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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Politicians have long been known as the scum of the Earth - more so - these days - when they talk from both sides of their mouth. Most of them spiritually - bankrupt.

We all have seen the thousands of innocent constituents in San Francisco displaced. Too many living on our streets - facing the inclement weather.

This City and County of San Francisco has lost its mind - that is those that are at City Hall - lying, cheating, doing evil things - and getting away with it.

Those poor and indigent are left to fend for themselves - the lies do not help and as days, turn to weeks, to months, to years - people in general are fed up.

Their human rights abused - the poor and the indigent - and more when they most need help. 

This is not the way - we do things - in San Francisco - running away  from the pertinent issues - not addressing the situation at hand.

Of course we know the evil ones cannot do this - they lack the conscience to do right - their hearts are NOT in the right place. 

Do not push our buttons - we all have reached saturation point - and this mayor is acting like a clown.

Thinks his drab Press Releases and the many ribbon cutting events he has - are making some impact. 

He is now the laughing stock of the people.

More, before the Mayors from all over the Nations - gather here - for their meetings - and truly find out - how fake this Mayor is.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he talks the talk - but fails each and every time to walk the walk.

Thousands more over 10,000 in the last 5 years have left San Francisco - some say 20,000 - it does not matter - it is in the thousands.

Our City and County of San Francisco - does not have a way to conduct a count - every process is convoluted - every method used - primitive and Smithsonian.

The recent Housing Element - is as fake as it can be.

This report that come out - every five years - is full of mistakes - and right now we have LIARS saying one thing - when, this report - reveals quite the opposite - more when it comes to the constituents - who fall in the category of low and no income.

Many of them Seniors who cannot manage on the Supplementary Social Income (SSI) - and many just manage on donations - it is difficult for these poor human beings to survive.

Our City and County of San Francisco receives millions from the Federal and State entities - and wastes the money - compensating crooks - again and again the audits tell us so.

On another we mus investigate the Academy of Art University - that lost it Credentials - nothing much has been said about this sordid so called Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University bought hundreds of rental buildings in San Francisco - with thousands of rental units - and converted them to dormitories - more to accommodate foreign students. 

These units - all under Rent Control - once lost - are gone forever. Never once has Mayor Edwin M. Lee mentioned about these rental units - and the Academy of Art University - why?

He is in their pocket - much as he is raking money and making deals with others - time to call for a deep investigation - find out more and apply the RICO Act.

The Academy of Art University raking in millions - while impacting the mostly -  "hard working population" of San Francisco.

San Franciscans are decent and there is only so much trash that we can tolerate. Have we or have we not been warning you all at City Hall? Guess who is left now that goes to City Hall and gives sound public comment? Figure that for yourselves - especially the fat, ugly heifer - who need mental help herself!

San Francisco has a history - more a legacy of astute and staunch advocates.

Advocates - who have fought the good fight.

Come to the aid of those that need help most. Helped those in need  - to keep a roof over the heads of many - the poor, the indigent community.

The same segment of the population that I fight so hard in San Francisco and more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

These San Francisco politicians - all of them - have NO heart - you must watch the way they talk - when they address those that think they are worth something. These scum bags are spiritually, bankrupt and have NO moral, compass.

The simply cannot take any decent human being to a better - place. They are politicians and mostly about themselves - Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, London Breed, Jane Kim, Katy Tang - others too - they know who they are.

They really do not have a heart - I know the players - and they think they can take us for a ride.

The Armory on Mission is a glaring example - once use to house the indigent - especially during the winter.

Now used to make pornographic movies - do you think the SF Supervisors care - the like of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener - the others - one worse than the other.

We have entire families living on the streets of San Francisco.

On the streets of San Francisco - and here is our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his heads of Departments - all of whom make over $250,000 plus benefits - gathering at ribbon cutting and other Press Releases - when they should be going their work - and working for the constituents of San Francisco.

The salaries given now for  their very poor performance - should be capped to $100,000 - take it - of get the fuck out of dodge town. It is as simple as that.

The scams at Treasure Island, Huntersview, the other projects - require some serious investigation.

All Federal land once governed by Housing and Urban Development - and now been leased to thugs of the highest order.

Why are these mostly spiritually bankrupt Whites controlling so much " low income" and "no income" property - paid a thousands time over by the Department of Defense - all once built for the military by the Department of Defencse?

Mostly White Property Managers - many of them having no family values - taking people out of their present Public Housing - and giving them no hope - with eleventh hour evictions and treating them like animals?

Why are we NOT looking at this uncalled behavior and allowing these vermin - lacking cultural competency - to come and take control of our destiny?

Coming into our living room without our permission and re-arranging our furniture.

Thee scum bags - have no real experience, have NO capacity building worth the salt, lack leadership - and all they want it to rake in the money.

Their hand were tied after the 2008 spiraling of the economy - they could not think out the box - the let the already affected Public Housing - deferred maintenance further sink - into the cesspool of their own creation.

The vermin make insider deals - where hidden fees are included - Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing and the worst of these scum bags - the John Stewart Company.

I know some of these crooks - involved in "drug selling" - other scams - all most of them are involved with the Mayor's Office of Housing - and Olson Lee.

Pretending - to come to the aid of the poor and the indigent - those who have been traumatized - and need mental, physical, and psychological help - talking a lot - having meetings, no goals, less objectives, less standards - all lack morals, ethics and standards.

Who do these scum bags think they are?

They want to pull some wool over our eyes - and think we will tolerate their nonsense?

Well I have news for you all - you will all perish - in proportion to your evil deeds - your punishment will be on this Earth - and that time is  nearing.

Stop talking and get to work.

Get those that need the housing - some good housing and give a roof to those that deserve it.

You have been informed, more educated and the situation is turning from bad to worse.

We advocates must dig deep in our pockets - to take care of business - while the City and County of San Francisco - has high paid individuals, looking the other way, has disdain for poor families - our innocent infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, single mother - and others.

More immigrant families - what is that you want as proof - what other empirical data - do you suckers want?

On a war footing you must attend to the situation at hand. Enough is enough.

Stop traumatizing our infants, our children, our seniors, our single mothers - who do you think you are fooling - Olson Lee, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, others that I can mention - but am refraining from mentioning their sordid names?

Yesterday I was downtown and could not imagine what I was seeing - entire families - now put on the streets of San Francisco.
I had to make arrangement to get some of them housing - at great expense - and could not control my tears. More when I saw the plight of the infants and children. What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco?

We have cold, selfish, uncaring folks now invading our neighborhoods and drastically changing the characteristics of our neighborhood?

Where are these devils coming from - more those that do not care for children and less to have normal families that we are used to having.

Is this City becoming the City of Sodom and Gomorrah?

The Veterans that the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can do something - but is doing nothing at all.

The current Director of HUD looking into corruption - much of it here in San Francisco - with the tacit acknowledgement of Nancy Pelosi and others.

I know what I am talking about - worked at the Presidio of San Francisco. Gave facilities and amenities to Swords to the Plowshares - took an inventory of Treasure Island when Chuck Swanson was in charge - I have the empirical data.

For too long, have too many crooks the likes of the "thug mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr - created ploys and machinations to make money - at the expense of the poor and the indigent.

I am watching you all like a hawk - and as I said your time has come.

We are prepared - as we were - and always will be. We have God on our side. Aho.