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Thursday, July 30, 2015


The hoodwinking going on at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has reached saturation point. San Francisco constituents are fed up - with all the ploys and on going machinations.

Recently two episodes exposed the SF Public Utilities Commission for all the lies and hoodwinking - that is going on - unnoticed by the public at large.

Millions spent on infrastructure - only to reveal - the gaping holes - as a result of deferred maintenance.

15 million gallons of clean water wasted:

More - wasting millions of tax payers money - on mundane stuff - and permitting folks like Juliet Ellis to divert money - to areas that are nefarious in nature - with the corrupt SF Public Utilities Commission.

Recently in San Francisco - on Third Street - by Cargo Way - at Islais Creek a large pipe carrying so called secondary effluents was compromised.

It took the SF Public Utilities Commission days to check the pipe - only to find a large hole in the pipe - and the discharge in the millions - compromising the Islais Creek and the Bay - by 3rd Street and Cargo.

Complaints made to the Regional Water Board have fallen on deaf years. During the time I have been monitoring the SF Public Utilities Commission - over 40 spills have taken place - and over 20 Notice of Violations issues to the SF Public Utilities Commission.

You ask the authorities and they will tell you that everything is fine - much as the other on going shenanigans, the corruption,and the lack of standards when it comes to anything - decent.

It is time that those in charge of "Infrastructure" at the SF Public Utilities Commission - be personally cited and made responsible for doing a very poor job.

Two days ago a large clean water drinking pipe burst - in a near by County that San Francisco provides clean drinking water to. The name of the county San Bruno and millions of clean water - was wasted. All this while - we all are experiencing - a drought - five years going.

There was no meaningful - protocol - in place. No blue print worth the salt - when such incidents take place. Everything is kept hush, hush - and vague statements made - much like a crook - who works best in darkness.

In fact millions of gallons could be saved - but someone made a decision to let more water go to waste - while the clean drinking water - in the intact, working large pipes - was diverted - in some other way.

Bottom line in situations like this - there are no vetted protocols and plans.

More - to address such situations.

Yet the SF Public Utilities brags - they work very well in "emergencies". Those of us who monitor the situation at hand - and have witness several failure - leading to the waste of millions of gallons of water - Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water - do not think so.

We have seen this numerous times when large pipes have burst - wasting millions of gallons of water. No one worth the salt - ready to address the situation at hand.

In some cases brand new pipes - with faulty valves - that were not run through some required tests - to find out if everything was in place.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is known for talking the talk - but failing to walk the walk.

As the Water System Improvement Project was being built - some years ago - again and again we had Contractors tell us - even appear before the SF Public Utilities Commission - at their meetings - all recorded about "faulty welding" and other pertinent -issues.

Valves that were not put in place properly - valves that were leak - other important things that should have been in place.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - looks the other away - thinks and imagines - perhaps dreaming they can fix anything.

In some cases - using a Job Order Contracts and Contractors - to come in and clean up - after a "rogue contractor" has been let go.

None of these cases are reviewed at the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting - in any forum.

All that is discussed at the meetings - are mundane stuff - after some rosy presentation - none of which are practical and many not backed by empirical data.

With some Commissioners like Francesca Vector - and on or two others - having no clue about "infrastructure" and less about facilities that matter - and know absolutely nothing what so ever about  "engineering".

Does the SF Public Utilities Commission think that wasting millions of gallons of water - during the worst drought is a joke?

Does it think when such an episode - that happened in San Bruno - where over 15 million gallons of clean water spilled - into the gutter.

When such news is mentioned in the news - again and again - that it does not challenge the constituents.

More the constituents who pay the salaries of the SF Public Utilities Commission - the many stupid minions - the likes of Juliet Ellis for example - earning over $200,000 - plus benefits - that we the public will go on tolerating the on going nonsense forever?

Further - allowing millions more of clean drinking water - go to waste - because those in charge did not have a plan in place -  they thought - that they could use another diversion method - that truly makes no sense.

On top of that the SF Public Utilities Commission feels no guilt to announce - that thousands of more miles of large pipes - have yet to be replaced. Some as old as over 120 years.

The Water System Improvement Project is nearing the tail end a nearly 11 years project - costing over $4.6 Billion. We still have large gaping holes in the system - and no one seems to care.

One glaring hole - Mountain Tunnel so close to the Hetchy Hetchy Reservoir.

Now this old pipe close to Crystal Spring - one can try ones best to explain the on going cases to the SF Public Utilities Commission - but they all are nonchalant - more in a trance.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Plant is an antique plant - situated stark naked in the middle of Bayview - that should have been address - 15 years ago.

A city wide San Francisco Proposition was voted on to address both the Waste Water and the Clean Drinking Water - infrastructure.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - did not abide by the Proposition passed by the Constituents of San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities Commission decided with intent to dump the fixing the now " Sewer System Improvement Project" and deal only with the now "Water System Improvement Project".

At hind sight - those of us that monitor both these systems - are fed up with millions of dollars wasted.

Large Primes are in bed with one another - wanton corruption of the highest order - all well documented - and the SF Public Utilities Commission - looking the other way.

A glaring example of the above URS and AECOM - recently AECOM acquired URS.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - has chosen not to hold those responsible for pussyfooting the many pertinent tasks and projects.

Someone must be fired - and we are fed up of such actions - where our Watershed has been compromised - clean treated drinking water spilled - waste - in the millions of gallons.
And the world knows - we have a drought - a drought that has stayed with us for 5 years.

Our Bay by Islais Creek compromised - our Muwekma Ohlone and Sanctuary compromised - and no restitution from the SF Public Utilities Commission.

When will this nonsense STOP?

Who do these "vermin" think they are?

Are a few of us that know the history and more we have the empirical data.

When we speak - they do not like to hear the TRUTH - they love those that go with the follow - and jump when they told to jump - do this wrong  - when they are told to do so.