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Monday, July 6, 2015


Greece and its people have voted right - the larger international financial institutions that now - have Greece's National assets - and hold them hostage - cannot further - pour fuel over fire - and destroy the "dignity" - of Greece.

The Greeks have spoken - all negotiation - on fiscal and other matters - will be reach by the Greek people are their elected officials. Greeks will no take dictation from International bodies - who have taken advantage of their economy - using devious methods - to deny Greeks any voice - and more dishonor them and their dignity.

During World War II - Germany made sure to steal all the treasures and tons of gold from Greece. Germany is strong today - but has not addressed that sad part of history - and restitution - with concrete - time lines.

Greece can now sit down with those International Financial institution and on their own terms - after the current mandate by the Greeks not to stay with the Euro Nations - with the sordid dictation that has created - hostility.

Greeks can now agree to pay the dubious loans - linked to Euro Nations like Germany.

Today, other Euro Nations are bleeding - who will join Greece - with the same prediction - it is just a matter of time - France, Italy, and others that belong to the Euro Nations.

Here is the United States we too are suffering the same situation - the great divide.

The One percent who have all the money they want and more - millions of dollars and many others billions of dollars - and the 99% who live from pay check to pay check.

The Middle Class as we understood it - is no more - it has vanished - the Union Jobs - that provided security - gone, gone away.

China too is suffering - with its billions of people - looking to a bleak future.

The "greed" of the large financial institutions - many of them headquartered in the United States and other European Nations - did not stop to think for a second.

When the dared to loan large amounts of money - and encouraged Nations - to take large loans - using devious methods - to charge large interest rates - and "with intent" destroy - once healthy nations and their economies.

Portugal, Spain,and other Nations that use the Euro as their main monetary means of financial transaction - have since 2008 - been balancing their economies - while large financial institution - are raking in the billions in interest - sucking their economies - and looking at the Nations despair - with glee.

Here in the United States will just print the money - since the dollar is still used as some standard - and the United States has established - deep tentacles - that can squeeze the "living hell" - of any Nation and its economy - with ploys and machinations. That includes Germany.

The world economy today is fragile - those "economists" who are sincere - have called this economy -  a "cardboard economy" - others, have warned us - how any economy can topple.

Those of us who experienced the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans of what happened with the "spiraling of the economy in 2008" - fully comprehend the consequences.

History repeats itself. We know how the First World happened - we know how the Second World War happened - we know of other wars - we see what is happening with Iran.

We think we know what is happening in Syria and Iraq - that we have some say - we do not.

It is the same with those countries that rejoiced in the "Spring uprising" in the Middle East Tunisia, Libya, Egypt - we thought all was well with Yemen - and now see Yemen - self destruct - in front of our eyes.

One day you wake up - and take a tally of your investments - true that we all take a risk when we invest in Stocks and Shares - other equities - here, in the United States.

Many of us - hardworking, decent, tax paying citizens - unlike the sordid politicians - and filthy rich developers, and techies such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, others too many to name - are raking in from some artificial platform of investments.

Poor, hardworking people - working hard - doing mundane jobs, producing more for less and falling fell prey to a society - that does not believe in equal compensation - for required work that keep - our economy working - on levels and addressing Quality of Life issues.

Many thought their Retirement Investments and Savings - somehow would be safe - no one today thinks so anymore.

Not after losing 60% - 70% - and sometimes over 80% - of such investments.

Today, in Greece the people have no access to their savings - some have some access - can withdraw paltry amounts - 68 Euros or so - these small sums - cannot suffice to feed any family.

We read of the lack of food and other essential commodities in Greece.

We read of tourists from Greece stranded in other countries - because their Credit Cards - are not honored.

We must think hard - that  this could and will happen to us - sooner not later.

Already in Greece - people are growing their own vegetables - and learning how to go back to a time - they cultivated their land - and economized with what they had - with families and friends.

Here in the United States we all experienced the same - in the last depression. More those farmers that know the perils of the "Dust Bowl".

Today, many cities in the United States have declared - bankruptcy. Closer to San Francisco - the City of Vallejo.

In many States - here in the United States - the infrastructure is falling apart - bridges waiting to come down - bolts and screws - rusted from lack of maintenance - known better as - "deferred maintenance".

Greece has awoken us all - and the fragile - artificially propped up economies we see - that we think are strong - have been rocked at the foundations - the price of essentials commodities - waiting to play havoc - toppling down into the cesspool of the creation of those that are "greedy".

As I have written many times our large expanse of fertile land in the United States , our population which is but 310 million, and our ability to tap into the hardworking ordinary American - has saved the day.

The filthy rich know what can happen to them.

There is only so much of "pacification" that can be doled out - only so much bluffing!

Then we know - those of us that can read history - what happened in France and in recent years - with "revolutions" - all over the world.

We all have our "dignity" and once anyone dares to touch "that" - people will speak out loud and clear - be it in San Francisco or in cities throughout the civilized - world - that includes Athens - Greece. Aho.