTH.

July 14, 2015 there was some opening of the recently opened Presidio Parkway - people wrongly now call it - Doyle Drive - which is no longer there - habit die hard. Hence forth it is the Presidio Parkway - complete with new contemporary tunnels - and view and landscape changes - that are pleasing to the eye.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee was suppose to be in attendance at his opening - but he was not.

The Director of the SF County and Transportation Authority - Tilly Tang stated the Mayor was ill - so be it.

The new Director of Mayor's Office of Workforce and Mr Karr and others spoke - the Mayor was declared ill - and if he was ill - rightly, he had every right to stay at home and rest.

He chose - sick as he was to ramble - and his rambling at the SF Board of Supervisors - at the August Chambers - Room 250 - proved to be too costly - today - July 15, 2015 - the Nation is wondering - whey San Francisco has a JOKER - as a Mayor?

Yet, on this same day the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - showed up at the SF Board of Supervisors - to make some "drab and inept" introductory remarks. The remarks were totally unwarranted and added fuel to fire.

I was in the front row and heard ever word - and could not understand - what this "crazy" man was talking about. His advisors better take note that such sordid statements - by the Mayor who is already looked upon as a clown - take our City and County of San Francisco -  down the drain and into the cesspool of the Mayor's own making.

The Mayor remarks - on July 14, 2015 around 2:25 pm - first on the death of a innocent woman on Pier 14 by an illegal immigrant -Francisco Sanchez - who was deported five times - and each time avoided the Immigration and Custom Agency (ICE) - and crossed the border and entered the United States.

Francisco Sanchez  was responsible for the death of this young woman. The entire Nation is talking about it - it happened when Mayor Edwin M. Lee was in charge - but the man - has lost his mind - and has been pointing fingers at others.

Anyway you look at this situation our City and County of San Francisco has a Sanctuary Ordinance - fully endorsed and signed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

It is time that - he takes full responsibility  how this Ordinace is executed - the arrangements in force between our City and County of San Francisco and ICE - and how they are implemented.

The Mayor Edwin M.Lee does not have the balls to be a man - and call a spade a spade.

So far he has taken NO responsibility.

He wants a "scape goat" and that "scape goat" is our Sheriff - who can fend for himself - who got more votes than the Mayor - the last time both run for their offices - in the same - election.

San Franciscans - decent San Franciscans who know and comprehend their rights - laid down by our Constitution - know who is right and who is wrong.

In this case - the Mayor is wrong - there is no easy way to get of of this bind.

The Mayor did not take the time to review what he signed - and has not bothered in general - to review and implement - Quality of Life issues - all over our City and County of San Francisco.

Crime is on the increase in San Francisco.

On any issue linked to petty crimes, the increase in Violence, Domestic Violence, families in stress, basic Quality of Life issues have adversely impacted thousands of decent San Francisco - families.

Never, ever in the history of our City has there been so much congestion of our roads. Take 45 minutes during peak hours - to cross five or six block - tampers flaring - and giving our City and County of bad name.

The Mayor has been pandering to Twitter, Google, Urber, AirBnB, Salesforce, Weber, Nibbi, Obiyashi, Lennar and a host of devious entities that have filled his campaign - coffers.

Time will tell - the Mayor, Edwin M Lee - will fail - just as did Nero, Caligula, and host of "idiots" and "clowns" - before him.

It does not help that cowards and inept Supervisors like Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Scott Wiener, and Katy Tang - support the Mayor in his many machinations, ploys, and sordid shenanigans. 

The Mayor should be a leader - but he is not - he is a coward - and one that must be ashamed of himself.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is a panderer - and we saw it yesterday at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - he should have stayed at home - and nursed his on going deep wounds of his own making.

He came to City Hall and entered the August Chambers - Room 250 - ill - his mood all disturbed - by the on going actions - the stress in his life - that he created - he is getting a dose of his own medication.

The same woes and stress he has bestowed willingly and with intent on thousands of innocent families.

Today, Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is a disturbed man - a wounded animal - angry and he cannot think - straight.

His Chief Advisors - Steve Kawa and Tony Winniker - should send him away - somewhere - where he can sit down calmly and lick his wounds - repent for his sins - and change his "sordid" life. Get rid of that "moustache" and may be start wearing a bow tie - with a red ball on his nose.

Daily wheeling and dealing - failing San Franciscans - arrogant and foolish - and always taking credit for the mundane, mostly drab - silly, rosy issues.

Failing to face life - as a man - with balls and fortitude.

As it is -Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has made mistakes - glaring mistakes - but wants us decent - intelligent, experienced, knowing San Franciscans  to look the way. No way.

You Edwin M Lee - must be accountable for your foolish actions - that you commit with "intent" each and every day.

Daily adversely impacting thousands of innocent people - we advocates are fed up - and most of us - want you gone - you have sold our City - lock, stock, and barrel to the highest bidder. This is plain - wrong and must be corrected.