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Thursday, March 19, 2015


This bluff game has been going on for decades - but, in recent years with inept, shallow, so called representatives like Malia Cohen - our great City and County of San Francisco is going to the hogs.

Now you know - no one can throw pearls before the hogs - and accept anything good - to happen.

At the last Land Use and Economic Development meeting headed by Malia Cohen - with Jane Kim present and Scott Wiener absent - no valid information linked to the Agenda Item and the discussion on the 2014 Housing Element - was given to the Public at Large.

Who do you think these Supervisors are? More from the drab, shallow Land Use and Economic Committee - who rubber stamp anything and everything - much like those who have no mind of their own - and for sure NO nothing - about sound - representation.

More - to fully understand what was being deliberated at the Land Use and more on subject that has been in court - many times - and critical and important to the many issues linked to the Housing Element - the recent one and that from 2009 - and the three previous ones - all lack transparency and accountability.

In fact the 2009 Housing Element is still in Court - that adjudication pending the many loop holes - brought to the fore - in the 2009 Housing Element.

An important document that projects our housing and other pertinent growth - that contribute to Quality of Life issues.

Of course Malia Cohen has no clue about Quality of Life issues - one has just to evaluate her record in District 10 - the living and progress made there in the last 15 years - is minimal to say the least - and the people who must be helped - left to fend for themselves.

You would NOT expect idiots like Malia Cohen who herself got herself in a mess - by trying to own a condominium at Executive Park and before she could sneeze went under. She paid over $580,000 for that condominium.

Lived with her parent while elected in District 9 - when called out hurriedly made her abode at Potrero Hill - where this political whore - continues to defy those in District 10 and all over San Francisco.

Malia Cohen - a close cohort of David Chiu - has now been named the Chair of the Land Use Committee that just rubber stamps issues and matters.

All the while our City and County of San Francisco - is experiencing, a serious of issues - pertaining to home ownership and related issues.

Housing in general - and thousands of San Franciscans - have left for other cities and States - thanks to idiots like Malia Cohen.

On our streets the homeless, those with mental problems, others indigent have poured in from other places too - just to make mattes worse.

The indigent taking refuge in places that were once kept clean - but now are filthy - private properties and the owner - at their wits end - even our Churches have not been spared - drug needles, condoms, all sorts of litter - that our SF Board of Supervisor know about for a long time - but can do little because most of them are running their mouth and more pussyfooting.

On the Commission linked to Infrastructure and Economic Development there is no representation from District 10 - where most of the 30,000 units are planned to be built - to easy the pain of the constituents - so called affordable homes.

Never mind that the land chosen is proven contaminated land - one a Superfund where only the worst contaminated sites are place on. More contaminated by high levels of radioactive elements.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and thousands of people over the years - have been adversely impacted. All sorts of chronic diseases - heart attacks, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, Mesothelioma - and the list goes on and on.

Right now we have a Black man - his name is Chris Carpenter - suffering from some blood cancer - he was promised a job at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - worked there for some time - and the rest is history.

None of these so called Representatives - including the Mayor Edwin M. Lee want to bear responsibility. That includes our San Francisco Police Officers - who worked and trained - at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - closer to Parcel E2.

We have empirical data of over 15 SF Police Officers who died of cancer and related diseases. These officers worked at that particular building - just because they were given the building and a warehouse - rent free.

So, what about health? What about these SF Police Office dying a slow death? What about responsibility? What about compassion? There are many questions - but those who do the devil work - would not care to listen - and less to do something about the pressing situation - at hand.

To top it all - land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.
Of course Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener and Jane Kim - have no idea what the above is all about - they just keep - rubber stamping - much like any political whore or pimp - would do.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his side kick Olson Lee have been talking the talk - mostly hot air.

Spewing diatribe in the air - to cloud things up, further - bluff the constituents of San Francisco that pay their salaries - they do no meaningful work - their contribution to Quality of Life - zip.

While on our streets of San Francisco - there are now packed - the homeless - and our Mayor keeps calling our City a First Class City - a world City.

If that is his concept of a First Class City - he has been no where - but may be the worst slums in China - or in places the decent would not visit.

Only a blind fool would make such a statement.

Again and again his bluff game at the many ribbon cutting, the many Press Conferences - is just that - a facade that goes no where. FLUFF.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is creating an on going cesspool - in which he himself will drown - sooner not later.

We the people pay our taxes - and in return for our taxes we get little if nothing at all.

All these folks who make over $250,000 - a cap must be set on their salaries - more if they do not do their job.

Parasites that must be eradicated on a War Footing!

The Housing Element - the latest one just released - is another ploy that will take this City and County down the drain.

At this last Land Use and Economic Committee meeting - a former Board of Supervisor - well know all over San Francisco - John Bardis - he was President of SF Board at one time - was attempting to educate both Jane Kim and Malia Cohen who is the Chair.

The former Supervisor - well known in our City respected in many astute circles - was explaining the process - shedding light on the value and importance of making the precise information available on matters like the Housing Element - to the tax payers of San Francisco - the constituents of San Francisco.

Malia Cohen looks at him funny - with that make up that makes her look like a Lemur - and some one turns the microphone down - while the former Supervisor John Bardis - was still speaking - such disdain - has been experienced by many of us - we will not talk to idiots, morons, so called Representative - who know little - and give the more educated and experience a measly - two minutes - depriving the tax payers and constituents of San Francisco - their right to speak.

As I have been saying for the longest time - you vote for these political whores and pimps - and that is what you get. Whores and pimps - just look for themselves. That is precisely what is happening at City Hall - it is more disgusting - when it happen in Room 250 - the August Chambers - where I have seen it all.

Today's San Francisco Board of Supervisor are just that - pathetic.

What about more serious factors, elements, issues that set the tone - on Housing and related matters.

Factors, elements and issues like - transportation, education, health, safety, childcare, recreational facilities, churches, hospitals, produce markets - all those necessary and critical amenities and facilities - that First Class Cities around the world have.

Here is San Francisco just look around - congestion, foul air, back to back traffic at all times of the day, we talk about our Carbon Footprint while contributing to the increase a full 800%!

Anyone wants to challenge me that the over 80 projects - all over San Francisco - are not contributing to the Carbon Footprint?

The over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spewing into the air from 4th and King to Geneva - one ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The millions of vehicle - spewing dangerous particulates - while our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions - think in the mind - we are a First Class City. Who rates us First Class - I want to know?

We in San Francisco are becoming "divisive" with the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the majority  of the SF Board of Supervisors acting more like political whores and pimps and dictatorial.

This divide between the rich and the very poor - is something that must be addressed on a war footing.

It is precisely in such a climate such has been created with intent - that hostilities will arise - that can serious affect the "security and welfare" of our City and County of San Francisco.

People come for the many conventions to San Francisco - other events - and do not like what they see.

Filth and filthy people pandering and touting the tourists and those that come to our City and County of San Francisco to spend some time - and all they take back are bad - memories.

The present Mayor and the present San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - all of them - have NO clue the damage they are doing to all that - that once we build - we worked for - we attained - all because we truly love San Francisco.

These transplants, other low hanging fruit - still others who are in office not to represent - are making a mockery of true democracy - failing to honor the people - the "commons" - their due rights and say. 

The Land Use and Economic Committee has the worst representatives on that committee - two of them transplants that do not know the history of our great City.

Less understand the character of our various neighborhood. Less cultural competency - sell outs who are pandering to the highest bidder.

The Chair has always been a sell out - a House Negro to be precise - she could not put her own house in order.

How to you expect a House Negro like her - to conduct herself and more represent a diverse constituency - more Asian and Latino with whom she has little if NO - connection.

Malia makes her abode at Potrero Hill and rubs shoulders with those - in the Potrero area - other dubious dens - that have no connection - with reality - less about Quality of Life issues that matter.

Quality of Life issues - that must be addressed in areas like Little Hollywood, the Bayview, Hunters Point, and Executive Park.

Candlestick Point, Hunters View, Oakdale, Sunnydale - the people living in these areas - often meet me and want to know more about this - political whore - Malia Cohen.

What am I going to say - silence is better.

Now you can read, ponder, think as you may - and make what you want to make - about this inept, shallow, moron - who opens her mouth and shoves her dirty foot inside - each and every time.

Public comment may I add for for those who have served this City well - like the former Supervisor who did serve our City well - is not the measly two minutes - given to others.

More, when the former Supervisor John Bardis - was educating these two so called  Supervisors - both of whom are novices when it comes to matters linked to Land Use and less about Economic issues.

It seems more and more that whoring and politics is going hand in hand these day - in the Chamber that is Room 250 - at City Hall.

More when the Chairs of the various Committees and Commissions - do not know the issues at hand and cannot discern - because they are not educated on issues.

This land belong to the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them on many issues - more the issues I have discussed in this blog.

We are watching you like a hawk - you sell outs - so do not say - we did not warn you - you day has passed - and you are on borrowed time. Aho.