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Sunday, March 8, 2015


All of the land in San Francisco was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco.

This stolen land belongs to all of us that have our heart in the right place.

Crooks, developers who want to make millions on the back of the poor - have no place - in staying in San Francisco and bragging about anything at all. They contribute nothing to Quality of Life issues.

The rapid and poor planning have destroyed the character of our neighborhoods - we have allowed too many outsiders - with no roots and lacking history of San Francisco - to come here and do as they please - all in the name of the Almighty Dollar.

Large tracts of land without any meaningful dialog are being transferred to large property managers, so call non-profits like Mercy Housing, crooked developers like the John Stewart Company - Bridge Developers - who all think about their bottom line - and to hell - with those that truly - need help.

If you as a poor person, an indigent person, some person, some human being who has fallen on bad times - woe to you if you - want housing - that should be given to you if you qualify - without going through hoops - but that is what they these organizations do.

Every opportunity is made to teach you a lesson and bring you to your knees.

Brain wash you to understand - untested principles - where you are exposed before groups - pitting yourself - and accepting some shallow talk - about how you can - pull yourself up - while all the while being made aware that you are responsible for getting where you are - with no positive, no empowering models - put before you.

All the time - under the control of those - that want to control your mind - sordid folks have got the land for free, want to build high density homes on that land and make huge sums of profit - building poor housing and high density.

These same crooks work with the City - more with Olson Lee and the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Are given the inside scoop to access and money be it State, Federal and Local.

The City and County of San Francisco will these name entities tax breaks to top it all - to make more, money - all on the backs of poor people - people who live pay check to pay check - people who are San Franciscans - more families with children who are in need of help.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity - and we must now participate and have a piece of the pie - to help the community.

We the people united can do that - find out who really is behind - all the federal land grab - that legally cannot be owned by private entities and belongs to the people.

Not even the City and County of San Francisco can own the land - there are detail prohibitions on owning Federal Land - when there are laws that state - access land can and should be given to those that are in need of land

The McKinney-Vento Act for example lays is down:

All Housing and Urban Development land - should be leased to any entity - any non-profit entity - and more so now -  we the people can build and be in charge of our own destiny.

This was already on the books - but recently - the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced this know fact - but only after leasing the largest tracts of land - to Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company, and Mercy Housing.

Who is fooling whom - and who are these outsiders - who can come into our back yard - enter our living rooms - and without permission - re-arrange our furniture.

I once worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and saw for myself - now powerful crooks took control of all the Presidio Housing.

I had control of the keys and had the inventory of the entire housing stock.

Today on Simmonds Loop homes that once rent for $800 and tops $1200 when the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco had jurisdiction - today rent for over $8000 a month.

Units at Baker Beach that rent for $400 now rent for $2500 a single bed room - $3500 for a two bed room.

The paradox all these homes were paid for a hundred time over - built by Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - maintained - and when the time came - handed it over to the National Park Service who handed it to the Presidio Trust.

Suddenly out of the blues the Presidio Trust was created. Nancy Pelosi was behind this "ploy and machination".

Creating a quasi-government agency called the Presidio Trust that was funded by Congress from the year 2001 to 2013.

Initially given $150 million and then every year about $30 million every year - while all the buildings and homes - were leased to Property Managers.

Again the John Stewart company was leased all the housing units on the Presidio of San Francisco. Why? Sordid, connections.

Why is it that the John Stewart Company is all over the Presidio of San Francisco. On Treasure Island. All over the Tenderloin. On Hunterview and already has control of NorthRidge Housing every near Hunterview, soon will control all the brand new homes - part of Phase II and Phase III.

Why is this one sordid given all the control to have jurisdiction over such a large area - and control the lives of so many people. 

In time thousands of people will speak of a time where they lived - when most of them are already driven out - we call is gentrification.

John Stewart himself was fired from Fanny Mae a long time ago.

He understands how to get money - and he is in bed with Nancy Pelosi - whose connection with the John Stewart Company - goes to the Heroin bust - a billion dollar bust - way back when in the 2000 - at a Hayward Warehouse.

Her name and that of John Stewart made the manifest linked to this bust  - and that says it all.

It is the same with all these Property Managers - who meet behind close doors months before any Request of Proposal is put forth. They get the scoop and the rest is history.

If we did not have the spiraling of the economy starting in 2006 all the way to 2011 - by now all of Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnydale - would have been fully developed.

San Franciscans those that have heart - have this one great opportunity - using the "digital world" to tap into the information available and get a piece of the pie.

The Mayor of San Francisco right now is moving from plan to plan - with his head in the sand - much like an ostrich - trying to make up - for that lack of caring and compassion to the homeless population and the recent explosion of  - "homeless " - who are camping all over San Francisco.

Thousands sleep in vacant buildings, in cars, any place where they can lay their head.

Where is the Quality of Life in San Francisco? The land belongs to the Ohlone and someone stole it!  

Here is the McKinney-Vento Act for starters and there is more:

The McKinney-Vento Act and the Homelessness: