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Sunday, March 29, 2015


There has never been a time in my life - that I have not had to fight for what is right - from the time - I knew NO reason to - and it is the same - today.

In this fight to do right - as opposed to what is wrong - one has to be foremost - spiritually strong.

When you are in the presence of the devil and those that do evil - it is not easy to face the demons - and come out victorious. If you are spiritually strong - you can face those that are demonic and silence them - by your presence.

Human beings are frail - we know this - but, most of us do not want others to know this.

Therefore it is imperative to feed our mind with knowledge and sound information. As I say there is a lot of information out there - the ability to filter the best information - brings about sound education. As years pass - wisdom that stands to favor those that are blessed.

Now, we all know that our body needs good nutrition - food that nourishes our body.

We must stay away from preservatives, fast food and what have you that is not good for you.

We understand that some - but most of us are greedy and favor gluttony - when we eat as if there is no tomorrow. 

Those that do not over feed themselves - are those that favor good habits, fast, and have control of themselves. They know what is good for them - and God blesses them.

Most importantly in today world we need sound spirituality.

The prophets all of them - the ones that we value - more their actions - never will favor raping women, killing children, and destroying the homes and adversely impacting our Elders.

We see this - in those countries where fanatics - kill, maim, rape children and women - and think that they are doing right.

It is not only in the Middle East - in Bosnia, in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Argentina, in Dafur - in places that we know little about - because no one has spoken to the Truth.

The worst animal is the human being - when something comes over them - and in masses they can kill, pillage, rob, steal, murder, and the crimes committed by such evil and demonic human beings - is despicable to say to least.

When folks that are evil and do the devil work and think they are doing right - for them that seems to be the case - but not for those that have seen the light - and are humble and believe in good things and God.

When confronted they think they will go to paradise - there is no paradise for the demonic -  it fact these demonic  people - are doing the "devil's work".

The work of Satan - the work that belongs to an entity so despicable - that they dare - kill babies and children. They are cowards of the highest order.

There are countries - nations that pretend to speak to the Truth and brag about Human Rights and the Geneva Convention. I know what I am talking about. This so called people in authority - has NO right to abuse the Geneva Convention. That is all I will say - you time is coming - and God will be deal with you - all.

The Great Master said: " blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven". 

Simply put if you not greedy, are not materialistic, it favors one - who is focused and will do right - sharing as much with his or her neighbor - more with good deeds.

We are living in difficult times - more when the fanatics want us to follow their ways.

Follow them in their evil ways - are so deep into their "evil ways" that they think - they will defeat everyone and reign - supreme.

This notion is so frivolous - that their DOOM is eminent.

Not to long ago - I wrote an article - that reached many corners of the world.

It reached a United States General who understood what I said - when I wrote about some tribes and people - who practiced a religion that was older than Christianity and Islam.

These innocent practiced a religion that reveres Zoroastrianism - a religion that is based upon the good and the evil.

They say the concept of heaven and hell - the thinking of these two states of believes - comes from the ancient religion practiced by the followers of Zoroastrians. 

Again and again - all of us - daily in our lives - face - these demons.

Only those who are spiritually strong - will over come and face their demons with fortitude - and live to tell the facts.

The frail give up - and the only reason they give up - is because they do not value their spirit, their humanity, the ability of one single human being - to raise up with determination - and do - right in the face of all odds.

I have seen this through out my life - cowards running away.

They are your friends only as long as they get something from you - or profit somehow - from some deal or project.

They speak behind our backs - only cowards to this.

They compromise - we call them sell outs.

They are many because they seek the easy way out - the love bribes - they love money - they sell their souls - and they leave NO - legacy.

Few share what they have - leave it to God to bless their mission and their works.

From my early childhood - I have been fighting - and fighting and fighting - and in fighting one learns - why we are put on this Earth.

We must leave a legacy - by doing good actions.

In Nairobi, Kenya I would get up early in the morning - and wake up the local Kenyans - most Black men - and gather them to go to church - the Catholic church. Walk some four miles to this Catholic Church in Parklands.

These young men and adults would follow me and listen to me - even though I was young - and many of them were twice my age.

We would go to this Church and I would ask them to follow me - and they followed me - to the front of the Church pews.

I spoke in Swahili and told them to stay by me - in the front - pews. Be good and good witness.

Then comes this Irish priest and says - "no they cannot be in the front - they must go at the back". I told the Kenyans my Brothers - stay with me and keep sitting down and put.

I told the Irish priest that they must be with me and I must be in the front - that I do not like to be at the back.

Also - that was not the place of my Brothers and I - since we came early and there was all this room for us and the others too.

The priest shook his head - and he could do nothing - I was prepared to make a scene. While all the others - were nodding their heads - wanted to do what I did - but did not have the guts to do it.

Those that know me - know that I am not afraid - more today in San Francisco - where with "intent" - gentrification is being carried on.

Where the poor and the innocent immigrants are treated with disdain. In this City and County of San Francisco - with a $9 Billion budget. Evil politicians pandering to the Almighty Dollar - their salaries paid by the tax payers.

These politicians not worth the salt - more Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - we have a rap sheet on them and all the facts - about their sordid deeds.

These politicians do not care - when hundreds sleep on the streets of San Francisco - while our Mayor Edwin M. Lee speaks from both sides of this mouth.

The politicians who have lost their mind - speaking in circles - spewing hot air - and not knowing that they will be judged - not somewhere else - but, right here on this Earth.

There are many things pertaining to our lives that we must stand for - and speak to the "Truth".  If we do not - we are coward and should be ashamed to be called - human beings - homo sapiens.