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Thursday, March 12, 2015


The blatant lies linked to affordable for those in the low income and no income category - does not exists in San Francisco.

A farcical charade of the sad state of affairs - the blind leading the blind - a eerie harbinger - so sad about things to come - Caligula!

For those making $60,000 to $80,000 a family of four - this segment of the population - can forget it. 

They try their best to get into some unit - rent some unit - but they get no where - again and again to find a unit with a reasonable rent.

Most of them end up leaving San Francisco - after contributing so much - to this great City and County of San Francisco.

Those in the segment making $90,000 and above - they have some chance - but that too needs a lot of work.  They have a better chance finding - more suitable housing - in Oakland.

In all of the above cases - you have to have sound credit. That is a given. And as we know - after the 2008 debacle - the spiraling of the economy -  many people are just regrouping after - losing most of the earning and investments.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is now playing with an idea to save 500 families - and have them placed in some affordable housing - setting. This attempt is just that an "attempt".

One can talk the talk - but to walk the walk is - difficult.

At the Presidio of San Francisco - we had over 2000 housing units - and when we had to provide housing to - hundreds of families.

More this - at short notice - which is 6 months - we had problems - linked to maintenance - mostly with the issues of deferred maintenance - and other such issues.

If the Mayor thinks he can do this with Public Housing - with untold problems - leaking pipes, peeling walls, Asbestos issues, leaking roofs and windows - he better - think twice before he open his mouth and wags his tongue.

In the last 5 years over 40,000 families with children have left San Francisco. This according to those who know what they are talking about.

Attempts to build 30,000 units on contaminated land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - is a JOKE.

Land prone to liquefaction and severe - flooding. All the above land was once the Bay - and with "climate change" that land that was made with poor - "infill" - will revert back to the Bay - lock, stock and barrel. 

Lennar Urban is trying its best to sell their units - and the only ones that have fallen prey to this ploy - are the Chinese from Mainland China.

The Chinese are hoodwinked and are sold EB-5 Visas for $500,000 - so that they get a chance to come to the United States - and buy a unit - touted as waterfront property - which is contaminated land.

One has to sign wavers to grow anything in the dirt by the units - you cannot even go to the near by beach - warning signs - tell you to stay away - because of rampant - contamination.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the EB-5 Visas.

The crooks and corrupt - are keeping themselves at arm's length - but the day is coming - sooner not later - get ready for the handcuff and the cold bed in the slumber.

It is a shame in our neighborhoods - the techies and others are abusing others with their money.

One can only so far abusing one's power.

Any segment of the population that uses money - as a ploy - their hearts in the wrong place - biting the hand that feeds them - with have to deal with KARMA.

No one can use a ploy that adversely impacts others - you will end up in a worst place.

Our City and County of San Francisco should care about Quality of Life issues - we want human beings, good citizens, families to go to a better - place. We must retain food citizens, families with children.

Report after report - has clearly stated the lies the Mayor's Office of Housing is touting.

Today - anyway we look at the statistics - as far as affordable housing is concerned - within the reach of those making under $60,000 - very little sound housing for a family of four is available.

Recently we have encountered three and four families living in a two bed room unit.

Those living in such conditions - pay on an average $3000 for a two bed room in an area - where little or no Quality of Life issues are addressed.

On another note - the homeless situation is out of control - it is a pity to see the homeless situation growing - by leaps and bounds.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is talking in circles - he wants to care about those using our streets he says - and not a word - how he is going to address the "homeless" - problem - filthy and abject poverty displayed - people stinking and not taking a shower - for months.

You do not witness such type of filthy and stench - in any Third World country. Yet, you witness it on our streets of San Francisco - everywhere - downtown.

The markets where group of elderly Chinese women sell donated goods - are propping up everywhere - and there is no enforcement what so ever.

San Francisco is a fair city - it has been good to too many people.

San Francisco is Ohlone land - we must remember that.

Once everything was pristine - today - what we see is despicable. Politics and politicians - taking from bother sides of their mouth - raking in millions - filling their campaign coffers - and thinking the can fool all the people all the time.

Wake up San Francisco. The SF Board of Supervisors too - have become a JOKE in the eyes of those who are the constituents and citizens - who pay the salaries of these good for nothing political whores and pimps. Aho.