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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The Bayview Hill  in San Francisco - by Candlestick Stadium - is NOT for sale and while under the jurisdiction of the SF Recreation and Park - should not be desecrated.

The trees that stand tall should not be cut - and the SF Recreation and Park is put on notice. Desecrate the Sacred Hill and the consequences - will be over bearing. You Phil Ginsburg are warned - you and your minions.

At one time plans were afoot to develop the Bayview Hill that belonged to a private owner - on the Jamestown Street side - suffice to say when he was told that Sacred Remains - were buried on the Bayview Hill - he was slow to accept the fact.  He initiated a deal - but death met him squarely - deprive him from completing any deal.

A similar fate met the Real Estate company that initiated the deal in the first place.

The advocates who fought to keep the Bayview are still alive - and often reminisce - circling the SF Bayview Hill -  in the presence of the Muwekma Ohlone representative -  performing the necessary rituals to appease the ancestors.

Some stellar advocates - who history will remember - who will be blessed.

Not far from this SF Bayview Hill - one of 54 hills that once doted San Francisco - on each of these hills - were Shell Mounds - Sacred Burial Sites of the Ohlone.

Clans of 40 to 100 Ohlone - made their abode - on this hills - from the Presidio of San Francisco to the present San Bruno Mountains - and beyond.

Their Patrimonial jurisdiction was wide and open - and they knew what they were doing - in preserving the land and all that was surrounding the land.

The wide Bay three quarters of it filled in, the Air, the birds, the animals, the forest, the lakes and so on and so forth. All of which today is contaminated.

In the last 200 years - a concrete jungle has been created by folks who have only one goal - GREED.

In San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee will leave a legacy - as one who without thought - permitted "greedy evil developers" to contaminate the land, our waters, our watershed, and all that was once wholesome and good.

We have ignorant and arrogant Commissioners - who know nothing about Mother Earth and less about the Ohlone - and less even less - about the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is 98% landfill. 

Once there stood two hills by the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Below the hills was the Bay. On these two hills - hundreds of remains of the Ohlone - all documented - but the ignorant and the arrogant know little about these important historical - facts.

You cannot blame them because the wallow in their ignorance, buffoons - who live each day - fostering evil and greed.

The United States Navy decided to demolish the hills - spread the remains of the Ohlone together with the crushed "Serpentine Rock" - crushed Serpentine Rock - end product is Asbestos.

If you breathe the Asbestos Structures - in years to come - one can come down with Mesothelioma - a disease that is so painful that you would not wish it on your worst - enemy.

Today in San Francisco - even though we call it the City of Hills - most of our hills - have been demolished. 

The few silent hills - we admire -  Twin Peaks stands out - the Bayview Hill too - the other hills like Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, the hills by Sutro Baths - all covered with development on some kind - are all known to us - minus the true history.

On each of these hills the Ohlone camped - and close by the Bay provided them with all kinds of fish - mostly importantly Abolone - which the strangers - harvested - until there was no more - left.

Much as the strangers killed thousands of Buffalo for their skin and left the skinned Buffalo - lying in the open - to rot - the stench could be sniffed from miles and miles away.

Much as the greedy strangers clear cut the Redwood trees - without asking themselves - why cut so many Redwood trees - such majestic trees - found no where else in the world.

There are folks eying the SF Bayview Hill - but it will be difficult to develop it - the Serpertine Rock will pose a problem.

The Main Media has not reported that the deconstruction at the Candlestick Stadium  that - has been STOPPED.

Two rogue entities Lennar Urban and Silverado challenged the community.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District - issued a Notice of Violation. No plan was in place - to monitor the Asbestos Structures - and less the monitoring crew who were qualified.

It has been two weeks now - and the Main Media has been silent.

The mostly House Negroes who are on the pay roll - selling out the community - are aghast - and their time is coming.

 In the early 1960s - one side of SF Bayview hill - had the earth craved out of the hill.

That dirt was used as infill at Candlestick Stadium - with the dirt were the remains of the Ohlone. 

This desecration cries to heaven for justice to this day:  

Here is one article that makes some vain attempt to count the hills of San Francisco - Bayview Hill at 425 feet is mentioned: