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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The many deaths in our community - among our youth in recent months - more the the Black on Black violence - that is an inherent factor that the community has to address and resolve.

We keep beating around the bush, the pastors, the so called Black and other leaders - having no leadership what so ever. Every death touches everyone - the decent constituents of San Francisco.

We have a population of about 820,000 that is growing. A Police Force that numbers 1700 - we keep spending money - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - but again and again we have NO sound - leadership.

The wanton killings more in District 5 and District 10 are a disgrace to the human race. With the Representatives from both District - putting the blame on others - failing to comprehend that they are inherently - part of the systemic problem.

When folks from other States call you to ask you what is really happening in San Francisco - all one can do is keep - silent.

We once had the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice and we saw some sound policy decisions made that are there for all of us to follow.

As things stand now - those policies are gathering - dust on some shelf. The Mayor Office right now has NO experts who can analysis, lead, and more intercept - what is chronic and has adversely impacted - Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

The SF Police Department spends thousands creating a document called PERF - to better the operations and conduct of the SF Police Department and more its Police Officers - that is putting it simply. What is the PERF document doing on the shelf - collecting, dust.

I have mentioned this document - called the PERF document and I bet the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not read it. Nor have those who purport to know and think they can address the current violence - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Barbara Garcia, others too many to mention. 

Guess what - for all the money spent on the PERF document - some $300,000 plus - the policies contained in this document - that should have been exercised - if implemented could take us to a better place.

From the days of RAP to the gimmicks being tried today by s sordid politicians - we do not have proven policies with sound leadership - to do a sound job - addressing Violence Prevention and Intervention.

The politics behind the scenes - is always to throw the monkey wrench - and behind this fiasco - political whores and pimps - who are more concerned with their campaign - coffers.

Hold those breakfast - $100 to $500 a set at a table of ten - raking in the thousands - sound some alarm that they will do this and that - and when in office - they spew hot air - and act arrogant.

Gentrification is alive - let us have a hearing on gentrification.

Let us find out and lay the facts on the table - about how "people of color are treated?

Why so many poor people live in horrible conditions - with so many filthy rich people in San Francisco. In Public Housing come the 5th day of month - money runs out and with it food and other necessities - some of us know this - but, pretend we do not.

Let us find out the role of the sell outs - and lay the matter to rest once and for all.

Now who among the 11 SF Board of Supervisors wants to call for this hearing?

The recent audits mandated to be done - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - say something but lack - "capacity building" - "cultural competency" - "sound leadership" - and what is the most important " meaningful dialog with the community".

There is talk about "Community Policing" - people uttering those words - but no one reaching out to the community. The community pays the taxes, the salaries - often those in Management positions - making in access of $250,000 with benefits.

San Francisco is the City and County of San Francisco that knows how - so they say.

How can we make any progress with Supervisors like Malia Cohen and London Breed - thinking they know it all - when they are the problem - themselves.

Right now behind the scenes these two inept, shallow, and arrogant Black women - are tying to create - a model that has not been tested - to address Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Trying to go backwards - trying to use Jacob Moody as a fiscal agent. Jacob Moody who screwed things up - and raked in the wasted, thousands. More when he run Community Response Network (CRN).

The kept changing the name - name snake different - head.

No one is talking about finding out what does the community need.

Let us have a community meeting with London Breed and Malia Cohen - fielding the questions - on Violence Prevention and Intervention - sans the Mayor, the Police Chief, others that are their mouth pieces.

Let us the community find out what experience do these two Supervisors have - and what Business Plan and Capacity Building - do they have in the pipeline - to bring about meaningful change - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

The Mayor's Office has Diane Aroche in charge and Barbara Gracia has the money to spend - and spends it - when her minions give her the green signal to do so.

Barbara Gracia is the head of the San Francisco Health Department.

The present fake plans - being discussed behind closed doors - makes no sense because it is not holistic. It has not been vetted and these two so called Representatives think - the can pull wool over our eyes - and hoodwink the community.

The Rap Around Piece is critical - but so is the planning and leadership - with proven Accountability and Transparency.

So is  the statistical piece - that is missing when the audits are done. Again and again - grey area - when it comes to the Empirical Data.

Most important the meeting and minutes when the community is involved so that the world can see the Transparency and Accountability.

What we do see is that the community is left in the dark - when the community is left in the dark - all hell breaks - loose.

The Mayor, the Chief of Police only act when there is some sensational news - that has to be taken care off.

The time four youth were killed in the Western Addition.

Try talking to the parents and loved ones and find out - how they feel? Our City has lost the compassion - and reaching out to parents and loved ones of these youth who were killed - has been minimal and the helped need on all levels - abysmal.

In like manner let us talk to the Mother of Alex Nieto and the 57 bullets - yes, fifty seven bullets pumped into his body.

Alex Nieto was a practicing Buddhist and some one I ran into from time to time.

Malia Cohen and London breed have no business trying to pussyfoot behind the scenes - taking charge of spreading the money - while pandering to those that have failed in the past.

We are watching this situation like a hawk and there is more to come. Aho.