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Friday, March 6, 2015


This land all of it belong to the Ohlone.

If we as a City do not accept this fact - then whatever we do - however we act - means nothing at all.

There is no one single document that this City and  County can produce -  that state in legal terms - that this land was bought from the Ohlone.

In the case of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

All the land in San Francisco was robbed for sure.

All the land in San Francisco was stolen for sure.

The Ohlone killed - just because the strangers had arms and weapons - more superior - this land was stolen.

Now we have robbers, thieves, crooks of the highest order - pretending they are decent - that they have the best interests of the people. Pure BS - they have BLOOD on their hands.

We simply cannot permit our Seniors, our infants, our children, our youth and young adults to suffer - when we have so much money - and those in power take our tax payers money - and keep a lot of it for themselves. 

Cap the salaries to $100,000 and see what happens.

The scumbags will flee - no one has the guts to tell their morons their worth - which is nothing - nothing at all.

Now, let us truly talk about Quality of Life Issues.

We all know that if you are poor - that even if you are middle class and have children - it is difficult to rent a one bed room in a decent location. 

Right now the  going rate is $3500 for a single bed room.

$5000 or more for a two bed room in a decent location.

We have the filthy rich - plenty of them - and they do not care about the poor and the indigent.

Those that have fallen on bad times - for one simple reason - their heart in not in the right - place.

Spiritually speaking they are spiritually - bankrupt.

Our education in the  San Francisco Public Schools is a joke. 

The paradox the SF Unified School District Board - just gave the Superintendent a raise - a $60,000 raise. This says it all.

In recent months some private corporations have donated large amounts of money to the Public Schools.

Others want to invest in our Public Schools - the missing equation - how well are our teachers trained?

Why have so many families and students left - San Francisco?

For sure we need the children - but no one is addressing the above two questions and there are more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has just figured out - so he thinks - with Bevan Dufty the Homeless Czar - whatever that means - how to make some vain attempt in the year 2015 - to help homeless families and those who have simply fallen on bad times.

We have so many vacant units - for the filthy rich - condominiums in the price range of $1 million to $3 million.

The GREED knows no bounds - and the Ohlone were and are NOT about GREED.

Those who have no standards, less ethics, even less morals - talk the talk but will NOT walk the walk.

It is sad to see so many families fallen on bad times.

If you live in a home or rent in some building - and if that house or building catches on fire - you are doomed.

The Red Cross can take care of you for only so many days.

I know when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - how many times - we came to the rescue of the City and County of San Francisco, the State University, other entities outside the Presidio of San Francisco.

When others experienced hardship - during the era and during the 1989 Earthquake.

Of course the City officials know something about this - but right now - in this sordid climate - none of them truly care about the poor and those that have fallen on bad times - because of the City's failed - policies.

Most of them are busy attending ceremonies - cutting ribbons - and patting their fat behinds. Pathetic. 

Stay in your offices - and fucking do the work - you are paid to do.

The City Officials who rake in the thousands - only care about their fat salaries - especially those making above $250,000 and above - our tax payers money.

The salaries must be capped to $100,000 - and then you will see how - these scumbags behave.

Today - they do not give a rat's ass - because there is no - accountability and less transparency. The constituents and the tax payers go with the flow.

Truly speak some of public punishment should be in place.

We once did enjoy Quality of Life is San Francisco.

No more - today, as I said - it is all talk and less walk.

Morons have created a cesspool of our City - congestion on our roads, air that is polluted.

Soon the water from Hetch Hetchy which was stolen - will have poor quality - inferior water added - all this without any meaningful meetings - with the public at large.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is the most corrupt and crooked City agency - though an Enterprise Agency - in San Francisco.

Take a look at our Safety record - really? Do some investigation.

Take a look at our Transportation - check out the performance on any line.

Take a look at how indigent patients are treated at our Public Hospitals?

Take a look at our education in Public Schools. Look at the truancy rate.

Some of these sordid politicians just realized that children had to skip school - just because they were poor and homeless.

Have to stand in line with the siblings and parents - to get a spot - in a shelter. That has been address just in the last two days - in the year 2015.

These politicians are pathetic - to say the least.

When you speak to the TRUTH - there is one person with a moustache - he calls the TRUTH - tirades. He is a JOKER.

The recent killings and shootings in San Francisco - are only going to get worse.

There is NO blue print - and a recent audit - has revealed too many loop holes.

It is not because there is NO Blue Print - we have had one from the year 2004.

We have NO leadership - we have people in positions - who know little about - pertinent issues.

They are not educated on issues - have no experience - and most of all their HEART is not in the right - place.

They are the LIVING DEAD - and they just happen to be in power - making idiotic decisions - because they say they represent - they are NOT fit to represent.