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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The Ohlone have been here in San Francisco for thousands of years - more than 13,000 years.

Many experts based on carbon dating - vouch as many as 15,000 years.

As with other essential elements needed to survive - food, air, water was always in abundance for thousands of years - all over California.

Clean drinking water was everywhere - pristine streams like the Lobos Creek that one can even witness flowing - today by 15th Avenue with the jurisdiction of the Presidio of San Francisco.

A river ran from Twin Peaks - through the Mission by Mission Dolores all the way to Army Street - to what is now Islais Landing. You can hear the water flow - if you go to the basements of some of the bigger institutions near by.

The strangers came some two hundred and polluted most of what was pristine. 

Often covering the streams and rivers - polluting the lakes like Mountain Lake and Lake Merced.

In 1860 the population of San Francisco was 78,000 today in the year 2015 it is close to 820,000 - this population increases to over a million and on occasion when there are games and convention to a million and a half.

All these people need water to quench their thirst and flush the toilets, wash their hands, bathe and more.

All through the late 1880s San Franciscans debated about the use of our water - would it suffice for all our growing needs?

When the Big One hit us in 1906 - finally - everyone came to a quick realization - that we need a  stable source for our clean drinking water needs. But more put out a fire - like the once that occurred in 1906.

San Francisco had powerful  Congress persons and Senators in Washington DC - and in 1913 - the Raker Act was passed.

Plans were set afoot to tap into the near rivers and create a dam by flood the most beautiful valley in the world - the Hetch Hetchy valley.

John Muir stood up for the valley - and did not want it immersed under water.

The forces that be did not listen to him - and he died - despondent. 

We fail to recognize this great man - folks who are are spiritual bankrupt - rarely appreciate -  goodness steeped in their evil - deeds.

San Francisco took control of the Spring Valley Water which the San Francisco and paid for in 1930 - for a sum of $39,962,606.51.

Often times we talk about the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - leaving out the key role the Spring Valley Water Company played in financing, creating the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - in short playing an important role in providing us San Franciscans with  clean drinking water.

The history is well documented - it is worth delving into this history - for soon the quality of our clean drinking water will be tarnished - when contaminated ground water will be added.

We often forget the role the San Francisco Water Department played and plays to this day.

The history of the many entities involved in the creation of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, the amounts of water that can be tapped into, the many agreements - and how San Francisco plays a role controlling the electricity and water in the neighboring area - around Yosemite - are all well - documented.

Up until very recent - and we have had severe droughts.

In recent times in the 1970s - from 1987-1993 - and the one which we are experiencing now - going on on our sixth year since 2000.

In all of our deliberations large tracts of land have been preserved.

The land above our watersheds - resulting in protecting wild life - and of course the watershed - retains a certain balance - very complicated - but all the same critical to retaining some balance when it comes to water in general - and more clean drinking water in particular.

Our main source of water from the snow has been reduced with all the factors that adversely impact the falling of the snow with less water content - due to climate change.

For over hundred years the experts have maintained records of our snow and the water content.

In recent years - the records stunningly do not favor water content - forcing us as human beings to look for water - elsewhere.

The lack of rains has affected our lakes, our streams, our rivers, and of course our watershed.

In the Central Valley the drought has impacted the farmers so bad - that this year - they will not be allowed to access any water - leased to them by the Federal authorities.

The State of California and Governor Jerry Brown has declared an emergency and mandated - conservation.

No detail study has been made how many millions of gallons of water leech into the ground - from the clean water drinking pipes.

Many over 95 years old. We know about this - but we do not care to do anything - because of lack of leadership.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee know about this - he has read my article - which he deems are tirades - but these tirades will bring him to his knees - more when he leaves no - legacy.

The SFPUC has been known for not being open with the the Public at large.

Recently at one meeting I found out the SFPUC - planning to tap into ground water - and introduce the ground water - further South of San Francisco - by Crystal Springs.

More - to revamp our clean water coming all the way from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir some 160 miles plus.

The ground water is contaminated with very toxic chemicals from the near by computer firms - that havoc played havoc with the ground water and the watershed.

Water  travels and travels long distances - be it over ground or under ground - by the idiots who make these decisions - would not know it - because they are NOT educated on issues.

This will be the first time - ground water - will be introduced into the dams and reservoirs.

The many treatment plants will deal with the purification of the water - but with the introduction of the ground water - comes serious issues - that the hydrologist and the biogeochemists will have to deal with.

We need them to guide us - and not presuppose - anything.

For example serpentine rock releases Asbestos, there are other very toxic contaminants - Anthrax and so on found naturally on land - that can permeate underground.

There must be a discussion - some valid dialog - if we want transparency and accountability that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is known to avoid.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee brags about the 80 or so cranes involved in the many high rises - thousands of housing units built for the rich.

Where will we get the clean drinking water and where will all the waste water go.

In the interim all the new buildings can be mandate to use grey water.

This has not be done - because it will save money - but the developers have to spend more.

The developers are greedy bastards - and take short cuts in San Francisco - one of them is a rogue developer - Lennar Urban.

It is a shame - because of lack of leadership, morals, and being spiritually bankrupt - we use clean drinking water to flush our toilets in the year 2015.

Every time I go to Miraposa - closer to Yosemite - and meet the Native Americans - the Miwoks and the Piutes - they always offer me - the Sacred Water.

This water they gather - where the water converges - and where from time immemorial - the tribes have been told to respect the water - the source of all life.

No indigenous human being acts like the strangers - we know this from their sordid actions. Aho.