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Monday, March 23, 2015


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has NO right to raise the water rate of the constituents of San Francisco.

More, at the rate the SFPUC with intent wastes millions of gallons of clean drink water - leeching into the ground - the old clean water pipes more than 90 years - old.

There has been talk of replacing the clean water pipes - but hardly 8% have been replaced. Tons of vain talk but very little - walk.

By now we should have had a system in place that should have mandated that all the newer buildings - to have pipes and plumbing for clean drinking water for that purpose. only.

For purposes linked to hygiene, cooking, taking a shower, and matters that pertain to one health and healthy living. 

Grey and recycled water plumping and infrastructure when one
waters one's lawn.

Care to wash one's car, wash down one dog poop, we have more dogs than children in San Francisco - by some estimates as many as 200,000 dogs who poop creates a havoc on many- levels.

The many other mundane things we do and care to keep clean - using water - we could have had in place - grey water - recycled water for that use.

This way of living is plain common sense - that the SFPUC lacks - having folks in charge who are a bunch of buffoons - that defies - plain logic.

I have paid my dues - attending the many SFPUC meetings.

These bunch of idiots - are just that - buffoons who are taking this City and County of San Francisco - to the "cesspool of their own creation" - wasting millions of dollars of tax payers money.

The salaries of all those in Management at SFPUC should be capped to $100,000.

If this is done - with one swoop the crooked, the evil, the inept the likes of Juliet Ellis, Ivy Fine, Barbara Hale - these and others - will be brought to their knees.

There is nothing the SFPUC does - that is not convoluted.

Today the SFPUC is still figuring out how to deal with the excesses of URS at Calavares. Never mind it has something to do with Richard Blum - who is the husband of Diane Feinstein.

Besides wasting millions of precious clean drinking water - most of the clean drinking water pipes over 90 years old - need to be replaced.

The clean water leeching into the ground and adversely impacting our watershed. Many of those are SFPUC have now without consulting the constituents - the tax payers - decided to tap into the ground water and expose us decent human beings - to dog pooh, leeching sewer, Asbestos, lead, mercury, in many cases high levels of radioactive elements, PCBs - other contaminants to many to mention.

We have the empirical data - if anyone want to see, read, and take on the SFPUC that has been hoodwinking the public at large.

The SFPUC has been long found wanting in sound leadership - anything they do and set their eyes one - takes years.

What I could achieve at the Presidio of San Francisco - in two weeks - these "idiots" take 4 years.

Many are not aware about the Contractors Assistance Center - no one really knows who really did the spade work - and who came out with that conceptual plan - and made it happen.

At the opening of the Contractors Assistance Center - I could not believe the lies - that were told. 

I could not believe how a contractor that had no real experience - was declared the contractor to look upon - a poster child.

Today the Contractor is in peril - Empire - and he is sinking - even as your read this blog.

The SFPUC is not lifting a finger to help him - a Black Contractor - sent to the - gallows.

It is the same at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale - the SFPUC has planted sell outs who have no clue about - the true history of the community, did not participate in the many meetings as did Dr Espanola Jackson and I - others too.

Many have stopped attending the meetings - and have every justification to do so.

The SFPUC wants to build a campus - when the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building has FAILED to serve our infants, our children, our youth and young adults.

Certified Nurses programs, Catering, other programs that allowed our community to make progress - have been replaced by programs that favor - divisiveness, lack sound training, and are a farce and disgrace to the human race.

The SFPUC doles money to the sell outs - it would not be proper to soil my blog - mentioning their sordid names and more their evil - organizations. 

The person behind all this nonsense - this Black Jamaican woman - Juliet Ellis - who keeps wheeling and dealing.

The $300 million that are the Community Benefits - 5% of the $6 Billion linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - that the community fought for - not the ones sitting on the present Southeast Community Commission Facility - but folks like Dr Espanola Jack and others that I know off.

Not the other sell outs that never, ever  - attended the meetings - but were first to shove their dirty hands out - asking for a hand out.

The Childcare Center has been leased to a Chinese who has ties to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and has taken charge of all the childcare centers - the one at Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - up on the Hill - Whitney Young - the program - also known as Head Start.

Anything that matters has been taken away from the community with the General Manager Harlan  Kelly - who we once thought as half decent - acting as a true " House Negro".

One can try and try to make good things happen - and if not - we can and have before - brought folks down to their knees. 

We have NOT given up on Juliet Ellis - she has been taken to task by the Fair Action Political Committee at the State of California level - and should not be working.

Also  the San Francisco Ethics Commission. Time will tell.

Right now Willie L. Brown Jr is a consultant to Pacific Gas and Electric - he receives in excess of $200,000 annually.

If PG&E desires some things done - however - remote - Willie L. Brown Jr has planted the required Managers and Commissioners - that can pull the strings.

That includes the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee who panders to the MACHINE and PG&E.

There is talk about Clean Power - but the entity that has the most money -wins - that is PG&E.

The City and County of San Francisco - will put hurdles - however slight - and those that want to oppose PG&E - will have to sweat it out in court. 

PG&E has done it before and can do it at will.

In the meantime we have to deal with SFPUC that has failed with the projects that come under its jurisdiction at Mountain Tunnel in close proximity to Hetch Hetchy.

Calavares Resevoir if anything fails the entire Fremont Area will be flooded - under water.

Irwington Tunnel, Lake Merced, and a host of other areas - to many to mention.

Most importantly - daily the SFPUC continues to waste millions of gallons - knowing well the clean drinking pipes are old - and millions of gallons are leeching into the watershed.

SFPUC has failed to put in place conservation mandates - to include grey water and recycled water - linked to the over 80 projects - newer small less density buildings - what has the person who is the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - done to address these issues.

Nothing - why? Because she is inept, dumb, and evil to the core.
Has no morals, less ethics, even less standards - and cannot be trusted.

She now want to hook up with the San Francisco Foundation and other sordid entities - trying to come into the Southeast Sector and ruin what we the community have fought for.

SFPUC has been wasting millions on gimmicks - creating projects that sound good but are worthless. Providing water fountains that are not maintained and lack hygiene.

They will tell you that they put in the fountains - ask them if they maintain them and test the filthy that surround the fountains - and they have nothing much to say.

Children drink the water and are adversely impacted.

Parents who know better will not permit their children to go near these drinking fountains. Not with all the diseases rampant everywhere - more in areas - where folks lack - hygiene.

This problem is just the tip of the iceberg - SFPUC has now surrounded itself with people who are not "culturally sensitive" to the many neighborhoods.

This one factor will come to haunt them.

Anointed some inept Commissioners - some of whom have no clue - what they are doing - and most of them are NOT educated on issues.

SFPUC has had it way for too long - but not  - any more. Aho.

You many not know this - Emilio Cruz has decided to leave the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - may be he learned some from what I had to say. 

Cathy How has taken his place - let us see how see fares - may be she will teach those around her - how to serve her firm stances - that may or may not have - any substance.

I will be watching the buffoons - I can watch them remote control - more in this digital - world.