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Monday, March 9, 2015


Public Trust Land - all of it belongs to all Californians.

We all have a right to care for this land, protect it, and use it for those means and ways - laid down by law - few of us know our rights. Read your rights - it is all there on the Internet.

Public Trust Land Doctrine linked to California:

The digital world permits you to take the best information out there and educated yourself. All you need is a little determination and fortitude.

The 7.5 miles Public Trust Land that is the SF Port Authority land from Lower Fort Mason all the way to pier 98 - is all Public Trust Land.

That includes AT&T  Park - most San Franciscans - have no idea what I am talking about.

Millions of dollars are wasted by the authorities - letting our Piers fall in disrepair - hiking up rent - on those businesses who have been there for a long, long time - on SF Port Property.

Failing to abate and mitigate - forcing innocent people to sue the SF Port Authority - as did the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company.

Even though the SF Port Authority is mandated to conduct business and lease business in keeping with Maritime Uses - again and again when caught with their hand in the cookie jar - they have no excuses.

I was involved with Pier 92 and that clean up lead, mercury, all sorts of contaminated soil, PCBs were carted from all over and piled on Pier 92.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control fined the SF Port Authority and the SF Department of Public Works of a little less than a million dollars - abate the area.

Attorneys and weasels will go Sacramento to create legislation and pass legislation - as did the the SF Port Authority with AT&T Park.

They do this when they want to build on Public Trust Land with excuses that they deem necessary but in fact have a hidden agenda. Money is what they need - avoiding deliberation with the community, the neighborhoods, the constituents, the tax payers.

 In recent months - Pier 70 - that is contaminated - a former site where the United States Navy -built ships - during World War II - has been slated to be developed - they want to build housing.

Mixed housing they say - with shopping malls - on water front property that is contaminated - and no one in their right mind should be living there.

The SF Port Authority has failed miserably in recent years - to mitigate and abate - sugar coating deals - and exposing millions of innocent people to contaminated sites. Time will tell.

It is the same with Mission Bay that once was given to the Railways - the Santa Fe operations. Public Trust Land - that belongs to all of us Californians.

The Santa Fe operations were taken over by Southern Pacific - and then came Catellus Corporation - that divided the land - called Land Banking - and sold the land to the highest bidder.

The land still belong to the people of California - was not abated and mitigated. 

We have manifests that state that the soil was contaminated - contaminated soil taken from the high ground - and taken to the low ground - to be exact the brand new San Francisco  University of California  (UCSF) building.

Today if you go to the basements at UCSF - the basements are off limits.

Strange smells, mildew, some fungi - that is hazardous - and adversely impacts those that stay in the basements - for a longer - duration.

It is the same at Pier 70 which the ignorant constituents of San Francisco voted on - looking at the sleek posters and other printed materials that was sent them in the mail. 

Notice - everything is quiet on the western front at Pier 70.

It is contaminated with over 1 million tons of coal tar - who will remove this large amount of "coal tar" - and at what expense.

Two large sites contaminated by Ammonia spills - this happened when the United States that jurisdiction of the area - during World War II.

They now defunct Mirant Power Plant for years spewed dangerous particulates, mercury and lead - and none of this very contaminated stuff - has been mitigated and abated.

Sleek printed materials were sent - complete with fake grass, and people recreating - when no one should be in that area - in the first, place.

NOT - unless the remediation, the abatement, and clean up is done to the highest levels - more to residential - standards.

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this one - they have a Division on the Environment.

The RICO Act must be invoked and those responsible sent to jail for a long, long time.

In San Francisco we have astute people - at Mission Bay we have so called Scientists - but few of them have been given the details - told about the contamination.

The San Francisco Police Department has moved to the area - have a brand new Police Station - surrounded by contamination and pollution. 

Dangerous particulates from the millions of vehicles that spew dangerous - particulates and there is more.

Methane gas spews into the air - from combustion linked to the poor landfill and vegetation - that creates the Methane Gas - one ton of Methane Gas - equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The land is all, what once was the Bay - water.

The land was created with the worst type of infill - chrome waste, worn out tires, lead, mercury, poor contaminated de-construction material - contaminated with Asbestos - all sorts of paint thinners and so on and so  forth.

Up until the late 1980s - no one wanted that land - that is until the developers started selling - "snake oil".

Typical of the "strangers" that stole this land. Have no respect for themselves - how can they treat others with - RESPECT.

 Ohlone Land - the Ohlone have been here for - over 15,000 years - Carbon dated artifacts and remains - are evidence of the fact.

The land and the Bay was pristine - but then as I said came the crooks, the corrupt, the strangers - who call themselves "natives" - after living here for a few years.

The thieves that stole the land - are now into building skyscrapers - changing the skyline of San Francisco - forever. That is till that day comes - and these tall skyscrapers - come toppling - down.

Corrupt and evil developers who worship "GREED" and do not have their hearts in the right place.

Public Trust Land and Public Housing - Federal Lands all belong to the people at large - by law.

Developers with the aid of the City and County have doled out large tracts of land - once Public Housing - to Bridge Developers at Potrero Hill.

The very corrupt John Stewart Company at Hunters Point, and Mercy Housing at Sunnydale.

Public Housing is meant for those that need help and need housing.

Plans are afoot to remove large segments of the population - in fact they are already afoot - it is called - blatant discrimination and  G E N T R I F I C A T I O N.

All this in San Francisco - the City and County of San Francisco.

Federal Lands - you can print the maps you want to review and see things for yourself: