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Friday, March 20, 2015


Our Seniors deserve the best - we can give them in their Golden Years - the reality of the fact is that today -  right here in San Francisco - most of our Seniors - are living in - peril.

I prefer to call them Elders - like to think of them as having Wisdom - and wish and pray that each of them - in their Golden years - are treated well and when the time comes - to pass to the other side - in peace and tranquility.

Long term health care is a luxury.

As much as those who market the health insurance plans - offer you plans that the insurance company say is worth your money - yes - you have to pay a lot for something that falls - short.

One can name any plan - one has to pay an arm and a leg - to first find, second procure - and then endure - the pound of flesh demanded.

With the spiraling of the economy in the year 2008 - over 90% of our Seniors -  many so called baby boomers - I belong to that category - lost our savings.

More those pensions savings - Thrift Saving Plans that the Federal Government offered - reduced to 30% and 20% of its worth.

Others - having other plans in the Corporate world,  smaller private businesses - all of them lost a lot - when it came to their saving - linked to the stocks and shares - that took a deep, deep, deep dive.

Many Seniors got taken for a ride - caught up in the sub-prime loans - convoluted derivatives - losing besides their saving their homes and other assets - exacerbating - their already once bearable lives. Now made hell - living in hell.

The situation today is worse than hell - those Seniors who happen to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - mostly in the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

Most of these SROs very old, with carpets that stink and need replacing, infrastructure that has long seen its days - noisy, and many infested with bed bugs.

Jane Kim has known about this situation - says she is going to do something - but like the rest of the crooked politicians - she is but one single gadfly - on the dirty wall - that will fall and pass away.

To leave a legacy one must have their heart in the right place - have standards, more morals and ethics - and of course the politicians in San Francisco - excel in all of the above.

In the 1980s those Seniors who lived in some of these SROs experienced fires - some say arson fires - others say the Patels who owned these poorly maintained SROs - had other plans.

We still experience the fires - and now once again - we are opening those wounds - and have to deal with reality. When those living is buildings - offering "rental control" are thrown on the street - we find our City and County lacking infrastructure, sound organization - and depending on the Red Cross and other entities - who can do only - so much.

All the bragging the City and County of San Francisco does - with its $9 Billion budget - is for nothing - talk and talk and more talk. They know they are deficient - but they will simply not admit it. Recently they had to pull their hair - to place a little more than 80 people - in some sort of shelter - worth the salt.

They did it - but after a while - if we have to deal with hundreds - we cannot come out with a viable plan. We could at one time when we had the Armory, the Presidio of San Francisco.

We build tall buildings - for the filthy rich - but the poor and those indigent - have to suffer all the days of their life - in San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

The City and County of San Francisco leases these SROs - using their favorite so called Community Based Organizations - some doing good work - but the majority - using the pretext to operate these sordid SROs - to rake in some money.

In many SROs thug are used as monitors - to prey on the poor, the single mothers, the single women - anyone that is vulnerable. The San Francisco Police Department is aware of this fact.

So is Barbara Gracia, Bevan Dufty, Trent Rhoer, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Jane Kim - but that does not matter - the corrupt have hearts of stone - and those in charge make excuses.

Nothing much has changed today - more since the 1989 Earthquake - where the entire Tenderloin was in peril - there was no Mayor's Office Of Emergency Service - nothing in place worth the salt.

I listen to the liar, telling lies, the newer San Francisco Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - none of them lifted a finger to help anyone - during the 1989 Earthquake - not before and not after.

Not today - the hearings, the investigative reports are all hog wash.

I challenge this City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion Budget - to help - just 50 Seniors by giving them sound housing - and aid them with in house - health care services. Give them a chance to live their Golden Years in pace - and pass to the other side.

Some of these so called Representatives - may have been in their diapers figuratively speaking.

Others naive - as they are today - but all of them for sure not educated on issues - lying through their teeth - and pretending to say something - talking in circles - tons of diatribe - nothing meaningful.

Today the San Francisco Health Department, the Department of Aging, the Commission on Aging - all can play a role and are responsible - for our Seniors - many  of whom served two wars and others more.

Most of them decent hard working constituents of San Francisco. There was a time we honored our Seniors that I like to call Elders - no more.

Again and again the many audits done, the investigations conducted, the analysis done by those who purport to know something about the Seniors - falls short of action.

Some Faith organizations have stepped up - and saved lives.

 I know that to be a fact.

Those institutions who offer Seniors and more those disabled sound housing - with in home services and care - have saved the lives of hundreds - if not thousands of Seniors - all these many years. Many get Federal and State help - the Faith based organization have heart - and deserve our Kudos.

Seniors who live on Social Supplemental Income (SSI) some $900 a month - others who get a pension - even if it is around $1500 or $2000 - still have a hard time - finding and living in a decent - place.

It is not uncommon to pay $3500 for a one bed room - in a decent location - and $2500 for a one bed room - in a run down location in San Francisco.

Rent control helps some - but all it takes - is one major operation - one long stay in the hospital - to be dumped into an SROs if you become indigent - to suffer the consequences for life - and in some cases - death.

Every audit done on the SROs and the people who operate the SROs - reveals deeper and more deeper problems.

One must not generalize - but when it comes to human beings - caring and compassion - the services promised - and those really given - by the authorities in San Francisco - fall short.

San Francisco and the many Mayors including Mayor Edwin M. Lee has fallen short - when it comes to our Elders.

They all make excuses - but none of them say much - when it comes to the vast amount of money they make in salaries - complete with perks and bonuses.

You mention capping their salaries to $100,000 a year - and they get a heart attack. All our tax payers money - paying these sordid - scum bags.  The likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed.

Others older - gaming the system - many of them getting two and three pensions - and having stacked millions - in nests - in hidden places.

For sure Willie L. Brown Jr - the "thug" Mayor of San Francisco is one of them.

His failing "eye sight" will eat into his sordid conscience and entrails - and soon he will see light - but not in the real sense - the pain will be do deep and unbearable.

The "thug" knows his end is coming - and he has failed - in doing right - raking in millions - more with Platinum Advisers - a very corrupt consulting mafia group.

You pay to play - when it comes to this Mafia Group.

Mark Farrell recent audit on homelessness is just that a farce.

Much like he himself gets money for being a financial consultant - and at the same time get his Supervisors salary - some $120,000 plus benefits - and some know about this - but others just found out. All in all he rakes in over $250,000 commissions and all - and we must believe him - and so he thinks. Pathetic.

It is the same with Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, London Breed - all of them have a hidden agenda.

Their heart are not in the right place - and none of the above have lifted a finger - to help our Elders - in a viable and sustainable manner.

The above simply cannot - they are all - totally spiritually - bankrupt.

Can you imagine our Elders who we love - dying on the streets of San Francisco.

The Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors hear complaints each and every day - how these "vermin" get sleep - is mind boggling - these sordid folks - are the scum of the Earth.

This is Ohlone land - where the First People - respected the Elders.

The strangers call them Seniors.

The Elders have Wisdom.

The knuckle heads - the majority of the SF Board of Supervisors - lack experience and by default Wisdom - they talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

All things must come to an end.

If anyone with "intent" harms the ELDERS -  "KARMA" will deal them the appropriate platter of sordidness - take it or leave it - it will not be a - choice.

Think about it - while some of you lust in your sordidness. Wallow in your stupid behavior - thinking you are fooling all the people - all the time. No way. Aho.